CASE Families living in South Carolina in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
EmmaAiken, Aiken141885South Carolina39
AlonzoAiken, Aiken51894South Carolina
{Family 2}
GeorgeMidway, Bamberg311869South Carolina136b
EmmaMidway, Bamberg261874South Carolina
GeorgeMidway, Bamberg71892South Carolina
Danuel mMidway, Bamberg61893South Carolina
NannieMidway, Bamberg41895South Carolina
DaisyMidway, Bamberg11898South Carolina
{Family 3}
Lilse E (Silas?)White Plains, Cherokee291870North Carolina220b
Mary AWhite Plains, Cherokee301870South Carolina
Thomas EWhite Plains, Cherokee61894North Carolina
William HWhite Plains, Cherokee41895South Carolina
{Family 4}
Jefferson DGreenville, Greenville521847North Carolina256b
Harriet EGreenville, Greenville401859North Carolina
Dona VGreenville, Greenville181882North Carolina
JoieGreenville, Greenville161884North Carolina
OilGreenville, Greenville131887North Carolina
ThurmanGreenville, Greenville111888North Carolina
BaileyGreenville, Greenville81892North Carolina
James AGreenville, Greenville51895North Carolina
Ornie (Ornice?)Greenville, Greenville21897North Carolina257
{Family 5}
LizzieCenter, Richland191880South Carolina8
{Family 6}
BenjaminBeech Springs, Spartanburg221877North Carolina18b
JaneBeech Springs, Spartanburg191880North Carolina
RaymondBeech Springs, Spartanburg21898South Carolina
Mamie LBeech Springs, Spartanburg3/121900South Carolina
{Family 7}
JamesBeech Springs, Spartanburg251874North Carolina20
SusanBeech Springs, Spartanburg251875North Carolina
PearlBeech Springs, Spartanburg61894North Carolina
PaulBeech Springs, Spartanburg5/121899North Carolina
{Family 8}
PinkneyCampobello, Spartanburg181882South Carolina116b
{Family 9}
L BSpartanburg Ward 1, Spartanburg451854North Carolina194
{Family 10}
John LSpartanburg Ward 4, Spartanburg711829North Carolina254
SusanSpartanburg Ward 4, Spartanburg651834South Carolina
WilliamSpartanburg Ward 4, Spartanburg141886South Carolina
{Family 11}
WilliamSpartanburg Ward 5, Spartanburg511849North Carolina265
MarthaSpartanburg Ward 5, Spartanburg531846North Carolina
Mary ASpartanburg Ward 5, Spartanburg181881North Carolina
Nancy JaneSpartanburg Ward 5, Spartanburg151885North Carolina
Ellen ESpartanburg Ward 5, Spartanburg121888North Carolina
Harriet BSpartanburg Ward 5, Spartanburg81892North Carolina

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