CASE Families living in Ohio in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 211}
Charles HGreenwich, Huron301870Ohio68b
MildredGreenwich, Huron201879Ohio
{Family 212}
GeorgeGreenwich, Huron331867Ohio58
FloraGreenwich, Huron241876Ohio
ArchieGreenwich, Huron91891Ohio
AliceGreenwich, Huron51894Ohio
Gladys NGreenwich, Huron21898Ohio
PerryGreenwich, Huron531847Ohio
{Family 213}
EugeneNew Haven, Huron491851Ohio115
HarrietNew Haven, Huron701830New York
{Family 214}
Euna J (Emma)New Haven, Huron471852Ohio121b
{Family 215}
AgustaNew London, Huron631837New York151
{Family 216}
EddieNew London, Huron301870Ohio159
Carra BNew London, Huron221878Ohio
ErnestNew London, Huron181881Ohio
{Family 217}
Henry GNew London, Huron521848Ohio159
Georgia ONew London, Huron481851Ohio
Lorinda MNew London, Huron161883Ohio
Tracy HNew London, Huron281872Massachusetts
Norah BNew London, Huron221878Ohio
Edith DNew London, Huron21897Ohio159b
{Family 218}
Mary ERipley, Huron691830Ohio305
{Family 219}
CharityJackson, Jackson481851Ohio93
{Family 220}
Isaac HMt Pleasant, Jefferson551844Ohio76
Mary BMt Pleasant, Jefferson461853Ohio
{Family 221}
AlbertSmithfield, Jefferson511849Ohio153b
MargaretSmithfield, Jefferson511849Ohio
JennieSmithfield, Jefferson261873Ohio
HarrySmithfield, Jefferson251875Ohio
JessieSmithfield, Jefferson241876Ohio
MaySmithfield, Jefferson221877Ohio
CharleySmithfield, Jefferson171883Ohio
GeorgeSmithfield, Jefferson141885Ohio
RaySmithfield, Jefferson61893Ohio
{Family 222}
JohnsonSmithfield, Jefferson721828Ohio147b
Martha JSmithfield, Jefferson681831Ohio
{Family 223}
U MSmithfield, Jefferson361863Ohio152b
{Family 224}
Lucy BWayne, Jefferson291870Ohio216
{Family 225}
Warren HMorris, Knox541845Ohio246
{Family 226}
Minerva AMt Vernon, Knox551845Ohio77
{Family 227}
Abo Sun (Abselun)Mentor, Lake741826Ohio74
SabrinaMentor, Lake741826Ohio
{Family 228}
Charles WMentor, Lake421857Michigan65
Anmie (Annie)Mentor, Lake411859Germany
Elnora NMentor, Lake161884Ohio
{Family 229}
Eugene EMentor, Lake491850Ohio71b
CarrieMentor, Lake361863Ohio
Robert MMentor, Lake171883Ohio
{Family 230}
Frank MMentor, Lake301870Ohio64b
Gertrude GMentor, Lake281872Ohio
Francis GMentor, Lake31897Ohio
Helen MMentor, Lake11898Ohio
{Family 231}
Jerry PMentor, Lake851815New York65b
{Family 232}
William HWilloughby, Lake461854Ohio204
{Family 233}
WmAlexandria, Licking381862Ohio10
NoraAlexandria, Licking331866Ohio
CharlesAlexandria, Licking131886Ohio
CarrieAlexandria, Licking111888Ohio
NellieAlexandria, Licking81891Ohio
HazelAlexandria, Licking21897Ohio
{Family 234}
AlbertBennington, Licking221878Ohio57b
{Family 235}
JohnBennington, Licking591840New Jersey57
Amanda RBennington, Licking531846Ohio
Jason CBennington, Licking171882Ohio
EthelBennington, Licking141885Ohio
PerryBennington, Licking91891Ohio
{Family 236}
Burlin (Burton?)Granville, Licking491850Ohio146
Dora DGranville, Licking431856Ohio
StellaGranville, Licking191880Ohio
HelenGranville, Licking161884Ohio
{Family 237}
George CGranville, Licking491850Ohio131
CoraGranville, Licking341865Ohio
LucindaGranville, Licking801820Virginia
AliceGranville, Licking521848Ohio
{Family 238}
Harrison CGranville, Licking461853Ohio144b
MaryGranville, Licking391861Ohio
HarryGranville, Licking141885Ohio
Ruby MGranville, Licking121887Ohio
Nellie MGranville, Licking91890Ohio
Arthur TGranville, Licking61894Ohio
William EGranville, Licking31897Ohio
{Family 239}
J GHartford, Licking331866Ohio183
SallyHartford, Licking301869Ohio
HarryHartford, Licking101889Ohio
GailHartford, Licking71892Ohio
HazelHartford, Licking51894Ohio
BryanHartford, Licking31896Ohio
{Family 240}
Jacob CLima, Licking531846New York236
{Family 241}
JohnPataskala, Licking621837Ohio224b

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