CASE Families living in Ohio in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Frank JBratton, Adams101890Ohio6b
{Family 2}
Montier BBratton, Adams191880Ohio4b
{Family 3}
Birtha MayFranklin, Adams171883Ohio18b
{Family 4}
WilliamFranklin, Adams151885Ohio13b
{Family 5}
MartinJefferson, Adams561843Kentucky54b
ChristinaJefferson, Adams551845Ohio
{Family 6}
William RJefferson, Adams451855Kentucky56b
CathrineJefferson, Adams471853Ohio
LutieJefferson, Adams221877Kentucky
LizzieJefferson, Adams191881Kentucky
FrankJefferson, Adams171882Kentucky
DixieJefferson, Adams121887Kentucky
AnnaJefferson, Adams81891Kentucky
Lee AJefferson, Adams71893Kentucky
{Family 7}
AnnMeigs, Adams491851Ohio129b
Albert FMeigs, Adams181881Ohio
JanaffeMeigs, Adams111888Georgia
{Family 8}
Eliza JMeigs, Adams351865Ohio125
{Family 9}
IsaacMeigs, Adams251874Ohio137b
SarahMeigs, Adams301870Ohio
LidaMeigs, Adams11899Ohio
EdwardMeigs, Adams71892Georgia
{Family 10}
Nancy AMeigs, Adams701829Ohio135b
{Family 11}
RobertMeigs, Adams291871Ohio137b
MaryMeigs, Adams241876North Carolina
CalvyMeigs, Adams101890Georgia
AlmaMeigs, Adams21897Georgia
{Family 12}
William TMeigs, Adams511849Ohio154b
Emily JMeigs, Adams451854Ohio
Harley HMeigs, Adams181881Ohio
Gaddus O OMeigs, Adams131887Ohio
{Family 13}
SarahScott, Adams731827Ohio186b
{Family 14}
John NSprigg, Adams691830Ohio206
LidaSprigg, Adams551844Ohio
Charles PSprigg, Adams231876Ohio
Jessie MSprigg, Adams191881Ohio
Annie LSprigg, Adams141885Ohio
{Family 15}
WilsonSprigg, Adams751824Ohio214
Julia ASprigg, Adams761823Ohio
{Family 16}
LyleWayne, Adams491850Ohio250
{Family 17}
MaryGreen, Ashland481851Ohio24
Charlie IGreen, Ashland251875Ohio
Clara MGreen, Ashland211878Ohio
{Family 18}
ElisabethHanover, Ashland381862Ohio40b
GailordHanover, Ashland171882Ohio
{Family 19}
HerbertHanover, Ashland231876Ohio50b
{Family 20}
EdwardAndover, Ashtabula641836Ohio15b
LuciaAndover, Ashtabula601840Ohio
{Family 21}
Frank MAndover, Ashtabula501849Ohio10
Ella MAndover, Ashtabula451854Ohio
Charles DAndover, Ashtabula211878Ohio
Cora AAndover, Ashtabula191881Ohio
Raymond NAndover, Ashtabula171883Ohio
MerleAndover, Ashtabula141885Ohio
{Family 22}
JamesAndover, Ashtabula401860Ohio5
{Family 23}
(Surname listed HUDSON)
Andover, Ashtabula191880Ohio10
{Family 24}
SelestaAndover, Ashtabula711828New York10
{Family 25}
TomasAndover, Ashtabula701830Ohio15
Sarah AAndover, Ashtabula661834Ohio
{Family 26}
Freeman DAshtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula531846Ohio123
Armetta J (Annette)Ashtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula511849Ohio
Clarence EAshtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula291870Ohio
Mary BAshtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula241875Ohio
{Family 27}
I FConneaut, Ashtabula331866Pennsylvania253b
Sarah JConneaut, Ashtabula421858Canada English
Myrtle EConneaut, Ashtabula141885Pennsylvania
Victor IConneaut, Ashtabula231877Pennsylvania
{Family 28}
S JConneaut, Ashtabula741825Connecticut255
Malia BConneaut, Ashtabula581841Pennsylvania
{Family 29}
Chas HJefferson, Ashtabula431857Connecticut118
Adaline EJefferson, Ashtabula421857Ohio
Olive AJefferson, Ashtabula111888Ohio
Adeline LJefferson, Ashtabula71893Ohio
Charles SJefferson, Ashtabula41896Ohio
Chester HJefferson, Ashtabula11898Ohio
{Family 30}
Lella AKingsville, Ashtabula131886Ohio142
Jay CKingsville, Ashtabula121888Ohio
Fred BKingsville, Ashtabula101890Ohio

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