CASE Families living in Vermont in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
CharlesBennington, Bennington221877Vermont30b
{Family 2}
LouiseBennington, Bennington731827New York73b
{Family 3}
MaryBennington, Bennington621837Vermont47
{Family 4}
Anna D
(Surname listed CA)
Readsboro, Bennington791820Vermont169b
Orville E
(Surname listed CA)
Readsboro, Bennington511848Vermont
Amos T
(Surname listed CA)
Readsboro, Bennington391860Vermont
Walter AReadsboro, Bennington51894Vermont170
{Family 5}
AnnaBurlington Ward 2, Chittenden171883Vermont78
{Family 6}
LouisBurlington Ward 2, Chittenden301870New York40
FlorenceBurlington Ward 2, Chittenden251874Vermont
NellieBurlington Ward 2, Chittenden31897Vermont
EvaBurlington Ward 2, Chittenden2/121900Vermont
{Family 7}
MahaleyHinesburg, Chittenden471853Vermont43b
{Family 8}
Benjamin WCoventry, Orleans731826Vermont69b
{Family 9}
Wm DJay, Orleans711829Vermont162
{Family 10}
DanielCastleton, Rutland471853New York45b
Margaret ACastleton, Rutland381861Vermont
Arthur JCastleton, Rutland91891Vermont
{Family 11}
HenryIra, Rutland451855Vermont271b
LinaIra, Rutland301869New York
John HIra, Rutland101889New York
CharlesIra, Rutland81891New York
ArthurIra, Rutland61893New York
EdithIra, Rutland51895New York
WalterIra, Rutland2/121900Vermont272
{Family 12}
Frederick Poultney, Rutland301870Vermont57b
Frederick B (Jr)Poultney, Rutland101890Vermont
Hardd (Harold)Poultney, Rutland51895Vermont
{Family 13}
FrankPoultney, Rutland181882Vermont70b
{Family 14}
AlbertRutland, Rutland311869New York112
AdaRutland, Rutland231876Vermont
Ina HRutland, Rutland31897Vermont
Reta PRutland, Rutland11898Vermont
{Family 15}
LillianRutland, Rutland201880Vermont134
{Family 16}
Luella WRutland, Rutland181881Vermont162
{Family 17}
Ann AHartland, Windsor591840Vermont135
{Family 18}
WilliamWindsor, Windsor531846Vermont294b
Nellie AWindsor, Windsor361863New Hampshire
{Family 19}
Norman BWoodstock, Windsor371863Vermont319
Harriet DWoodstock, Windsor341866Vermont

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