CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 181}
DanielAndover, Sussex511849New Jersey7b
Phefia I (Phebia?)Andover, Sussex521847New Jersey
Iva D (Ira)Andover, Sussex271873New Jersey
{Family 182}
Mary AAndover, Sussex661833New Jersey6b
{Family 183}
Otabah (Obadiah)Andover, Sussex381862New Jersey2
MayAndover, Sussex341866New Jersey
Thomas DAndover, Sussex31896New Jersey
{Family 184}
SolmonAndover, Sussex491850New Jersey9
Phebia AAndover, Sussex381861New Jersey
MaryAndover, Sussex141886New Jersey
LucyAndover, Sussex111888New Jersey
Floyd DAndover, Sussex71892New Jersey
{Family 185}
Clarrise V (Clarissa)Byram, Sussex701829New Jersey18
Annie NByram, Sussex421857New Jersey
{Family 186}
Edw'd AHardyston, Sussex641836New Jersey72
MaryHardyston, Sussex541845New Jersey
Jennie AHardyston, Sussex241875New Jersey
{Family 187}
RaymondHardyston, Sussex311868New Jersey72
Mattie JHardyston, Sussex261874New Jersey
Gladdis mHardyston, Sussex11898New Jersey
{Family 188}
Franklin SLafayette, Sussex561843New Jersey108
Nany J (Nancy?)Lafayette, Sussex541845New Jersey
Sallie RLafayette, Sussex211879New Jersey
Jackson BLafayette, Sussex231876New Jersey
{Family 189}
William BLafayette, Sussex521848New Jersey108
Mary LLafayette, Sussex521847New Jersey
{Family 190}
CalvinNewton, Sussex641835New Jersey152b
Sarah ENewton, Sussex641836New Jersey
JamesNewton, Sussex381862New Jersey
KittieNewton, Sussex281872New Jersey
{Family 191}
George BNewton, Sussex591840New Jersey153
RosannaNewton, Sussex401860New Jersey
ElizabethNewton, Sussex51895New Jersey
{Family 192}
HowardNewton, Sussex441856Pennsylvania140b
Emma LNewton, Sussex351864New Jersey
Maggie LNewton, Sussex111889New Jersey
Clarence WNewton, Sussex91890New Jersey
Howard BNewton, Sussex71893New Jersey
Ella MNewton, Sussex41895New Jersey
ClaudNewton, Sussex31896New Jersey
MaudNewton, Sussex21897New Jersey
MabelNewton, Sussex2/121900New Jersey
{Family 193}
John JNewton, Sussex711828England153
{Family 194}
Almira MSparta, Sussex621837New Jersey179b
JennieSparta, Sussex361864New Jersey
GeorgeSparta, Sussex281871New Jersey
LillianSparta, Sussex201879New Jersey
{Family 195}
AmosSparta, Sussex311868New Jersey179
IdaSparta, Sussex291870New Jersey
RussellSparta, Sussex31896New Jersey
{Family 196}
JennieWantage, Sussex241875New York44b
{Family 197}
NelsonElizabeth Ward 3, Union401859New Jersey156
EllaElizabeth Ward 3, Union351864New Jersey
EdnaElizabeth Ward 3, Union121888New Jersey
EstherElizabeth Ward 3, Union51894New Jersey
HarveyElizabeth Ward 3, Union7/121899New Jersey
{Family 198}
JosephElizabeth Ward 4, Union271872New York198
SadieElizabeth Ward 4, Union251874New York
{Family 199}
WilliamElizabeth Ward 10, Union381862Pennsylvania236
LuelliElizabeth Ward 10, Union311869New Jersey
CharlesElizabeth Ward 10, Union81891New Jersey
CarrieElizabeth Ward 10, Union61894New Jersey
{Family 200}
SamuelPlainfield Ward 1, Union301869New Jersey146
Sussie (Bessie)Plainfield Ward 1, Union291871New Jersey
{Family 201}
SusanPlainfield Ward 1, Union601829New Jersey146
StewardPlainfield Ward 1, Union321867New Jersey
JosephPlainfield Ward 1, Union261873New Jersey
{Family 202}
Amy CPlainfield Ward 3, Union461854New Jersey213b
{Family 203}
JohnPlainfield Ward 4, Union231876Virginia28b
MatildaPlainfield Ward 4, Union291870Virginia
JohnPlainfield Ward 4, Union31897New Jersey
EttaPlainfield Ward 4, Union11899New Jersey
{Family 204}
Lucretia MRahway Ward 4, Union581842New York49b
Margulate (Mesqulate)Rahway Ward 4, Union291870New Jersey
{Family 205}
Anna EUnion, Union601839New Jersey261b
Agusta KUnion, Union221877New Jersey
{Family 206}
Harry HAllamuchy, Warren291870New Jersey6b
LuellaAllamuchy, Warren221877New Jersey
Lissie V (Lizzie)Allamuchy, Warren31897New Jersey
FloydAllamuchy, Warren11898New Jersey
{Family 207}
ArcibaldBelvidere, Warren391861Pennsylvania20
{Family 208}
Alives (Oliver)Hackettstown, Warren621838Pennsylvania80b
Sarah AHackettstown, Warren601839New Jersey
LizzieHackettstown, Warren361864New Jersey
AmryHackettstown, Warren301869New Jersey
JohnHackettstown, Warren161883New Jersey

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