CASE Families living in New York in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 733}
GeorgeSmithtown, Suffolk341865New York28
Eva GSmithtown, Suffolk291870New York
Ethel ASmithtown, Suffolk101889New York
Hellen GSmithtown, Suffolk51895New York
{Family 734}
Frederice JSouthampton, Suffolk231876North Carolina155
{Family 735}
A Wiskham (Wickham?)Southold, Suffolk561843New York264
Annie LSouthold, Suffolk261874New Hampshire
Alonzo WSouthold, Suffolk241875New Hampshire
John GSouthold, Suffolk211879New Hampshire
{Family 736}
Addison BSouthold, Suffolk661833New York265b
BetseySouthold, Suffolk501850New York
ClarenceSouthold, Suffolk161883New York
{Family 737}
AlbertsonSouthold, Suffolk561843New York248
Sarah ASouthold, Suffolk221877New York
{Family 738}
AmySouthold, Suffolk291871New York252b
Albert GSouthold, Suffolk281871New York
Ethel MSouthold, Suffolk21898New York
{Family 739}
Andrew JSouthold, Suffolk351865New York265
LucySouthold, Suffolk351864New York
S SpencerSouthold, Suffolk121888New York
Minnie FSouthold, Suffolk101889New York
Wesley BSouthold, Suffolk91891New York
Walter CSouthold, Suffolk51894New York
Olive CSouthold, Suffolk8/121899New York
{Family 740}
Benj WSouthold, Suffolk531847New York262b
LucySouthold, Suffolk491850New York
Fannie ISouthold, Suffolk281871New York
MarionSouthold, Suffolk231877New York
JosephineSouthold, Suffolk131886New York
{Family 741}
Caroline WSouthold, Suffolk631837Germany217
{Family 742}
Charles ESouthold, Suffolk581841New York
Harry GSouthold, Suffolk231876New York
Mary CSouthold, Suffolk211879New York
{Family 743}
Christopher CSouthold, Suffolk631837New York264b
Martha ASouthold, Suffolk421857New York
Ross MSouthold, Suffolk51895New York
{Family 744}
D GilbertSouthold, Suffolk581841New York266
Mehetavke (Mehetable)Southold, Suffolk611838New York
Daniel GSouthold, Suffolk331866New York
RuthSouthold, Suffolk151884New York
{Family 745}
Daniel HSouthold, Suffolk691831New York232b
Rosina ASouthold, Suffolk631837New York
{Family 746}
E HSouthold, Suffolk341865New York260b
{Family 747}
Elizabeth ESouthold, Suffolk621838New York266b
{Family 748}
ElizabethSouthold, Suffolk711828New York282b
{Family 749}
Emma CSouthold, Suffolk481852New York236b
Grover WSouthold, Suffolk301869New York
{Family 750}
Francis JSouthold, Suffolk611838New York
Lizzie DSouthold, Suffolk371863New York
W CourtlandSouthold, Suffolk321868New York
{Family 751}
George HSouthold, Suffolk501849New York270
Anna SSouthold, Suffolk481851New York
Frank HSouthold, Suffolk261874New York
Jennie ESouthold, Suffolk191880New York
Wm HSouthold, Suffolk9/12 (1/12?)1900 (1899?)New York
{Family 752}
Herbert MSouthold, Suffolk371863New York232
Leander CSouthold, Suffolk791820New York
{Family 753}
J HortonSouthold, Suffolk691830New York257
Sarah MSouthold, Suffolk601839New York
{Family 754}
Jesse LSouthold, Suffolk451855New York259
Mary HSouthold, Suffolk381861New York
GordonSouthold, Suffolk131886New York
Ency hSouthold, Suffolk111889New York
{Family 755}
Lewis RSouthold, Suffolk791820New York266b
Hannah ASouthold, Suffolk721827New York
Josiah CSouthold, Suffolk341865New York
Katherine WSouthold, Suffolk371863New York
Rosalind CSouthold, Suffolk91890New York
{Family 756}
Louie MSouthold, Suffolk351865Illinois216b
Buth I (Berth?)Southold, Suffolk291870New York
Helen MSouthold, Suffolk101889New York
Madaline ESouthold, Suffolk61893New York
Louie MSouthold, Suffolk31896New York
Frank MSouthold, Suffolk21898New York
{Family 757}
Lucretia JSouthold, Suffolk841815New York260b
{Family 758}
OliverSouthold, Suffolk231877New York269
Corinna BSouthold, Suffolk201879New York
WickhamSouthold, Suffolk6/121899New York
{Family 759}
OscarSouthold, Suffolk211878New York261b
ElizabethSouthold, Suffolk211879New York
FlorenceSouthold, Suffolk21898New York
GladysSouthold, Suffolk5/121900New York
{Family 760}
S SpencerSouthold, Suffolk611838New York260b
Mary MSouthold, Suffolk601840New York
Wm ASouthold, Suffolk171883New York
{Family 761}
Selden BSouthold, Suffolk401859New York274b
MinnieSouthold, Suffolk291871New York
{Family 762}
Wakliam (Wickham)Southold, Suffolk471853New York275b
RuthSouthold, Suffolk161883New York
CliffordSouthold, Suffolk141885New York
{Family 763}
Willian E (William?)Southold, Suffolk401859New York242
Carrie SSouthold, Suffolk381861New York
Chas WSouthold, Suffolk121887New York
Helen CSouthold, Suffolk101890New York

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