CASE Families living in New Mexico in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
James HAlbuquerque, Bernalillo48 1851New York120
{Family 2}
MaryRoswell, Chaves62 1838New York24b
Lewis SRoswell, Chaves24 1875Illinois
EdithRoswell, Chaves18 1882Illinois
{Family 3}
WilliamRaton, Colfax21 1878Texas108
MinnieRaton, Colfax20 1879Tennessee
William DRaton, Colfax2 1898Texas
{Family 4}
LeeJicarilla Apache Reservation, Rio Arriba33 1867New Mexico162b
{Family 5}
F SKingston, Sierra41 1858Germany190
Dela EKingston, Sierra43 1957Germany
EmmaKingston, Sierra? ?Germany

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