CASE Families living in Ohio in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 93}
H Eugen (Eugene)Glenville, Cuyahoga361864Michigan199b
EmmaGlenville, Cuyahoga381861Ohio
{Family 94}
Edwin ERockport, Cuyahoga461854Ohio218
Mary CRockport, Cuyahoga471852Ohio
{Family 95}
ThomasRockport, Cuyahoga121887Ohio211b
{Family 96}
Eugene ARocky River, Cuyahoga411858Michigan229
Ellen FRocky River, Cuyahoga381861Ireland
EllaRocky River, Cuyahoga161883Ohio
MayRocky River, Cuyahoga141885Ohio
Leonard WRocky River, Cuyahoga121887Ohio
{Family 97}
Rastus MRocky River, Cuyahoga501850Ohio237b
Emily RRocky River, Cuyahoga621838Canada
EmmaRocky River, Cuyahoga161883Ohio
{Family 98}
LoyalRoyalton, Cuyahoga521848Connecticut242
{Family 99}
William DSolon, Cuyahoga591841Michigan261
Belle YSolon, Cuyahoga321867Pennsylvania
{Family 100}
BoltieStrongsville, Cuyahoga361864Ohio275b
Cara M (Cora)Strongsville, Cuyahoga311868Ohio
Minnie BStrongsville, Cuyahoga91890Ohio
{Family 101}
CharlesFarmer, Defiance551844New York127
Ada RFarmer, Defiance291871Ohio
Charles PFarmer, Defiance21897Ohio
{Family 102}
CathrineBerkshire, Delaware841816Pennsylvania13b
{Family 103}
MaryBerkshire, Delaware571842Ohio7b
{Family 104}
Charles HConcord, Delaware431856Ohio45b
Emily DConcord, Delaware521847Ohio
Frisby HConcord, Delaware181881Ohio
Anna JConcord, Delaware111889Ohio
{Family 105}
JaneDelaware Ward 1, Delaware671832Ohio73b
{Family 106}
GeorgeDelaware Ward 4, Delaware461854?118
Susan L (E)Delaware Ward 4, Delaware461854Ohio118b
Owen BDelaware Ward 4, Delaware241876Ohio
Offie MDelaware Ward 4, Delaware171883Ohio
AlleenDelaware Ward 4, Delaware101890Ohio
ErdeenDelaware Ward 4, Delaware101890Ohio
Gerald MDelaware Ward 4, Delaware71893Ohio
{Family 107}
Mary JDelaware Ward 4, Delaware451855Ohio116b
Grace MDelaware Ward 4, Delaware211878Ohio
{Family 108}
WmGenoa, Delaware531847Ohio153
CoraGenoa, Delaware251874Ohio
Frankey (Franky)Genoa, Delaware71892Ohio
MyrtieGenoa, Delaware51895Ohio
Lonnie (Louisa)Genoa, Delaware41896Ohio
Rity (Riley)Genoa, Delaware11899Ohio
{Family 109}
AlmireaLiberty, Delaware721828New York194
{Family 110}
AmeliaLiberty, Delaware661833Pennsylvania194
{Family 111}
Cicero RLiberty, Delaware561843Ohio198
EmmaLiberty, Delaware461854Ohio
Harry DLiberty, Delaware171882Ohio
Gladdie F (Gladdis)Liberty, Delaware31896Ohio
{Family 112}
LeuellaLiberty, Delaware341866Ohio198b
{Family 113}
Marry TLiberty, Delaware841816Ohio195
John SLiberty, Delaware591840Ohio
SilveyLiberty, Delaware571842Ohio
Emma CLiberty, Delaware511849Ohio
{Family 114}
Millard SLiberty, Delaware231876Ohio194b
Ester ELiberty, Delaware201880Ohio
CeceliaLiberty, Delaware21897Ohio
{Family 115}
Minna S (Hanna)Liberty, Delaware621837Ohio198b
{Family 116}
Nelson HLiberty, Delaware231876Ohio192
Nellie GLiberty, Delaware291870Ohio
Fanney KLiberty, Delaware21897Ohio
Stanley TLiberty, Delaware11898Ohio
{Family 117}
Osker JLiberty, Delaware601840Ohio192b
Martha FLiberty, Delaware591841New Hampshire
OtaLiberty, Delaware201879Ohio
OwenLiberty, Delaware201879Ohio
{Family 118}
RalphLiberty, Delaware661834Ohio194b
MirandLiberty, Delaware611838New York
Beston RLiberty, Delaware321868Ohio
{Family 119}
Stern ALiberty, Delaware501850Ohio198b
EldoraLiberty, Delaware441855Ohio
{Family 120}
TheadoreLiberty, Delaware601840Ohio199b
Mirnervan HLiberty, Delaware601840Ohio
{Family 121}
ThomasLiberty, Delaware531847Ohio191
Helen ALiberty, Delaware271872Ohio
HenriettaLiberty, Delaware91890Ohio
Peter WLiberty, Delaware81891Ohio
{Family 122}
WilliamLiberty, Delaware691831Ohio195

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