CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 63}
Charles C (Surnames listed CARR)East Amwell, Hunterdon301870New Jersey92
Ella CEast Amwell, Hunterdon271872New Jersey
Cornelia AEast Amwell, Hunterdon71892New Jersey
ElmerEast Amwell, Hunterdon61893New Jersey
EdithEast Amwell, Hunterdon41895New Jersey
Addie SEast Amwell, Hunterdon21897New Jersey
Charles CEast Amwell, Hunterdon11898New Jersey
Winfield SEast Amwell, Hunterdon3/121900New Jersey
{Family 64}
Emelia H (Elisha) (Surnames listed CARR)East Amwell, Hunterdon661833New Jersey94b
AlmiraEast Amwell, Hunterdon681832New Jersey
{Family 65}
Martin V SrEast Amwell, Hunterdon721828New Jersey92
SarahEast Amwell, Hunterdon671832New Jersey
Martin V Jr.East Amwell, Hunterdon231877New Jersey
{Family 66}
Mary EEast Amwell, Hunterdon511849Pennsylvania96
{Family 67}
William WEast Amwell, Hunterdon351864New Jersey93b
{Family 68}
DanielEast Raritan, Hunterdon451854New Jersey251b
MinnieEast Raritan, Hunterdon451855New Jersey
Leslie JEast Raritan, Hunterdon171883New Jersey
Fred SEast Raritan, Hunterdon151884New Jersey
Rectford dEast Raritan, Hunterdon71893New Jersey
J PrestonEast Raritan, Hunterdon31897New Jersey
JonathanEast Raritan, Hunterdon551844New Jersey
{Family 69}
HowardEast Raritan, Hunterdon321868New Jersey249b
EllaEast Raritan, Hunterdon311869New Jersey
Mary REast Raritan, Hunterdon41895New Jersey
Henry VEast Raritan, Hunterdon51894New Jersey
Edith MEast Raritan, Hunterdon11899New Jersey250
{Family 70}
J Neliton (Nelison?)East Raritan, Hunterdon341866New Jersey252b
Margaret JEast Raritan, Hunterdon361864New Jersey
Amey DellEast Raritan, Hunterdon91890New Jersey
Helen SEast Raritan, Hunterdon71893New Jersey
GraceEast Raritan, Hunterdon51894New Jersey
Edith MEast Raritan, Hunterdon11898New Jersey
{Family 71}
John BEast Raritan, Hunterdon561844New Jersey252b
Amey FEast Raritan, Hunterdon531846New Jersey
{Family 72}
John BEast Raritan, Hunterdon441856New Jersey262b
Rose CEast Raritan, Hunterdon421858New Jersey
William JEast Raritan, Hunterdon201879New Jersey
Julia MEast Raritan, Hunterdon111888New Jersey
{Family 73}
John LEast Raritan, Hunterdon281872New Jersey249
Flora BEast Raritan, Hunterdon321867New Jersey
Elfa F (Ella)East Raritan, Hunterdon61893New Jersey
{Family 74}
Jonathan LEast Raritan, Hunterdon191880New Jersey265
{Family 75}
Lewis CEast Raritan, Hunterdon761823New Jersey261b
Caroline VEast Raritan, Hunterdon491851New Jersey
Catherine CEast Raritan, Hunterdon451854New Jersey
{Family 76}
REast Raritan, Hunterdon591841New Jersey253b
Susan REast Raritan, Hunterdon601840New Jersey
{Family 77}
Samuel CEast Raritan, Hunterdon531847New Jersey264
{Family 78}
Susan AEast Raritan, Hunterdon541846New Jersey263
Samuel FEast Raritan, Hunterdon341866New Jersey
BerthaEast Raritan, Hunterdon271873New Jersey
Jos. Edwin (Surnames listed JAS)East Raritan, Hunterdon11898New Jersey
Lydia M East Raritan, Hunterdon351864New Jersey
{Family 79}
Whitfield BEast Raritan, Hunterdon301869New Jersey253
BerthaEast Raritan, Hunterdon231876New Jersey
Ada REast Raritan, Hunterdon21897New Jersey
John P Case Jr.East Raritan, Hunterdon4/121900New Jersey
{Family 80}
WinfieldEast Raritan, Hunterdon431856New Jersey251b
RebeccaEast Raritan, Hunterdon381861New Jersey
EllenEast Raritan, Hunterdon161883New Jersey
FannieEast Raritan, Hunterdon151885New Jersey
{Family 81}
AnnieFranklin, Hunterdon381861New Jersey99b
Lilly MFranklin, Hunterdon191881New Jersey
{Family 82}
AsaFranklin, Hunterdon791821New Jersey106b
Elizebeth AFranklin, Hunterdon701829New Jersey
Rachel AFranklin, Hunterdon491850New Jersey
{Family 83}
FrankFranklin, Hunterdon241875New Jersey102b
{Family 84}
JamesFranklin, Hunterdon681831New Jersey102b
ElizebethFranklin, Hunterdon311869New Jersey
MiltonFranklin, Hunterdon41895New Jersey
Laura RFranklin, Hunterdon21898New Jersey
{Family 85}
John DFranklin, Hunterdon461853New Jersey102
Anna MFranklin, Hunterdon441856New Jersey
Jacob WFranklin, Hunterdon71893New Jersey
{Family 86}
John RFranklin, Hunterdon601840New Jersey104
Louisa MFranklin, Hunterdon621837New Jersey
HowardFranklin, Hunterdon311869New Jersey
{Family 87}
John WFranklin, Hunterdon271872New Jersey108b
Annie KFranklin, Hunterdon261873New Jersey
{Family 88}
Lucy C (Lucia or Lucian?)Franklin, Hunterdon291871New Jersey100b
Ella LFranklin, Hunterdon391860New Jersey
{Family 89}
May JFranklin, Hunterdon131886New Jersey107
{Family 90}
Sarah EFranklin, Hunterdon491850New Jersey105b
Stella HFranklin, Hunterdon111889New Jersey
Vernon BFranklin, Hunterdon61894New Jersey
{Family 91}
William KFranklin, Hunterdon641836New Jersey106b
Mary EFranklin, Hunterdon581841New Jersey

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