CASE Families living in Alabama in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Un-named femaleFairhope and Zundels, Baldwin??Head132b
{Family 2}
A PGeorgiana, Butler1867KansasHead 
Isabella 1870ScotlandWife 
Marguerite 1894AlabamaDaughter 
John 1897AlabamaSon 
Lawrance 1899AlabamaSon 
{Family 3}
Robert M
Surnames listed CARE
Greens Schoolhouse, Calhoun1873OhioHead 
Mary N 1876North CarolinaWife 
Colvin H 1893GeorgiaSon 
Alma 1898GeorgiaDaughter 
Willie 1901OhioSon 
Earnest 1906GeorgiaSon 
Charley 1908AlabamaDaughter 
{Family 4}
Charles CTecumseh, Cherokee1882IndianaHead 
{Family 5}
LillieCampbell, Clarke1890AlabamaHead 
Bell 1906AlabamaDaughter 
{Family 6}
D CLebanon, De Kalb1849TennesseeHead 
Jassie R 1855AlabamaWife 
Joe 1878AlabamaSon 
Oscar V 1887AlabamaSon 
Lora D 1891AlabamaDaughter 
{Family 7}
ByronAttalla, Etowah1868OhioHead 
Myrtte 1872OhioWife 
Undine 1897OhioDaughter 
Hannah 1905OhioDaughter 
{Family 8}
Basia Russellville, Franklin1861MichiganHead 
Viola 1880AlabamaWife 
Jessie 1898AlabamaDaughter 
Willie 1901AlabamaSon 
Grace M 1907AlabamaDaughter 
Basia G 1908AlabamaSon 
{Family 9}
BenBridgeport, Jackson1889GeorgiaHead 
Maggie 1890AlabamaWife 
Ellis 1908TennesseeSon 
Mary 1860IllinoisWife 
Arthur 1892AlabamaSon 
Bessie 1893AlabamaDaughter 
Estell 1895AlabamaDaughter 
Ruth 1897AlabamaDaughter 
{Family 10}
Arthur HPrecinct 29, Jefferson1881OhioHead36
Ethel M 1887AlabamaWife 
Un-named baby 1910AlabamaDaughter 
{Family 11}
G IBirmingham Ward 3, Jefferson1831MississippiHead 
Blanche B 1889North CarolinaWife 
Geo I JR. 1908AlabamaSon 
{Family 12}
CharlieBirmingham Ward 14, Jefferson1871OhioHead 
Maud 1872TennesseeWife 
Everett 1899TennesseeSon 
Nettie 1900TennesseeDaughter 
{Family 13}
Isaac J
Surnames listed CARE
Birmingham Ward 16, Jefferson1881OhioHead 
Edna E 1893TennesseeWife 
Leslie E 1909AlabamaSon 
{Family 14}
James L
Surnames listed CALE
Lawrence, Lamar1889AlabamaHead 
Mary J 1893AlabamaWife 
William V 1909AlabamaSon 
{Family 15}
Joseph P
Surnames listed CARE
Crossroads, Lauderdale1868TennesseeHead 
Sariah 1873TennesseeWife 
Robert 1891TennesseeSon 
Dovie 1896AlabamaDaughter 
Bertha 1898AlabamaDaughter 
Pete 1899AlabamaSon 
Willie 1901AlabamaSon 
Olen 1903AlabamaSon 
Lizzie 1905AlabamaDaughter 
Leila 1908AlabamaDaughter 
{Family 16}
CyrusOpelika Ward 2, Lee1886ColoradoBoarder 
{Family 17}
Surname listed CADE
Demopolis, Marengo1862AlabamaHead 
{Family 18}
Surname listed CAKE
Demopolis, Marengo1883AlabamaLodger 
{Family 19}
JohnMobile Ward 3, Mobile1849IrelandBoarder 
Duncan P1876AlabamaBoarder 
{Family 20}
Surnames listed CARR
Mobile Ward 6, Mobile1873MississippiHead 
Gussie 1875MississippiWife 
George 1891MississippiSon 
{Family 21}
Harvy W
Surnames listed CARE
Mobile Ward 7, Mobile1857KentuckyHead 
Blanch 1862KentuckyWife 
Lecon 1889KentuckySon 
Nell 1893West VirginiaDaughter 
Edwin 1895OhioSon 
{Family 22}
Mary EMobile Ward 9, Mobile1849AlabamaSister-in-law 
{Family 23}
ShirleyTrinity, Morgan1887TennesseeHead 
Jusie 1881AlabamaWife 
Lula 1907AlabamaDaughter 
Lizzie 1908AlabamaDaughter 
Lillie 1909AlabamaDaughter 
{Family 24}
Surname listed CORE
Trinity, Morgan1894TennesseeLodger 
{Family 25}
MatildaNew Decatur Ward 1, Morgan1883TennesseeServant 
{Family 26}
SarahNew Decatur Ward 3, Morgan1854IndianaBoarder 
{Family 27}
ElizebethNew Decatur Ward 3, Morgan1885IndianaBoarder 

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