CASE Families living in New York in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 30}
Andy JLittle Valley, Cattaraugus381862New York30
SarahLittle Valley, Cattaraugus341865Canada
JaxonLittle Valley, Cattaraugus171883Kansas
A JameLittle Valley, Cattaraugus161884New York
Lela ALittle Valley, Cattaraugus131886New York
Allen SLittle Valley, Cattaraugus111888New York
{Family 31}
Jessie (Jean)Little Valley, Cattaraugus471852New York30
Ida MLittle Valley, Cattaraugus421857Ohio
DeanLittle Valley, Cattaraugus161883New York
LinaLittle Valley, Cattaraugus111888New York
AddieLittle Valley, Cattaraugus81892Nebraska
ElliotLittle Valley, Cattaraugus241876Nebraska
MaudeLittle Valley, Cattaraugus261874Iowa
LeoneLittle Valley, Cattaraugus21897Nebraska
ThreasaLittle Valley, Cattaraugus9/121899Nebraska
{Family 32}
JobLittle Valley, Cattaraugus781821New York30
Maria ELittle Valley, Cattaraugus591840Michigan
{Family 33}
JohnLittle Valley, Cattaraugus411858New York30b
AddieLittle Valley, Cattaraugus381861Canada
Emma VLittle Valley, Cattaraugus181882Nebraska
Margarett LLittle Valley, Cattaraugus161883New York
J WyattLittle Valley, Cattaraugus141885New York
Clifton CLittle Valley, Cattaraugus121887New York
A DLittle Valley, Cattaraugus101889New York
Mina MLittle Valley, Cattaraugus71892Nebraska
Gertrude HLittle Valley, Cattaraugus1/121900New York
{Family 34}
Wm KLittle Valley, Cattaraugus521847New York30
Caroline GLittle Valley, Cattaraugus521847Ohio
{Family 35}
HomerLyndon, Cattaraugus381862New York38
SalomeLyndon, Cattaraugus421858Canada
HughesLyndon, Cattaraugus21897New York
{Family 36}
Edwd D (Edwird) Napoli, Cattaraugus311869New York78
Nettie ENapoli, Cattaraugus251875New York
Alton RNapoli, Cattaraugus61893New York
Arthur RNapoli, Cattaraugus51894New York
May ENapoli, Cattaraugus41896New York
Agness INapoli, Cattaraugus2/121900New York
{Family 37}
CharlesOlean, Cattaraugus251875New York114b
CarolineOlean, Cattaraugus241875New York
{Family 38}
MinnieOlean, Cattaraugus301870New York122
{Family 39}
Seward GAuburn Ward 6, Cayuga421857New York188
BerthaAuburn Ward 6, Cayuga401859Ireland
Willard EAuburn Ward 6, Cayuga221877New York
Fred LAuburn Ward 6, Cayuga211878New York
Lillian MAuburn Ward 6, Cayuga171882New York
SeymourAuburn Ward 6, Cayuga141885New York
Seward GAuburn Ward 6, Cayuga111888New York
{Family 40}
EthelAuburn Ward 9, Cayuga251874New York20
AdalbertAuburn Ward 9, Cayuga71893New York
{Family 41}
GeorgeAuburn Ward 9, Cayuga531846New York46
Jane RAuburn Ward 9, Cayuga751825New York
{Family 42}
LuellaAuburn Ward 9, Cayuga231877At Sea28
{Family 43}
Willard EAuburn Ward 9, Cayuga431857New York23b
Eda FAuburn Ward 9, Cayuga411858New York
{Family 44}
Willian H (William)Auburn Ward 10, Cayuga221877New York61
{Family 45}
Nancy MCato, Cayuga711829New York137
{Family 46}
Emitt LFleming, Cayuga561843New York170b
SusannahFleming, Cayuga551845New York
{Family 47}
John CFleming, Cayuga621838Ireland171b
{Family 48}
Mary EmilyLedyard, Cayuga421857New York219
{Family 49}
Alice AMentz, Cayuga461853New York8
{Family 50}
George M (Surnames listed CON)Niles, Cayuga611838New York58
EllaNiles, Cayuga551844New York
{Family 51}
George WNiles, Cayuga321868New York58
ArvillaNiles, Cayuga301869New York
ElsworthNiles, Cayuga21898New York
EmmaNiles, Cayuga3/121900New York
{Family 52}
WilliamNiles, Cayuga251875New York59b
ElsieNiles, Cayuga221877New York
{Family 53}
Henry JOwasco, Cayuga601839New York81
Sara EOwasco, Cayuga591840New York
Sheela COwasco, Cayuga301870New York
{Family 54}
CharlesSempronius, Cayuga391861New York109b
NellieSempronius, Cayuga291871New York
WilliamSempronius, Cayuga691831New York
ArmdaSempronius, Cayuga781822New York
{Family 55}
FrankSempronius, Cayuga451855New York110
NettieSempronius, Cayuga431856New York
{Family 56}
EmmaSennett, Cayuga451854Pennsylvania119b
{Family 57}
GraceSennett, Cayuga181882New York113
{Family 58}
Leonard (Surname listed CARR)Sennett, Cayuga201880New York113
Benjamin (Surname listed CABE)Sennett, Cayuga191881New York
{Family 59}
Sap D (Oscar)Sennett, Cayuga531847New York115
Louia C (Laura)Sennett, Cayuga451855New York
Jessie ASennett, Cayuga131887New York
Harold VSennett, Cayuga101889New York
Hazel JSennett, Cayuga51895New York
{Family 60}
CharlesSummerhill, Cayuga441856New York182b
Lennie HSummerhill, Cayuga401859New York
Siebert (Gilbert)Summerhill, Cayuga211878New York
Roston (Helen)Summerhill, Cayuga121888New York
Fata (Gerta)Summerhill, Cayuga71893New York

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