CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
George WJersey City Ward 9, Hudson541845Ohio276b
Helen HJersey City Ward 9, Hudson501850New York
Dudley HJersey City Ward 9, Hudson151884New Jersey
EgbertJersey City Ward 9, Hudson141886New Jersey
AlfredJersey City Ward 9, Hudson261873New Jersey
{Family 32}
MaryJersey City Ward 9, Hudson511848New York156b
Bridie (Birdie)Jersey City Ward 9, Hudson281871New York
{Family 33}
ClaraJersey City Ward 12, Hudson641835Germany211b
{Family 34}
ThomasKearney Ward 2, Hudson321868Ireland237b
EllenKearney Ward 2, Hudson381862New Jersey
Mary LKearney Ward 2, Hudson61894New Jersey
{Family 35}
William T HKearney Ward 4, Hudson311868New Jersey279
Thressa HKearney Ward 4, Hudson281871New Jersey
ThressaKearney Ward 4, Hudson91890New Jersey
RobertKearney Ward 4, Hudson81891New Jersey
WilliamKearney Ward 4, Hudson61893New Jersey
LizzieKearney Ward 4, Hudson41896New Jersey
HarryKearney Ward 4, Hudson21898New Jersey
{Family 36}
Charles JAlexandria, Hunterdon251874New Jersey2b
Jennie LAlexandria, Hunterdon221877New Jersey
Ruth EAlexandria, Hunterdon10/121899New Jersey
{Family 37}
Dannie WAlexandria, Hunterdon391861New Jersey1b
Ella NAlexandria, Hunterdon371862New Jersey
Mitchell RAlexandria, Hunterdon171882New Jersey
Harry WAlexandria, Hunterdon61894New Jersey
{Family 38}
Elizah RAlexandria, Hunterdon511849New Jersey3b
JaneAlexandria, Hunterdon441856New Jersey
AddieAlexandria, Hunterdon161883New Jersey
{Family 39}
Joseph RAlexandria, Hunterdon481851New Jersey2b
? (Mary I)Alexandria, Hunterdon411859Pennsylvania
John WAlexandria, Hunterdon201880New Jersey3
Ella BAlexandria, Hunterdon171883New Jersey
Jessie MAlexandria, Hunterdon151885New Jersey
Levi WAlexandria, Hunterdon131887New Jersey
Emma PAlexandria, Hunterdon101889New Jersey
Annie EAlexandria, Hunterdon81892New Jersey
Joseph R Jr.Alexandria, Hunterdon61893New Jersey
Albert DAlexandria, Hunterdon41895New Jersey
Elizah R (Elijah)Alexandria, Hunterdon11898New Jersey
{Family 40}
MartinAlexandria, Hunterdon401859New Jersey2
TheressaAlexandria, Hunterdon341866Pennsylvania
Lewis CAlexandria, Hunterdon111888New Jersey
Roseo W (Rosco)Alexandria, Hunterdon91891New Jersey
{Family 41}
Nathaniel WAlexandria, Hunterdon511848New Jersey8b
MaryAlexandria, Hunterdon501849New Jersey
{Family 42}
SidneyAlexandria, Hunterdon381861New Jersey7
James (Jamie)Alexandria, Hunterdon301870New Jersey
{Family 43}
William EAlexandria, Hunterdon621837New Jersey8b
Sallie CAlexandria, Hunterdon501850New Jersey
Edna DAlexandria, Hunterdon161883New Jersey
Charles AAlexandria, Hunterdon101889New Jersey
{Family 44}
William HAlexandria, Hunterdon691830New Jersey1
Sarah LAlexandria, Hunterdon651834New York
Stella MAlexandria, Hunterdon131887New Jersey
{Family 45}
Caroline FBethlehem, Hunterdon681832New Jersey26b
Katharine KBethlehem, Hunterdon661833New Jersey
Frimmer (Trimmer?)Bethlehem, Hunterdon641835New Jersey
{Family 46}
Chester MBethlehem, Hunterdon401859New Jersey16b
LucyBethlehem, Hunterdon381862New Jersey
Laura MBethlehem, Hunterdon151884New Jersey
MaggieBethlehem, Hunterdon121887New Jersey
{Family 47}
HiramBethlehem, Hunterdon641836New Jersey21
Sarah ABethlehem, Hunterdon551844New Jersey
{Family 48}
Mary MBethlehem, Hunterdon671832New Jersey14b
{Family 49}
Matha H (Mathias)Bethlehem, Hunterdon731826New Jersey13b
MaryBethlehem, Hunterdon641836New Jersey
{Family 50}
RanslerBethlehem, Hunterdon581841New Jersey27b
MaryBethlehem, Hunterdon511848Pennsylvania
SallieBethlehem, Hunterdon271873New Jersey
TheodoreBethlehem, Hunterdon241875New Jersey
{Family 51}
CharlotteClinton, Hunterdon691831New Jersey47b
{Family 52}
DeborahClinton, Hunterdon561844New Jersey39
{Family 53}
George FClinton, Hunterdon551844New Jersey45b
Annie CClinton, Hunterdon??New Jersey
{Family 54}
Hannah (Surname listed CARE)Clinton, Hunterdon641836New Jersey33b
{Family 55}
HenryClinton, Hunterdon601840New Jersey52
Mary AClinton, Hunterdon591840New Jersey
{Family 56}
IdaClinton, Hunterdon241876New Jersey38
{Family 57}
LizzieClinton, Hunterdon601840New Jersey35
LauraClinton, Hunterdon271872New Jersey
AdaClinton, Hunterdon201879New Jersey
{Family 58}
Pette (Peter)Clinton, Hunterdon591840New Jersey33b
CatharineClinton, Hunterdon571842New Jersey
Annie HClinton, Hunterdon231877New Jersey
{Family 59}
Clarence ADelaware, Hunterdon781822New Jersey68
{Family 60}
Jermiah HDelaware, Hunterdon291871New Jersey68b
Hattie GDelaware, Hunterdon251875New Jersey
{Family 61}
John WDelaware, Hunterdon301869New Jersey65b
Eva EDelaware, Hunterdon261874New Jersey
Lewis FDelaware, Hunterdon21897New Jersey
{Family 62}
PeterDelaware, Hunterdon541845Ohio74b
MaryDelaware, Hunterdon481851New Jersey

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