CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1910.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 241}
George C Wallingford, New Haven1865ConnecticutHead
FrancesWallingford, New Haven1869ConnecticutWife
IvaWallingford, New Haven1900ConnecticutDaughter
HaroldWallingford, New Haven1900ConnecticutSon
{Family 242}
BerniceWallingford, New Haven1896ConnecticutSister-in-law
{Family 243}
Henry WAnsonia Ward 5, New Haven1888ConnecticutHead
Lillian HAnsonia Ward 5, New Haven1869New YorkWife
Kenyon HAnsonia Ward 5, New Haven1897ConnecticutSon
{Family 244}
Julia SMeriden, New Haven1837ConnecticutHead
ElizabethMeriden Ward 1, New Haven1875MaineWife
{Family 245}
JuliaMeriden Ward 2, New Haven1850EnglandRoomer
{Family 246}
RalphMeriden Ward 3, New Haven1903ConnecticutBoarder
{Family 247}
George TNew Haven Ward 13, New Haven1858New YorkHead
Helen CNew Haven Ward 13, New Haven1861ConnecticutWife
{Family 248}
Surnames listed Carr
New Haven Ward 4, New Haven1855IndianaHead
MargretNew Haven Ward 4, New Haven1858New JerseyWife
Sarah ANew Haven Ward 4, New Haven1886ConnecticutDaughter
Horace MNew Haven Ward 4, New Haven1892New YorkSon
{Family 249}
DwightNew Haven Ward 4, New Haven1870ConnecticutHead
LeotaNew Haven Ward 4, New Haven1878PennsylvaniaWife
RalphNew Haven Ward 4, New Haven1893ConnecticutSon
{Family 250}
Soloman DNew Haven Ward 6, New Haven1830ConnecticutLodger
{Family 251}
FrancesNew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1834New YorkWife
Lucy A New Haven Ward 8, New Haven1866New YorkAdopted Daughter
{Family 252}
Herman ENew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1871New YorkHead
EllaNew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1879New YorkWife
HureretNew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1902New YorkDaughter
MildredNew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1905New YorkDaughter
John ENew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1906New YorkSon
{Family 253}
Surnames listed Care
New Haven Ward 8, New Haven1872New YorkHead
Everett CareNew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1891New YorkSon
Ethel CareNew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1896New YorkDaughter
Emma CareNew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1899New YorkDaughter
Julia CareNew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1902New YorkDaughter
{Family 254}
Elizabeth MNew Haven Ward 8, New Haven1835New YorkMother
{Family 255}
Ellen ENew Haven Ward 10, New Haven1845ConnecticutDaughter
FrederickNew Haven Ward 10, New Haven1871ConnecticutGrandson
{Family 256}
Surnames listed Care
New Haven Ward 12, New Haven1839ConnecticutHead
Annie M CareNew Haven Ward 12, New Haven1838PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 257}
Herman WNew Haven Ward 12, New Haven1876ConnecticutHead
Mary ANew Haven Ward 12, New Haven1877MaineWife
George BNew Haven Ward 12, New Haven1898ConnecticutSon
Leroy FNew Haven Ward 12, New Haven1909ConnecticutSon
Gertrude JNew Haven Ward 12, New Haven1910ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 258}
HoyelWaterbury Ward 1, New Haven1898ConnecticutLodger
{Family 259}
Elliott Waterbury Ward 1, New Haven1864ConnecticutHead
MargaretWaterbury Ward 1, New Haven1868ConnecticutWife
Mary HWaterbury Ward 1, New Haven1891ConnecticutDaughter
WilliamWaterbury Ward 1, New Haven1899ConnecticutSon
{Family 260}
Lucy J
Surname listed Care
Waterbury Ward 2, New Haven1834ConnecticutMother
{Family 261}
Sherman A
Surnames listed Care
Waterbury Ward 2, New Haven1850ConnecticutHead81
AliceWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1863ConnecticutWife
Livian AWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1900ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 262}
Arthur CWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1862ConnecticutHead
EmmaWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1860MassachusettsWife
Maud EWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1887ConnecticutDaughter
Arthur MWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1889ConnecticutSon
Bearl LWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1891ConnecticutDaughter
Gladies CWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1894ConnecticutDaughter
Cles BWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1896ConnecticutSon
Dorothy RWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1899ConnecticutDaughter
Roy WWaterbury Ward 2, New Haven1903ConnecticutSon
{Family 263}
Frances A
Surname listed Care
Waterbury Ward 4, New Haven1843New YorkCompanion
{Family 264}
Walter E Waterbury Ward 4, New Haven1861ConnecticutHead
{Family 265}
Frank M
Surnames listed Cass
Waterbury Ward 4, New Haven1868VermontHead
KateWaterbury Ward 4, New Haven1870ConnecticutWife
WilliamWaterbury Ward 4, New Haven1893ConnecticutSon
{Family 266}
Floda [Rhoda]
Surnames listed Care
Colchester, New London1841ConnecticutHead
George CareColchester, New London1893ConnecticutGrandson
{Family 267}
James S
Surnames listed Care
Colchester, New London1859ConnecticutHead
Mettie E Colchester, New London1850ConnecticutWife
James R Colchester, New London1895ConnecticutSon
{Family 268}
Amos CColchester, New London1882ConnecticutHead
Mabel EColchester, New London1883ConnecticutWife
Amos RColchester, New London1904ConnecticutSon
Irene LColchester, New London1908ConnecticutDaughter
Frank AColchester, New London1887ConnecticutBrother
{Family 269}
Edwin WLedyard, New London1857Rhode IslandBoarder
{Family 270}
Elester H [Chester]
Surnames listed Care
Norwich, New London1858ConnecticutHead
AliceNorwich, New London1860New JerseyWife
JenneNorwich, New London1895ConnecticutDaughter

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