CASE Families living in New York in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 702}
Fred ACovert, Seneca331866New York11b
Anna LCovert, Seneca331866New York
ElizabethCovert, Seneca71892New York
LouiseCovert, Seneca41896New York
{Family 703}
Homer CCovert, Seneca311868New York9b
Hattie BCovert, Seneca291871New York
Mabel BCovert, Seneca61894New York
Seward HCovert, Seneca31896New York
{Family 704}
Phebe JLodi, Seneca551844New York68
Dewitt CLodi, Seneca301870New York
Elmer TLodi, Seneca201879New York
{Family 705}
MarkOvid, Seneca66?Ireland277
{Family 706}
JamesOvid, Seneca57?Ireland277b
{Family 707}
PhoebeOvid, Seneca67?New York290b
{Family 708}
LoyalRomulus, Seneca59?Vermont271b
{Family 709}
Rose CSeneca Falls Ward 3, Seneca291870New York173b
Frank CSeneca Falls Ward 3, Seneca101890New York
IreneSeneca Falls Ward 3, Seneca81892New York
Hattie BSeneca Falls Ward 3, Seneca51894New York
SeannaSeneca Falls Ward 3, Seneca8/121899New York
{Family 710}
Franklin DVarick, Seneca291871New York210b
Laura JVarick, Seneca381862New York
{Family 711}
AbnerBath, Steuben841815New York127b
AmandaBath, Steuben661833New York
{Family 712}
AlfredBath, Steuben641835New York133b
Caroline MBath, Steuben621837New York
{Family 713}
Dwight TBath, Steuben201879Pennsylvania66
GraceBath, Steuben201879New York
{Family 714}
Clarence WCanisteo, Steuben181881New York210
{Family 715}
AlbertGreenwood, Steuben361863New York144
Cora BGreenwood, Steuben331867Michigan
Burr SGreenwood, Steuben141886New York
Claud PGreenwood, Steuben121888New York
{Family 716}
George HJasper, Steuben331869New York30
Corrie (Carrie)Jasper, Steuben331867New York
Nellie NJasper, Steuben11/121899New York
{Family 717}
John LJasper, Steuben371862New York28
LouieJasper, Steuben281872New York
HelenJasper, Steuben161884New York
Glen MJasper, Steuben131887New York
Herbert WJasper, Steuben71893New York
Alta LJasper, Steuben41896New York
{Family 718}
Frank CUrbana, Steuben291871New York167
Rose AUrbana, Steuben281871New York
Teresa KUrbana, Steuben2/121900New York
{Family 719}
BenjaminBrookhaven, Suffolk681832New York212
EmmaBrookhaven, Suffolk401860New York
ErnestBrookhaven, Suffolk111888New York
{Family 720}
DanielBrookhaven, Suffolk651834New York190b
HannahBrookhaven, Suffolk511848New York
EstherBrookhaven, Suffolk251874New York
{Family 721}
Daniel GBrookhaven, Suffolk291870New York181b
MargerettBrookhaven, Suffolk271872New York
Daniel WBrookhaven, Suffolk11899New York
{Family 722}
Edmond LBrookhaven, Suffolk351864New York152b
Lily BBrookhaven, Suffolk331866New York
Wallace LBrookhaven, Suffolk131887New York
Raymond SBrookhaven, Suffolk111888New York
Elwin LBrookhaven, Suffolk51894New York
{Family 723}
Edward HBrookhaven, Suffolk441855New York183
CharlotBrookhaven, Suffolk431857New York
Mable EBrookhaven, Suffolk191880New York
David MBrookhaven, Suffolk181881New York
Percy EBrookhaven, Suffolk161883New York
Clarence ABrookhaven, Suffolk151885New York
Cliford lBrookhaven, Suffolk101890New York
Ernest WBrookhaven, Suffolk61893New York
{Family 724}
FrancesBrookhaven, Suffolk461854New York143
{Family 725}
RoseBrookhaven, Suffolk281872New York149b
BenjaminBrookhaven, Suffolk301870
BlanchBrookhaven, Suffolk61894New York
{Family 726}
John WIslip, Suffolk361864New York166
Lizzie BIslip, Suffolk311869New York
Maud LIslip, Suffolk91890New York
Everhard FIslip, Suffolk11/121899New York
{Family 727}
CharlesRiverhead, Suffolk261874New York263
HattieRiverhead, Suffolk181881New York
{Family 728}
AlmaShelter Island, Suffolk151884New York5b
{Family 729}
Charles AShelter Island, Suffolk521848New York3b
Maria AShelter Island, Suffolk441856New York
Earnest AShelter Island, Suffolk131886New York
{Family 730}
Henry CShelter Island, Suffolk531847New York2b
Annie JShelter Island, Suffolk411859New York
Helen PShelter Island, Suffolk131886New York
Fannie CShelter Island, Suffolk101890New York
Henry HShelter Island, Suffolk71892New York
Margaret EShelter Island, Suffolk61893New York
Irene LShelter Island, Suffolk41896New York
Rachel GShelter Island, Suffolk11899New York
{Family 731}
Joseph WShelter Island, Suffolk511849New York7
Fannie GShelter Island, Suffolk401860Rhode Island
Gertrude GShelter Island, Suffolk201880New York
Charles PShelter Island, Suffolk181882New York
Elvin N HShelter Island, Suffolk151884New York
Fannie MShelter Island, Suffolk131886New York
Benjamin MShelter Island, Suffolk111888New York
Marion EShelter Island, Suffolk91890New York
Willard MShelter Island, Suffolk81892New York
Care GShelter Island, Suffolk61893New York
Alice WShelter Island, Suffolk21897New York
Grace EShelter Island, Suffolk9/121899New York
{Family 732}
Kate NShelter Island, Suffolk611839New York6

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