CASE Families living in New York in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 121}
Josephine E (Her surname listed CARE)Saranac, Clinton531847New York220
William HSaranac, Clinton291871New York
Ida MarySaranac, Clinton281872New York
David ESaranac, Clinton71892New York
Mary ESaranac, Clinton61893New York
George HSaranac, Clinton51894New York
Susan SSaranac, Clinton41895New York
Charles ASaranac, Clinton6/121899New York
{Family 122}
HerbertSchuyler Falls, Clinton51894New York252
{Family 123}
LutherSchuyler Falls, Clinton601840New York250b
OreliaSchuyler Falls, Clinton441855New York
PearlySchuyler Falls, Clinton221877New York
PrudieSchuyler Falls, Clinton181882New York
LeeSchuyler Falls, Clinton131887New York
JanaSchuyler Falls, Clinton91890New York
CarrieSchuyler Falls, Clinton71892New York
{Family 124}
WilliamSchuyler Falls, Clinton271872New York252
MinnieSchuyler Falls, Clinton221878New York
{Family 125}
WilliamChatham, Columbia221878New York52
{Family 126}
Isaac NCuyler, Cortland331866New York146
Lois MCuyler, Cortland311868New York
Pearl ECuyler, Cortland81891New York
ClayCuyler, Cortland61893New York
HarryCuyler, Cortland41895New York
MaryCuyler, Cortland21898New York
{Family 127}
GeorgeSolon, Cortland461854New York249
EstellaSolon, Cortland381861New York
Cecil CSolon, Cortland161883New York
{Family 128}
LewisDelhi, Delaware191881New York89
{Family 129}
FredHarpersfield, Delaware471853New York234
Mary EHarpersfield, Delaware351864New York
CharlieHarpersfield, Delaware131887New York
{Family 130}
Levita NHarpersfield, Delaware151885New York234
{Family 131}
Andrew JSidney, Delaware491851New York134b
RebeccaSidney, Delaware461854England
BennieSidney, Delaware171882New York
Earl WSidney, Delaware111889New York
{Family 132}
ElizaSidney, Delaware301869New York143b
PearlSidney, Delaware121888New York
{Family 133}
LovinaSidney, Delaware601840New York149
{Family 134}
WrightStamford, Delaware411859New York174b
{Family 135}
EmmaAmenia, Dutchess211879New York7b
{Family 136}
Homer WClinton, Dutchess291870New York47b
Florence EClinton, Dutchess251874New York
ConsuellaClinton, Dutchess41895New York
Oscar EClinton, Dutchess31897New York
Frances HClinton, Dutchess21898New York48
H RoberClinton, Dutchess11898New York
Hannah WClinton, Dutchess651834New York
{Family 137}
JohnFishkill, Dutchess411859New York198
NelsonFishkill, Dutchess241875New York
{Family 138}
CatharineMatteawan, Dutchess681831New York212b
Alwilda GMatteawan, Dutchess261873New York
{Family 139}
JamesMatteawan, Dutchess341866New York221b
CatharineMatteawan, Dutchess331867New York
EdwardMatteawan, Dutchess71893New York222
GertrudeMatteawan, Dutchess61894New York
{Family 140}
Fannie CMilau, Dutchess471853New York287
{Family 141}
HermanMilau, Dutchess341856New York282
{Family 142}
Huldals (Huldah)Milau, Dutchess531846New York285b
{Family 143}
Lackett L (Sackett?)Milau, Dutchess491850New York285b
Ida L B TMilau, Dutchess451855New York
Harriet BMilau, Dutchess261873New York
EliasMilau, Dutchess191880New York
Carrie EMilau, Dutchess151884New York
Harold SMilau, Dutchess71892New York
AnnMilau, Dutchess911809New York
{Family 144}
Wilbur BMilau, Dutchess691831New York282
Mary EMilau, Dutchess651834New York
{Family 145}
ElliePine Plains, Dutchess231877New York34b
{Family 146}
John JPine Plains, Dutchess541845New York38b
GertrudePine Plains, Dutchess441856New York
{Family 147}
OscarPleasant Valley, Dutchess421857New York55b
Emily JPleasant Valley, Dutchess501850New York
{Family 148}
William FPleasant Valley, Dutchess731827New York56
{Family 149}
Alonzo GPoughkeepsie, Dutchess581841New York64b
{Family 150}
Arel BPoughkeepsie, Dutchess461854New York64
{Family 151}
ElizabethPoughkeepsie, Dutchess721828New York15b

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