CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 92}
EliFrenchtown, Hunterdon461853New Jersey114
Mary CFrenchtown, Hunterdon431856New Jersey
{Family 93}
Jacob BFrenchtown, Hunterdon651835New Jersey116
MarthaFrenchtown, Hunterdon601840New Jersey
EdwardFrenchtown, Hunterdon281871New Jersey
{Family 94}
Sarah AFrenchtown, Hunterdon601840Pennsylvania115
Emma LFrenchtown, Hunterdon261873Pennsylvania
JennieFrenchtown, Hunterdon201879Pennsylvania
{Family 95}
SamuelJunction, Hunterdon631837New Jersey156
Susan CJunction, Hunterdon541845New Jersey
J WalterJunction, Hunterdon291871New Jersey
{Family 96}
Daniel BKingwood, Hunterdon681832New Jersey168b
Rebecca AKingwood, Hunterdon681832New Jersey
Gulinora MKingwood, Hunterdon821818Pennsylvania
{Family 97}
JohnKingwood, Hunterdon331866New Jersey175b
{Family 98}
PearlKingwood, Hunterdon81891New Jersey171b
DasyKingwood, Hunterdon51894New Jersey
{Family 99}
William HKingwood, Hunterdon391861Pennsylvania168b
Elizabeth MKingwood, Hunterdon371862New Jersey
Bessie MKingwood, Hunterdon131886New Jersey
John WKingwood, Hunterdon91891New Jersey
George LKingwood, Hunterdon51894New Jersey
Dora RKingwood, Hunterdon31896New Jersey
{Family 100}
William PKingwood, Hunterdon251875New Jersey176b
Rita BKingwood, Hunterdon231877New Jersey
Nellie SKingwood, Hunterdon41896New Jersey
Lizzie SKingwood, Hunterdon41896New Jersey
{Family 101}
CatharineLambertville, Hunterdon481851Ireland198
JohnLambertville, Hunterdon201879New Jersey
CharlesLambertville, Hunterdon191881New Jersey
{Family 102}
HoraceLambertville, Hunterdon231877New Jersey217b
{Family 103}
JamesLambertville, Hunterdon241875New Jersey199b
AmyLambertville, Hunterdon181881Maryland
AmyLambertville, Hunterdon8/121899New Jersey
{Family 104}
Saml lLambertville, Hunterdon511849New Jersey199b
{Family 105}
William CLambertville, Hunterdon321867New Jersey207
Della MLambertville, Hunterdon231877New Jersey
LesterLambertville, Hunterdon11898New Jersey
{Family 106}
William NLambertville, Hunterdon651835Pennsylvania225
{Family 107}
CharlesRaritan, Hunterdon331866New Jersey275
MaryRaritan, Hunterdon281872New Jersey
LarryRaritan, Hunterdon71892New Jersey
ClarkRaritan, Hunterdon31896New Jersey275b
VannieRaritan, Hunterdon8/121899New Jersey
{Family 108}
GeorgeRaritan, Hunterdon??New Jersey272b
May JaneRaritan, Hunterdon591840New Jersey
Judie LRaritan, Hunterdon281872New Jersey
LueRaritan, Hunterdon231877New Jersey
{Family 109}
Jacob (Surnames listed COSE)Raritan, Hunterdon361863New Jersey272
Hannah MRaritan, Hunterdon321867New Jersey
RussellRaritan, Hunterdon91881New Jersey
{Family 110}
JohnRaritan, Hunterdon621837New Jersey284b
Sarah ERaritan, Hunterdon601840New Jersey
Eva WRaritan, Hunterdon261873New Jersey
{Family 111}
JosephRaritan, Hunterdon631837Pennsylvania284
MargaretRaritan, Hunterdon591841Pennsylvania
{Family 112}
Joseph BRaritan, Hunterdon681831New Jersey281b
Sarah ARaritan, Hunterdon631837New Jersey
{Family 113}
PeteRaritan, Hunterdon501849New Jersey275
{Family 114}
Peter (Surnames listed COSE)Raritan, Hunterdon391861New Jersey269b
MaryRaritan, Hunterdon221878New Jersey
{Family 115}
SamuelRaritan, Hunterdon491850New Jersey271b
Mary CRaritan, Hunterdon471853New Jersey
Raynard DRaritan, Hunterdon191880New Jersey
Hiram HRaritan, Hunterdon121887New Jersey
Mildred VRaritan, Hunterdon81892New Jersey
Nettie HRaritan, Hunterdon61894New Jersey
{Family 116}
Susan MRaritan, Hunterdon691830New Jersey269b
{Family 117}
Tharckful (Thankful)Raritan, Hunterdon501850New Jersey272
{Family 118}
William MRaritan, Hunterdon301869New Jersey273b
{Family 119}
AnthonyReadington, Hunterdon481851New Jersey312b
AnabellaReadington, Hunterdon471853New Jersey
{Family 120}
JacobReadington, Hunterdon781821New Jersey312b
AnnaReadington, Hunterdon361864New Jersey
{Family 121}
JohnReadington, Hunterdon801820New Jersey309b
Rachel AReadington, Hunterdon741825New Jersey
Chritia aReadington, Hunterdon521847New Jersey
{Family 122}
Rachael R (Richard)Readington, Hunterdon491851New Jersey309b
LuellaReadington, Hunterdon171883New Jersey

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