CASE Families living in New York in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 401}
Frank LManhattan, New York211878New York67b
{Family 402}
FrederickManhattan, New York391860England140b
LouisaManhattan, New York301869England
{Family 403}
Frederick AManhattan, New York251874Massachusetts63b
AnnaManhattan, New York251875Germany
Clement SManhattan, New York9/121899New York
{Family 404}
GabeManhattan, New York711828New York178
{Family 405}
Gilbert DManhattan, New York481852New York255
Mary CManhattan, New York471852New York
{Family 406}
George JManhattan, New York451854New York72b
{Family 407}
George PManhattan, New York271872Missouri158
Mary EManhattan, New York281872New Jersey
Mary EManhattan, New York10/121899New York
Mary RManhattan, New York561844Missouri
{Family 408}
HarryManhattan, New York271872Canada239b
LouisaManhattan, New York271872New York
GeorgeManhattan, New York51894New York
{Family 409}
HenryManhattan, New York691830New York69
{Family 410}
HenryManhattan, New York261874Maine81b
{Family 411}
IdaManhattan, New York121888New York257b
{Family 412}
J J (Jr or Jn)Manhattan, New York531846New York157b
FlorenceManhattan, New York481851New York
WalterManhattan, New York151884Georgia
{Family 413}
James MManhattan, New York421857New York303
MinnieManhattan, New York301869New York
LouisManhattan, New York351865New York
CharlesManhattan, New York271873New York
DavidManhattan, New York251875New York
{Family 414}
Jas PManhattan, New York191880New York191
MaryManhattan, New York191880Scotland
{Family 415}
Jenny (Jeremy)Manhattan, New York551845New York85b
HeleneManhattan, New York441855New York
FlorenceManhattan, New York231877New York
FrankManhattan, New York191881New York
Clarlotte (Charlotte)Manhattan, New York111888New York
{Family 416}
JessieManhattan, New York371863Canada259b
{Family 417}
JohnManhattan, New York391861France290
{Family 418}
JohnManhattan, New York501850New York277b
JessieManhattan, New York451855Canada
John JManhattan, New York231877New York
JennieManhattan, New York141886New York
JosephManhattan, New York111888New York
{Family 419}
JosephManhattan, New York391860Austria206b
EsterManhattan, New York321867Austria
YettaManhattan, New York101889Austria
MollieManhattan, New York81892New York
FannieManhattan, New York51895New York
GussieManhattan, New York31896New York
RosieManhattan, New York11899New York
{Family 420}
JuliaManhattan, New York291870New York73b
{Family 421}
KateManhattan, New York171882New York138b
MaryManhattan, New York121888New York
{Family 422}
MarieManhattan, New York681831New York263b
{Family 423}
Mary (Surnames listed Pase)Manhattan, New York521848Ohio244
Ret Manhattan, New York491850Ohio
Rose Manhattan, New York431857New Jersey
Henrye Manhattan, New York341866Ohio
Henry (Surname Case)Manhattan, New York341866Ohio
{Family 424}
Mary AManhattan, New York241875Ireland153
{Family 425}
MaxManhattan, New York241876Russia291
HenriettaManhattan, New York211879New York
{Family 426}
MayManhattan, New York251875New York16b
{Family 427}
May FManhattan, New York401860New York228b
George HManhattan, New York511849New York
{Family 428}
NickoManhattan, New York301870Italy105b
{Family 429}
Perry FManhattan, New York381862New York10
Arna (Mina)Manhattan, New York361864New York
AlvordManhattan, New York111889New York
{Family 430}
RichardManhattan, New York271873New York273
SarahManhattan, New York271873New York
HelenManhattan, New York51894New York
{Family 431}
TeresaManhattan, New York71893New York166
{Family 432}
ThomasManhattan, New York351864New Yorkb
MargaretManhattan, New York231877New York
LillianManhattan, New York131887New York
BerthaManhattan, New York111889New York
FlorenceManhattan, New York6/121899New York
{Family 433}
ThosManhattan, New York281872New York141b
{Family 434}
UlinamManhattan, New York271872Connecticut38
{Family 435}
W ElizabethManhattan, New York491851New York124
{Family 436}
Wa E (Watson?)Manhattan, New York781821Connecticut122
Henry WManhattan, New York381862New York
Sarah JManhattan, New York701830New York
{Family 437}
WebsterManhattan, New York461854New York259
CarrieManhattan, New York321868New York
Frank (surname listed Kildare)Manhattan, New York491851New York
{Family 438}
WhitfieldManhattan, New York421858New York218b
JennieManhattan, New York421857New York
{Family 439}
WrightManhattan, New York501849New York134
AdelineManhattan, New York461853New York
Ida BManhattan, New York231876New York
Ethel AManhattan, New York151884New York

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