CASE Families living in Illinois in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 271}
NancyPeoria Ward 8, Peoria 1846IllinoisHead
MartinPeoria Ward 8, Peoria 1870IllinoisSon
NaelPeoria Ward 8, Peoria 1880IllinoisSon
{Family 272}
Mrs. Ada
Surnames listed Cose
Peoria Ward 8, Peoria 1873IllinoisDaughter
IrenePeoria Ward 8, Peoria 1895IllinoisDaughter
{Family 273}
CharlesLimestone, Peoria 1865?Patient
{Family 274}
Irving JMedina, Peoria 1860IllinoisHead
Rona FMedina, Peoria 1860IllinoisWife
{Family 275}
Lura MMedina, Peoria 1888IllinoisDaughter
Ensley JMedina, Peoria 1890IllinoisSon
Edna FMedina, Peoria 1892IllinoisDaughter
Minnie IMedina, Peoria 1893IllinoisDaughter
Wilber RMedina, Peoria 1895IllinoisSon
Warner EMedina, Peoria 1897IllinoisSon
{Family 276}
Howard D [I]Medina, Peoria 1886IllinoisHead
Mildred BMedina, Peoria 1890IllinoisWife
Mildred LiucileMedina, Peoria 1909IllinoisDaughter
N EllwoodMedina, Peoria 1899IllinoisSon
Myrna JMedina, Peoria 1904IllinoisSister
{Family 277}
ArthurRadnor, Peoria 1878IllinoisHead
MinaRadnor, Peoria 1884IllinoisWife
AldahRadnor, Peoria 1909IllinoisDaughter
{Family 278}
BlancheRichwoods, Peoria 1877IllinoisDaughter-in-law
{Family 279}
Julia PRichwoods, Peoria 1852IllinoisHead
HarryRichwoods, Peoria 1876IllinoisSon
{Family 280}
AlmonGrand Chain, Pulaski 1867TennesseeBoarder
{Family 281}
Surname listed Care
Chester, Randolph 1872USAPatient
{Family 282}
Ambrose Port Byron, Rock Island 1856PennsylvaniaHead
Emma L Port Byron, Rock Island 1861IllinoisWife
Frank Port Byron, Rock Island 1896IllinoisSon
Raymond Port Byron, Rock Island 1899IllinoisSon
Willie Port Byron, Rock Island 1901IllinoisSon
{Family 283}
Willaim A East Moline Ward 1, Rock Island 1858IllinoisHead
Fannie EEast Moline Ward 1, Rock Island 1861IllinoisWife
{Family 284}
Harry S South Rock Island, Rock Island 1834IllinoisHead
Edith NSouth Rock Island, Rock Island 1877IllinoisDaughter
{Family 285}
Frank GRock Island Ward 1, Rock Island 1847New YorkHead
LorraineRock Island Ward 1, Rock Island 1847New YorkWife
Clayton RRock Island Ward 1, Rock Island 1875IllinoisSon
{Family 286}
Clyde WRock Island Ward 2, Rock Island 1880IllinoisHead
VioletRock Island Ward 2, Rock Island 1884IllinoisWife
Harriet LRock Island Ward 2, Rock Island 1910IllinoisDaughter
{Family 287}
Harry ERock Island Ward 3, Rock Island 1882IllinoisHead
ElizabethRock Island Ward 3, Rock Island 1883IllinoisWife
MartinRock Island Ward 3, Rock Island 1903IllinoisSon
RuthRock Island Ward 3, Rock Island 1907IllinoisDaughter
{Family 288}
Blondine DRock Island Ward 3, Rock Island 1866GermanyHead
CharlesRock Island Ward 3, Rock Island 1905IllinoisSon
{Family 289}
Walter FRock Island Ward 7, Rock Island 1878IllinoisHead
Minnie JRock Island Ward 7, Rock Island 1885TennesseeWife
Helen MRock Island Ward 7, Rock Island 1905IllinoisDaughter
Robert GRock Island Ward 7, Rock Island 1909IllinoisSon
{Family 290}
HarmonBelleville Ward 4, St Clair 1860?Head
LuluBelleville Ward 4, St Clair 1870ArkansasWife
DanielBelleville Ward 4, St Clair 1896MissouriSon
EstherBelleville Ward 4, St Clair 1903IllinoisDaughter
{Family 291}
EdwardEast St Louis Ward 3, St Clair 1872IllinoisBoarder
{Family 292}
Duge East St Louis Ward 4, St Clair 1859IndianaHead237b
MableEast St Louis Ward 4, St Clair 1890IllinoisDaughter
{Family 293}
Hattie L East St Louis Ward 5, St Clair 1883IllinoisHead
Ethel DEast St Louis Ward 5, St Clair 1898IllinoisDaughter
Roy EEast St Louis Ward 5, St Clair 1899IllinoisSon
{Family 294}
ThomasEast St Louis Ward 6, St Clair 1855New YorkHead
AliceEast St Louis Ward 6, St Clair 1855VirginiaWife
CharlieEast St Louis Ward 6, St Clair 1880IllinoisSon
AnnieEast St Louis Ward 6, St Clair 1890IllinoisDaughter
AliceEast St Louis Ward 6, St Clair 1893IllinoisDaughter
{Family 295}
Thos J Jr.East St Louis Ward 6, St Clair 1888IllinoisSon-in-law113
MaryEast St Louis Ward 6, St Clair 1889IllinoisDaughter
GeneviveEast St Louis Ward 6, St Clair 1908IllinoisGranddaughter
{Family 296}
Surname listed Carl
Springfield Ward 2, Sangamon 1897IllinoisStepson
{Family 297}
WilliamSpringfield Ward 7, Sangamon 1877IndianaRoomer
LydiaSpringfield Ward 7, Sangamon 1871IndianaRoomer
{Family 298}
LizzieDry Point, Shelby 1842OhioHousekeeper
{Family 299}
EdithPekin Ward 6, Tazewell 1891IllinoisMaid
{Family 300}
James HDanville, Vermilion 1846?Resident150
{Family 301}
LewisDanville Ward 3, Vermilion 1860IllinoisHead
{Family 302}
EvaDanville Ward 4, Vermilion 1867IndianaHead
Harry WDanville Ward 4, Vermilion 1893IllinoisSon
{Family 303}
Surnames listed Carl
Hoopeston Ward 1, Vermilion 1879IndianaHead
RillaHoopeston Ward 1, Vermilion 1884IndianaWife
George LeroyHoopeston Ward 1, Vermilion 1892IndianaSon
{Family 304}
HenryRoss, Vermilion 1862IllinoisHead
Cora BRoss, Vermilion 1872IndianaWife
{Family 305}
Frederick DRoss, Vermilion 1872NebraskaHead
MaudeRoss, Vermilion 1885IllinoisWife
Sarah BRoss, Vermilion 1908IllinoisDaughter
Olga LRoss, Vermilion 1909IllinoisDaughter
{Family 306}
W Frank Ross, Vermilion 1863IndianaHead
Effie Ross, Vermilion 1871OhioWife
{Family 307}
Nicholas B
Surnames listed Cose
Ross, Vermilion 1865IllinoisHead
CarrieRoss, Vermilion 1869OhioWife
MabelRoss, Vermilion 1890IllinoisSon
ClarenceRoss, Vermilion 1897IllinoisSon
MildredRoss, Vermilion 1900IllinoisDaughter
EstonRoss, Vermilion 1903IllinoisSon
HenryRoss, Vermilion 1906IllinoisSon
DorothyRoss, Vermilion 1909IllinoisDaughter
{Family 308}
Theodore WFriendsville, Wabash 1878IllinoisHead
LuluFriendsville, Wabash 1879IllinoisWife
HazelFriendsville, Wabash 1901IllinoisDaughter
Ethel AFriendsville, Wabash 1903IllinoisDaughter
Harold WFriendsville, Wabash 1908IllinoisSon
Cleo MFriendsville, Wabash 1909IllinoisDaughter
{Family 309}
WalterFriendsville, Wabash 1901IllinoisStepson
{Family 310}
Surnames listed Care
Lick Prairie, Wabash 1882IllinoisHead
ClaraLick Prairie, Wabash 1890IllinoisWife

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