CASE Families living in Wisconsin in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 92}
GeorgeHutchins, Shawano291870Illinois132b
MarylineHutchins, Shawano401860New York
ClarenceHutchins, Shawano171883Wisconsin
VernieHutchins, Shawano151885Dakota
HarveyHutchins, Shawano101889Wisconsin
OrphaHutchins, Shawano61894Wisconsin
VergilHutchins, Shawano41896Wisconsin
LuraHutchins, Shawano21898Wio
{Family 93}
Abrm (Abner)Morris, Shawano441855Michigan189
Ellen EMorris, Shawano381861Ohio
RuthMorris, Shawano171883Wisconsin
LuellaMorris, Shawano161884Wisconsin
ViolaMorris, Shawano81892Wisconsin
PearlMorris, Shawano21897Wisconsin
WarrenMorris, Shawano181881Wisconsin
{Family 94}
Herald N (??)Wittenberg, Shawano411858Michigan264
BelleWittenberg, Shawano421857Michigan
Harry EWittenberg, Shawano101890Michigan
{Family 95}
ThomasLima, Sheboygan281872Vermont86b
{Family 96}
W FRhine, Sheboygan851814New York7
{Family 97}
JohnArcadia, Trempealeau621838New York140b
Marge (A Magge?)Arcadia, Trempealeau531846Pennsylvania
AdaArcadia, Trempealeau171882Wisconsin
JennieArcadia, Trempealeau81892Wisconsin
{Family 98}
AikUnity, Trempealeau201880Wisconsin361b
{Family 99}
GeorgeGreenwood, Vernon521848England97
Mary JGreenwood, Vernon471853Wisconsin
LillieGreenwood, Vernon141885Wisconsin
{Family 100}
EdithEagle River, Vilas171882Nebraska19b
{Family 101}
Surname listed CARE
La Grange, Walworth671832Canada189b
{Family 102}
JamesLa Grange, Walworth781821New York189b
{Family 103}
Samuel N
Surnames listed CARE
La Grange, Walworth671833New York192
Abigail PLa Grange, Walworth651834New York
Clona (Clara)La Grange, Walworth361864Wisconsin
JamesLa Grange, Walworth781821New York
{Family 104}
WilliamLa Grange, Walworth381861Wisconsin189b
MinnieLa Grange, Walworth391860Germany
StanleyLa Grange, Walworth151885Wisconsin
IreneLa Grange, Walworth71893Wisconsin
{Family 105}
MinnieLake Geneva, Walworth321868Wisconsin205b
{Family 106}
{Family 107}
WilliamMarion, Waupaca221878Wisconsin74
{Family 108}
OscarMarion, Waupaca571843New York75
Lovenia LMarion, Waupaca481851Wisconsin75b
{Family 109}
LucyMukwa, Waupaca641835Ohio202
{Family 110}
AmeliaDakota, Waushara421858Germany36b
{Family 111}
Crumble JDakota, Waushara351864Wisconsin36b
SarahDakota, Waushara781822New York
GailandDakota, Waushara761824New York
{Family 112}
AddiLeon, Waushara431856Wisconsin82
{Family 113}
Laura AnnLeon, Waushara711828Connecticut78
{Family 114}
ReedSpringwater, Waushara251875Wisconsin146
MillieSpringwater, Waushara211878Wisconsin
StellaSpringwater, Waushara11898Wisconsin
CharleySpringwater, Waushara7/121899Wisconsin
{Family 115}
WalterAlgoma, Winnebago561844Ohio2b
MaryAlgoma, Winnebago541845Pennsylvania
{Family 116}
AnnaOshkosh Ward 1, Winnebago551844Vermont220b
{Family 117}
Ward HOshkosh Ward 1, Winnebago351865New York222
EllenorOshkosh Ward 1, Winnebago321868Wales
Gaylord JOshkosh Ward 1, Winnebago101889Nebraska
{Family 118}
AmosOshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago331867Wisconsin1b
MargretOshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago281872Wisconsin
Mary DOshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago111888Wisconsin
James FOshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago91891Wisconsin
AndrewOshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago71892Wisconsin
Raymond MOshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago51894Wisconsin
George AOshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago31896Wisconsin
CatherineOshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago1/121900Wisconsin
{Family 119}
GeorgeOshkosh Ward 6, Winnebago361863Wisconsin34
SirenaOshkosh Ward 6, Winnebago291870Wisconsin
SoraOshkosh Ward 6, Winnebago81891Wisconsin
HerveOshkosh Ward 6, Winnebago71893Wisconsin
RudOshkosh Ward 6, Winnebago41896Wisconsin
GerlerdOshkosh Ward 6, Winnebago11899Wisconsin
{Family 120}
Edward BOshkosh Ward 12, Winnebago461853Wisconsin146b
EmelyOshkosh Ward 12, Winnebago371863Germany
{Family 121}
Surname listed COSE
Oshkosh Ward 12, Winnebago401859Wisconsin155b
ElizabethOshkosh Ward 12, Winnebago351865Germany
Sarah P
Surname listed COSE
Oshkosh Ward 12, Winnebago141885Wisconsin156
James T.
Surname listed COSE
Oshkosh Ward 12, Winnebago101890Wisconsin
Surname listed COSE
Oshkosh Ward 12, Winnebago81892Wisconsin
Surname listed COSE
Oshkosh Ward 12, Winnebago51894Wisconsin
Surname listed COSE
Oshkosh Ward 12, Winnebago31896Wisconsin
{Family 122}
ElisabethGrand Rapids, Wood571842Michigan60
{Family 123}
JerryPittsville, Wood501850Maine171b
EllaPittsville, Wood251874Wisconsin
{Family 124}
JamesPort Edwards, Wood351864Wisconsin187
Emily MPort Edwards, Wood281872Wisconsin
Etherial aPort Edwards, Wood51894Wisconsin

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