CASE Families living in Pennsylvania in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 180}
John HPlymouth Ward 5, Luzerne551845Pennsylvania205
{Family 181}
David HPlymouth Ward 6, Luzerne381861Pennsylvania224
SarahPlymouth Ward 6, Luzerne351864Pennsylvania
AaronPlymouth Ward 6, Luzerne111889Pennsylvania
LenoraPlymouth Ward 6, Luzerne41895Pennsylvania
MalindaPlymouth Ward 6, Luzerne11898Pennsylvania224b
{Family 182}
HarryPlymouth Ward 6, Luzerne261874Pennsylvania219
EvaPlymouth Ward 6, Luzerne231876Pennsylvania
LydiaPlymouth Ward 6, Luzerne51895Pennsylvania
HowardPlymouth Ward 6, Luzerne21898Pennsylvania
{Family 183}
Hattie WPlymouth Ward 7, Luzerne391861New Jersey235
ViolaPlymouth Ward 7, Luzerne181881Pennsylvania
Lena MPlymouth Ward 7, Luzerne151884Pennsylvania
Nellie MPlymouth Ward 7, Luzerne131886Pennsylvania
Flossie EPlymouth Ward 7, Luzerne101889Pennsylvania
{Family 184}
FrankPlymouth Ward 9, Luzerne241876Pennsylvania255
AdaPlymouth Ward 9, Luzerne221877Pennsylvania
IraPlymouth Ward 9, Luzerne51895Pennsylvania
Leo Roy (LeRoy)Plymouth Ward 9, Luzerne31896Pennsylvania
Myrth (Myrtle)Plymouth Ward 9, Luzerne11899Pennsylvania
Note: The 1910 census shows additional kids:
Russell - Harold - Hazel - Norman
{Family 185}
WilliamPlymouth Ward 13, Luzerne241876Pennsylvania292b
FannyPlymouth Ward 13, Luzerne241876Pennsylvania
{Family 186}
George WSalem, Luzerne501849Pennsylvania121b
ElizabethSalem, Luzerne481851Pennsylvania
DavanportSalem, Luzerne231877Pennsylvania
RuthSalem, Luzerne51894Pennsylvania
{Family 187}
Wm ASalem, Luzerne401859Pennsylvania121b
Mary MSalem, Luzerne461853Pennsylvania
Lola MSalem, Luzerne161883Pennsylvania
Effie PSalem, Luzerne61893Pennsylvania
Anna ESalem, Luzerne71893Pennsylvania
Charles LSalem, Luzerne41895Pennsylvania
{Family 188}
WilliamWilkes Barre Ward 6, Luzerne351865Russia;Poland165b
BessieWilkes Barre Ward 6, Luzerne301869Russia;Poland
EvaWilkes Barre Ward 6, Luzerne91890New York
AbramWilkes Barre Ward 6, Luzerne81892New York
EttaWilkes Barre Ward 6, Luzerne61893New York
IsadoreWilkes Barre Ward 6, Luzerne41896New York
SadieWilkes Barre Ward 6, Luzerne11898New York
{Family 189}
GeorgeWilkes Barre Ward 16, Luzerne671833Pennsylvania214
Mary EWilkes Barre Ward 16, Luzerne491851New York
Charles WWilkes Barre Ward 16, Luzerne311869Pennsylvania
Edith MWilkes Barre Ward 16, Luzerne291870Pennsylvania
Bessie CWilkes Barre Ward 16, Luzerne141886Pennsylvania
Mytle E (Myrtle?)Wilkes Barre Ward 16, Luzerne111888Pennsylvania
Leroy DWilkes Barre Ward 16, Luzerne81891Pennsylvania
Ramond CWilkes Barre Ward 16, Luzerne71893Pennsylvania
{Family 190}
Julia LCogan House, Lycoming191881Pennsylvania70
{Family 191}
David LCummings, Lycoming471852Pennsylvania85
Nancy ACummings, Lycoming431857Pennsylvania
Jennie MCummings, Lycoming11898Pennsylvania
{Family 192}
MyersGamble, Lycoming431856Pennsylvania126
HattieGamble, Lycoming491850Pennsylvania
CloyedGamble, Lycoming181881Pennsylvania
WilliamGamble, Lycoming131886Pennsylvania
{Family 193}
AlbaHepburn, Lycoming641836New Jersey128b
ElisabethHepburn, Lycoming611838Pennsylvania
{Family 194}
Charles HLewis, Lycoming491851Pennsylvania206
ElizabethLewis, Lycoming461853Pennsylvania
RuthLewis, Lycoming181882Pennsylvania
{Family 195}
John AOld Lycoming, Lycoming421858Pennsylvania129b
MaggieOld Lycoming, Lycoming401859Pennsylvania
AlliceOld Lycoming, Lycoming181881Pennsylvania
RaymondOld Lycoming, Lycoming171883Pennsylvania
MaryOld Lycoming, Lycoming131886Pennsylvania
MattieOld Lycoming, Lycoming101889Pennsylvania
MonroeOld Lycoming, Lycoming61894Pennsylvania
{Family 196}
LeslieSouth Williamsport, Lycoming401860Pennsylvania197
CarrieSouth Williamsport, Lycoming391860Pennsylvania
Helen MSouth Williamsport, Lycoming141886Pennsylvania197b
W S L (Ned L)South Williamsport, Lycoming31897Pennsylvania
{Family 197}
Alice GWilliamsport, Lycoming351865Pennsylvania29b
{Family 198}
HellenWilliamsport, Lycoming51894Pennsylvania134
{Family 199}
NormanWilliamsport, Lycoming321867Pennsylvania219b
AlmaWilliamsport, Lycoming321867Pennsylvania
WilliamWilliamsport, Lycoming111888Pennsylvania
ClaireWilliamsport, Lycoming81892Pennsylvania
MargaretWilliamsport, Lycoming61893Pennsylvania
MinnieWilliamsport, Lycoming41895Pennsylvania
{Family 200}
CharlesWilliamsport Ward 1, Lycoming231876Pennsylvania247
MaryWilliamsport Ward 1, Lycoming211878Pennsylvania
{Family 201}
Edward HWilliamsport Ward 4, Lycoming501850Pennsylvania58
Mary AWilliamsport Ward 4, Lycoming481852Pennsylvania
EdwardWilliamsport Ward 4, Lycoming121888Pennsylvania
MaryWilliamsport Ward 4, Lycoming101890Pennsylvania
{Family 202}
M FWoodward, Lycoming441855Pennsylvania237
{Family 203}
John EAnnin, Mckean301870New York7b
Mary AAnnin, Mckean211878Pennsylvania
RuthAnnin, Mckean2/121900New York
{Family 204}
Elizabeth MBradford, Mckean231876New York68b
Nathan GBradford, Mckean281871Pennsylvania
John HBradford, Mckean81892New York
{Family 205}
RayBradford, Mckean221877Pennsylvania23
{Family 206}
George ICeres, Mckean261873New York209b
Lizzie MCeres, Mckean251875Pennsylvania
{Family 207}
BertFoster, Mckean191881New York256
{Family 208}
DennisFoster, Mckean661833New York255
SusanFoster, Mckean521848Pennsylvania
RoyFoster, Mckean131887New York
{Family 209}
George WFoster, Mckean581842Pennsylvania246
Ethel MFoster, Mckean421857New York
ThomasFoster, Mckean121887New York
MinaFoster, Mckean91890New York
EmberFoster, Mckean51894Pennsylvania
LeonFoster, Mckean11898Pennsylvania
{Family 210}
LyddieFoster, Mckean451855New York255
{Family 211}
RusselFoster, Mckean561843Pennsylvania247
HelenFoster, Mckean551845New York
MydaFoster, Mckean211879New York
HelenFoster, Mckean191881Pennsylvania
{Family 212}
Warren QFoster, Mckean501850Pennsylvania246
MarieFoster, Mckean441855New York
Leroy FFoster, Mckean221877Pennsylvania
GeorgeFoster, Mckean201879Pennsylvania
JohnFoster, Mckean141886Pennsylvania
HarryFoster, Mckean91890Pennsylvania
Edna MayFoster, Mckean81891Pennsylvania
{Family 213}
Will HFoster, Mckean231876New York244b
Flora EFoster, Mckean211878Pennsylvania
PhilipFoster, Mckean5/121899Pennsylvania

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