CASE Families living in Wisconsin in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Clinton HCumberland, Barron601840New York100
FrancisCumberland, Barron581842Canada
{Family 2}
PearlRice Lake, Barron231876Illinois186b
{Family 3}
John LGreen Bay Ward 2, Brown561844Illinois304
Alice LGreen Bay Ward 2, Brown551845Ohio
Roy BGreen Bay Ward 2, Brown211878Wisconsin
Ralph WGreen Bay Ward 2, Brown171883Wisconsin
{Family 4}
(Surname Listed COSE)
Big Bend, Chippewa351865Missouri49b
(Surname Listed COSE)
Big Bend, Chippewa201880Minnesota
Ernest W
(Surname Listed COSE)
Big Bend, Chippewa31897Minnesota
LouisBig Bend, Chippewa171883Minnesota
{Family 5}
Charles HReseburg, Clark331867New York272
{Family 6}
EffieThorp, Clark291870Wisconsin209
{Family 7}
Charles BPrairie du Chien, Crawford521847Connecticut121b
Ottilie LPrairie du Chien, Crawford451854Wisconsin
JessiePrairie du Chien, Crawford271873Connecticut
Minnie GPrairie du Chien, Crawford181881Wisconsin
{Family 8}
Mennie (Minnie)Madison Ward 1, Dane281871Wisconsin234
{Family 9}
EmmaMadison Ward 2, Dane341865Wisconsin6b
{Family 10}
Agnes EMadison Ward 5, Dane221878Wisconsin96b
{Family 11}
Mary MMadison Ward 5, Dane621838England73
Lillie EMadison Ward 5, Dane241876Wisconsin
{Family 12}
E LMazomanie, Dane281871New York201
{Family 13}
H JWestport, Dane551845US207
{Family 14}
EdwardWaupun, Dodge351864New York215b
{Family 15}
J TSuperior Ward 4, Douglas361864Ohio155b
{Family 16}
Joseph WEau Claire Ward 3, Eau Claire301870New York103b
{Family 17}
Julius HWashington, Eau Claire721827New York329
Sarah CWashington, Eau Claire701830Vermont
{Family 18}
GilbertByron, Fond du Lac231877Wisconsin55
{Family 19}
BelleFond du Lac Ward 1, Fond du Lac421858Wisconsin121b
BessieFond du Lac Ward 1, Fond du Lac101890Wisconsin
J CurtisFond du Lac Ward 1, Fond du Lac701829New York
{Family 20}
AdelleFond du Lac Ward 3, Fond du Lac351865New York186b
{Family 21}
MabelFond du Lac Ward 7, Fond du Lac191880Wisconsin254b
{Family 22}
MaudeFond du Lac Ward 8, Fond du Lac191880Wisconsin7b
{Family 23}
ChasLancaster, Grant371862Wisconsin188b
LizzieLancaster, Grant361863Wisconsin
HarryLancaster, Grant111889Wisconsin
FrankLancaster, Grant21897Wisconsin
MildredLancaster, Grant7/121899Wisconsin
{Family 24}
GeorgeMonroe, Green641835New York151
NancyMonroe, Green581841New York
May BelleMonroe, Green241876Wisconsin
{Family 25}
RuthKingston, Green Lake41896Wisconsin99
{Family 26}
MarthaMarquette, Green Lake811819New York130
{Family 27}
SadieBlack River Falls, Jackson171882Wisconsin47
{Family 28}
WilliamBrockway, Jackson411858Wisconsin186b
LilyBrockway, Jackson341865Wisconsin
SaddieBrockway, Jackson171882Wisconsin
HughBrockway, Jackson141886Wisconsin
Blanche BBrockway, Jackson111889Wisconsin
Martha EBrockway, Jackson71892Wisconsin
RobertBrockway, Jackson41896Wisconsin
MargretBrockway, Jackson11/121899Wisconsin
{Family 29}
JohnMelrose, Jackson561843New York143
HannahMelrose, Jackson541845Wisconsin

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