CASE Families living in New York in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 461}
Mable MDe Witt, Onondaga201879New York128b
{Family 462}
Adalbert (Adelbert)Elbridge, Onondaga501850New York149
{Family 463}
IsaacFabius, Onondaga811819New York183b
Sylvia JFabius, Onondaga551844New York
Eve DFabius, Onondaga251875New York
Roseann CFabius, Onondaga221877New York
Ellen MFabius, Onondaga221878New York
Minette C (Merritt)Fabius, Onondaga4/121900New York
{Family 464}
JamesFabius, Onondaga581841New York184
Mary JFabius, Onondaga571843New York
OwenFabius, Onondaga201879New York
{Family 465}
Summer CFabius, Onondaga261873New York183b
May EFabius, Onondaga231877New York
Rena BFabius, Onondaga31897New York
{Family 466}
Edwin DGeddes, Onondaga391861New York191b
{Family 467}
EllenGeddes, Onondaga481851New York210
AugustusGeddes, Onondaga171882New York
CharlesGeddes, Onondaga211878Pennsylvania
{Family 468}
DinahLafayette, Onondaga831817New York246b
PelonaLafayette, Onondaga531846New York
{Family 469}
Hung H (Harris)Lafayette, Onondaga711828New York242b
{Family 470}
WesleyLafayette, Onondaga591840New York242b
James ALafayette, Onondaga551845New York
Othello MLafayette, Onondaga281871New York
Florance ALafayette, Onondaga191881New York
{Family 471}
EliasLysander, Onondaga621838New York287
{Family 472}
AdelbertMarcellus, Onondaga471852New York82b
Ann JeanetteMarcellus, Onondaga501849New York
{Family 473}
AlbertMarcellus, Onondaga561843New York61
Mary JMarcellus, Onondaga761824New York
Emma LMarcellus, Onondaga521847New York
{Family 474}
CharlesMarcellus, Onondaga251874New York82b
Lillie SMarcellus, Onondaga211878New York
Kenith OMarcellus, Onondaga31897New York
Leitha AMarcellus, Onondaga11898New York
{Family 475}
GeorgeMarcellus, Onondaga661834New York62
Marion LMarcellus, Onondaga401859New York
{Family 476}
GeorgeMarcellus, Onondaga401859New York63
Jennie TMarcellus, Onondaga421857New York
Seymour WMarcellus, Onondaga161883New York
Lattie HMarcellus, Onondaga141885New York
Lois MMarcellus, Onondaga121888New York
Orson MMarcellus, Onondaga61893New York
{Family 477}
George HMarcellus, Onondaga431857New York66
FloraMarcellus, Onondaga411859New York
Martin LMarcellus, Onondaga121888New York
{Family 478}
Huston (Newton)Marcellus, Onondaga831816New York70b
Adalade MMarcellus, Onondaga631836New York
Charles NMarcellus, Onondaga541845New York
{Family 479}
Hillis (Willis)Marcellus, Onondaga491850New York72b
Harrold (Harriott J)Marcellus, Onondaga401859New York
E TalbotMarcellus, Onondaga201879New York
Mary EMarcellus, Onondaga181882New York
Mildred FMarcellus, Onondaga131886New York
M LeoneMarcellus, Onondaga81891New York
Lucy GMarcellus, Onondaga81891New York
{Family 480}
NettieMarcellus, Onondaga81891New York61
Jennie AMarcellus, Onondaga151884New York
{Family 481}
WalterMarcellus, Onondaga301869New York61b
Nellie EMarcellus, Onondaga261873New York
Bessie GMarcellus, Onondaga61893New York
Clifford EMarcellus, Onondaga31896New York
Frank EMarcellus, Onondaga11/121899New York
{Family 482}
WilliamMarcellus, Onondaga361864New York61
Arlo BMarcellus, Onondaga91891New York
{Family 483}
ByronOnondaga, Onondaga451855New York174
MarthaOnondaga, Onondaga561844New York
Clara BOnondaga, Onondaga181881New York
Lewis ROnondaga, Onondaga91890New York
{Family 484}
CorryOnondaga, Onondaga281871New York180b
EstellaOnondaga, Onondaga221877New York
MabellOnondaga, Onondaga21898New York
BethelOnondaga, Onondaga3/121900New York
{Family 485}
Elmer DOnondaga, Onondaga371862New York159b
Kate BOnondaga, Onondaga361864New York
Morrie M (Morris)Onondaga, Onondaga151884New York
Seth EOnondaga, Onondaga131886New York
H IrvinOnondaga, Onondaga111889New York
Gertrude MOnondaga, Onondaga91890New York
Howard DowOnondaga, Onondaga11899New York
{Family 486}
FlorenceOnondaga, Onondaga281872New York144b
{Family 487}
FrankOnondaga, Onondaga411859New York173b
EdwardOnondaga, Onondaga181882New York
EltonOnondaga, Onondaga131887New York
LizzieOnondaga, Onondaga131886New York145
LattieOnondaga, Onondaga101889New York
{Family 488}
Fred UOnondaga, Onondaga491850New York145
AnnjennetheOnondaga, Onondaga551845New York
DempsterOnondaga, Onondaga211879New York
ElizaOnondaga, Onondaga171882New York
{Family 489}
GeorgeOnondaga, Onondaga631837New York146b
Eliza JaneOnondaga, Onondaga601840New York
{Family 490}
GilbertOnondaga, Onondaga401859New York160
MarthaOnondaga, Onondaga391861New York
Grover FOnondaga, Onondaga131886New York
Mable MOnondaga, Onondaga111889New York
Leona MOnondaga, Onondaga41895New York
{Family 491}
HiramOnondaga, Onondaga751825New York159b
Alma M (Almira)Onondaga, Onondaga721828New York
{Family 492}
MarthaOnondaga, Onondaga621837New York131
{Family 493}
MaryOnondaga, Onondaga571842New York146
{Family 494}
SeymourOnondaga, Onondaga501850New York180
ElnoraOnondaga, Onondaga511848New York
JesseOnondaga, Onondaga191880New York
MargeriteOnondaga, Onondaga131887New York
AveryOnondaga, Onondaga91890New York
{Family 495}
WilliamOnondaga, Onondaga731827New York180b
PheobeOnondaga, Onondaga681832New York

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