CASE Families living in New York in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 550}
JosephManchester, Ontario611838New York74
HarrietManchester, Ontario471853New York
George WManchester, Ontario201880New York
{Family 551}
LeviManchester, Ontario721828New York87b
Lucy AManchester, Ontario681831Vermont
{Family 552}
MargaretManchester, Ontario501849Canada80b
William LManchester, Ontario301870New York
Walter AManchester, Ontario231876New York
George GManchester, Ontario151884New York
John EdsonManchester, Ontario251874New York
MaryManchester, Ontario261873New York
George WManchester, Ontario21898New York
{Family 553}
William BManchester, Ontario451854New York87b
EmmaManchester, Ontario411858New York
{Family 554}
GeoNaples, Ontario501849New York106b
Ella MNaples, Ontario451854New York
{Family 555}
DanielPhelps, Ontario751825New York132b
George DPhelps, Ontario401859New York
Sarah APhelps, Ontario501849New York
Clarra bPhelps, Ontario121887New York
TheodorePhelps, Ontario221877New York
{Family 556}
H MPhelps, Ontario381862New York160b
IdaPhelps, Ontario391860New York
GeraldPhelps, Ontario91891New York
{Family 557}
OlivePhelps, Ontario671833New York144
CharlesPhelps, Ontario421857New York
ElizabethPhelps, Ontario291870New York
KatePhelps, Ontario351865New York
May EPhelps, Ontario21897New York
{Family 558}
TheodorePhelps, Ontario581842New York142
Eunice HPhelps, Ontario551844New York
Charles FPhelps, Ontario161883New York
{Family 559}
Charles RRichmond, Ontario751824New York179b
Chloe JRichmond, Ontario731827New York
{Family 560}
Edgar BVictor, Ontario371863New York231b
CatharineVictor, Ontario361863New York
{Family 561}
OgdenWest Bloomfield, Ontario521848New York246
Hattie HWest Bloomfield, Ontario481851New York
Nellie BWest Bloomfield, Ontario141885New York
{Family 562}
P WWest Bloomfield, Ontario231876New York245b
Mary EWest Bloomfield, Ontario221878New York
Freda MWest Bloomfield, Ontario4/121900New York
{Family 563}
SebraWest Bloomfield, Ontario891811New York246
Cornelia MWest Bloomfield, Ontario831817New York
NellieWest Bloomfield, Ontario571842New York
{Family 564}
William TWest Bloomfield, Ontario471852New York245
Francis LWest Bloomfield, Ontario471853New York
Gladys EWest Bloomfield, Ontario111889New York
{Family 565}
A CCornwall, Orange561843New York49
MargretCornwall, Orange561843New York
MyrtieCornwall, Orange271872New York
{Family 566}
David EChester, Orange531847New York38
CarolyneChester, Orange491851New York
ClarenceChester, Orange271872New York
JohnChester, Orange221877New York
AnnaChester, Orange191880New York
HarryChester, Orange161883New York
CarolyneChester, Orange131887New York
GraceChester, Orange91890New York
{Family 567}
Clurch (Clark)Deerpart, Orange241876New York109
Mary EDeerpart, Orange221878New York
Herved (Harold)Deerpart, Orange1/121900New York
{Family 568}
CyrusDeerpart, Orange401859New Jersey224b
Elametta D (Elanetta?)Deerpart, Orange391860New Jersey
ChristinaDeerpart, Orange151885New York
George DDeerpart, Orange51894New York
EllaDeerpart, Orange11899New York
{Family 569}
Elisha RDeerpart, Orange661834New York109
HannahDeerpart, Orange621838New York
JacobDeerpart, Orange301870New York
EmmaDeerpart, Orange261874New York
NoraDeerpart, Orange201880New York
FlorenceDeerpart, Orange181882New York
{Family 570}
GeoCornwall, Orange261873New York50
Mary FCornwall, Orange241875New York
Florence ECornwall, Orange21897New York
Bertha HCornwall, Orange9/121899New York
{Family 571}
George ADeerpart, Orange451854New York167b
Fannie EDeerpart, Orange381861Pennsylvania
John EDeerpart, Orange161883New York
Jennie MDeerpart, Orange141886New York
Elsie EDeerpart, Orange91891New York
{Family 572}
George WDeerpart, Orange361864New Jersey147
{Family 573}
GideonDeerpart, Orange551845New York199
JennieDeerpart, Orange481851New York
HarryDeerpart, Orange221877New York
{Family 574}
Gilbert HDeerpart, Orange411859New York161
Lizzie E BDeerpart, Orange341866New York
{Family 575}
HerbertChester, Orange291870New York30
Josephine CChester, Orange221878New York
Herbert HChester, Orange21898New York
Helen CChester, Orange11899New York
{Family 576}
Jacob H (Surnames listed CARE)Deerpart, Orange631836New York109
CharlotteDeerpart, Orange461854New York
ClarenceDeerpart, Orange231877New York
WillardDeerpart, Orange191881New York
{Family 577}
JeremiahDeerpart, Orange571843New York109
RuthDeerpart, Orange521848New York
{Family 578}
JohnDeerpart, Orange681832Pennsylvania211
Sarah EDeerpart, Orange631837New Jersey
John T Case Jr.Deerpart, Orange331867Pennsylvania
DavidDeerpart, Orange251875Pennsylvania
EdithDeerpart, Orange181881Pennsylvania
{Family 579}
John RDeerpart, Orange601839New York109b
Anthonslla (Antonette)Deerpart, Orange411859New York
Martha JDeerpart, Orange241875New York
{Family 580}
Joshua NDeerpart, Orange651834New York109b
HannahDeerpart, Orange621837New York
{Family 581}
Pheodore (Theodore)Deerpart, Orange431856New York207b
Pannie (Fannie)Deerpart, Orange331866New York
Theodore Jr.Deerpart, Orange111888New York
{Family 580}
WestleyDeerpart, Orange301870New York109b
MargaretDeerpart, Orange281871New York

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