CASE Families living in Wyoming in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
AddieElection District 12, Carbon431856Maine283
{Family 2}
William BHulett, Crook221878Iowa69
{Family 3}
Balle (Belle)Buffalo, Johnson251875Missouri173b
{Family 4}
S. Richard
Surname listed Oare
Banner, Sheridan271872Missouri266b
William HBanner, Sheridan591840Kentucky
SarahBanner, Sheridan471852Kentucky
{Family 5}
William HParkman, Sheridan591840Kentucky290b
Sarah JParkman, Sheridan541845Missouri
{Family 6}
SterlinSheridan, Sheridan361863Nebraska261b
Hattie CSheridan, Sheridan321868Missouri
DottSheridan, Sheridan11898Wyoming
{Family 7}
Harry ECokeville, Uinta421858California186
NellieCokeville, Uinta341866Sweden
{Family 8}
Charles Leo (L)Election District 13, Uinta231877Kansas196b
{Family 9}
John HEvanston, Uinta301870New York105b
CarolineEvanston, Uinta241875Nebraska

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