CASE Families living in North Carolina in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 27}
George WBlue Ridge, Henderson341865North Carolina10b
Louisa CBlue Ridge, Henderson331867North Carolina
Mila HBlue Ridge, Henderson121887North Carolina
John WBlue Ridge, Henderson111889North Carolina
Farman L (Forman?)Blue Ridge, Henderson91891North Carolina
Edward MBlue Ridge, Henderson71893North Carolina
Michell KBlue Ridge, Henderson41896North Carolina
Joseph HBlue Ridge, Henderson31897North Carolina
{Family 28}
JasBlue Ridge, Henderson501849North Carolina8
AmandaBlue Ridge, Henderson491850North Carolina
Hillard CBlue Ridge, Henderson181882North Carolina
Benjain KBlue Ridge, Henderson161884North Carolina
Jacob GBlue Ridge, Henderson111889North Carolina
{Family 29}
Jas WBlue Ridge, Henderson601839North Carolina8
Martha SBlue Ridge, Henderson481852North Carolina
Mary JBlue Ridge, Henderson181881North Carolina
George BBlue Ridge, Henderson151885North Carolina
Eura CBlue Ridge, Henderson131886North Carolina
Janes H (James?)Blue Ridge, Henderson121887North Carolina
Martha EBlue Ridge, Henderson61893North Carolina
{Family 30}
John MBlue Ridge, Henderson531847North Carolina11b
Nancy EBlue Ridge, Henderson451855North Carolina
Lula CBlue Ridge, Henderson221878North Carolina
William BBlue Ridge, Henderson131886North Carolina
Chas CBlue Ridge, Henderson81891North Carolina
HobartBlue Ridge, Henderson11898North Carolina
{Family 31}
John RBlue Ridge, Henderson301869North Carolina4b
JuliaBlue Ridge, Henderson281872North Carolina
SolaBlue Ridge, Henderson81892North Carolina
HoraceBlue Ridge, Henderson61894North Carolina
BlancheBlue Ridge, Henderson41896North Carolina
{Family 32}
Lula HBlue Ridge, Henderson321868North Carolina6
Jessee BBlue Ridge, Henderson91891North Carolina
Joseph MBlue Ridge, Henderson31896North Carolina
James SBlue Ridge, Henderson11898North Carolina
{Family 33}
Nansey (Nancey?)Blue Ridge, Henderson721827North Carolina8b
ElizabethBlue Ridge, Henderson531847North Carolina
Geo FBlue Ridge, Henderson281871North Carolina
{Family 34}
Norton ABlue Ridge, Henderson211878North Carolina8b
MersonriaBlue Ridge, Henderson241876North Carolina
Dettea ABlue Ridge, Henderson10/121899North Carolina
{Family 35}
Riley MBlue Ridge, Henderson211879North Carolina8b
Effie FBlue Ridge, Henderson191881North Carolina
{Family 36}
(Surnames listed VOSE)
Blue Ridge, Henderson211879North Carolina8
Florence LBlue Ridge, Henderson271873North Carolina
Duey CBlue Ridge, Henderson5/121900North Carolina
{Family 37}
Thomas EBlue Ridge, Henderson391860North Carolina3b
Edie LBlue Ridge, Henderson371862North Carolina
Leona SBlue Ridge, Henderson171883North Carolina
Eliza MBlue Ridge, Henderson151885North Carolina
John HBlue Ridge, Henderson131887North Carolina
Leah EBlue Ridge, Henderson101889North Carolina
Thomas EBlue Ridge, Henderson81892North Carolina
WilliamBlue Ridge, Henderson51895North Carolina
James KBlue Ridge, Henderson21897North Carolina
{Family 38}
WilliamBlue Ridge, Henderson581842North Carolina4b
AmandaBlue Ridge, Henderson481851North Carolina
{Family 39}
William IBlue Ridge, Henderson491851North Carolina12b
Mary JBlue Ridge, Henderson451855North Carolina
Comolan B (Cornelius)Blue Ridge, Henderson161884North Carolina
Luther LBlue Ridge, Henderson141885North Carolina
Thomas HBlue Ridge, Henderson111888North Carolina
Cal LBlue Ridge, Henderson81891North Carolina
Armete G (Armenta)Blue Ridge, Henderson61894North Carolina
{Family 40}
William MBlue Ridge, Henderson491850North Carolina12b
CarolineBlue Ridge, Henderson431857North Carolina
ThomasBlue Ridge, Henderson121887North Carolina
Edward HBlue Ridge, Henderson101889North Carolina
John LBlue Ridge, Henderson81891North Carolina13
William M KBlue Ridge, Henderson41895North Carolina
{Family 41}
ZilphiaBlue Ridge, Henderson671833North Carolina1b
Andrew PBlue Ridge, Henderson321868North Carolina
{Family 42}
John K SCrab Creek, Henderson601840North Carolina28b
JosephineCrab Creek, Henderson421858North Carolina
Nora NCrab Creek, Henderson171882North Carolina
Talmage ZCrab Creek, Henderson151884North Carolina
Fredric ACrab Creek, Henderson111888North Carolina
Boney MCrab Creek, Henderson81892North Carolina
Lewis BCrab Creek, Henderson61894North Carolina
Lanney mCrab Creek, Henderson31897North Carolina
Bertha CCrab Creek, Henderson11899North Carolina
{Family 43}
Marcus DCrab Creek, Henderson531847North Carolina29
FloridaCrab Creek, Henderson351864North Carolina
DoveyCrab Creek, Henderson181882North Carolina
DoraCrab Creek, Henderson151884North Carolina
DozyCrab Creek, Henderson151885North Carolina
Arry (Avry)Crab Creek, Henderson121888North Carolina
DociaCrab Creek, Henderson91890North Carolina
DorrisCrab Creek, Henderson71892North Carolina
CarlCrab Creek, Henderson51894North Carolina
DorothaCrab Creek, Henderson11898North Carolina
{Family 44}
Flora AEdneyville, Henderson231876North Carolina40
Millie FEdneyville, Henderson31896North Carolina
Charles TEdneyville, Henderson21898North Carolina
{Family 45}
Mark PEdneyville, Henderson511849North Carolina42
Martha WEdneyville, Henderson481852North Carolina
Joseph FEdneyville, Henderson151884North Carolina
John MEdneyville, Henderson121887North Carolina42b
{Family 46}
J CHendersonville, Henderson621837North Carolina91b
Francis EHendersonville, Henderson611839South Carolina
SamuelHendersonville, Henderson51894North Carolina
FrederickHendersonville, Henderson191880North Carolina
{Family 47}
J LHendersonville, Henderson341866North Carolina91b
Mennie (Minnie)Hendersonville, Henderson291870South Carolina
Jessie JamesHendersonville, Henderson11899North Carolina
{Family 48}
James LHendersonville, Henderson451855North Carolina109
CarolineHendersonville, Henderson431857North Carolina
James T EHendersonville, Henderson261874North Carolina
MabelHendersonville, Henderson211878Vermont
{Family 49}
Mark GHendersonville, Henderson251875North Carolina75b
Sallie JHendersonville, Henderson251875North Carolina
Lila EHendersonville, Henderson51894North Carolina
Deller G (Della?)Hendersonville, Henderson11899North Carolina
{Family 50}
PinkneyHendersonville, Henderson221878North Carolina87b
{Family 51}
JessieHoppers Creek, Henderson541846North Carolina119b
Lon E (Lou)Hoppers Creek, Henderson531846North Carolina
LonnieHoppers Creek, Henderson231877North Carolina
EllaHoppers Creek, Henderson151884North Carolina
EdwardHoppers Creek, Henderson131887North Carolina
CarrieHoppers Creek, Henderson101889North Carolina
{Family 52}
MansonHoppers Creek, Henderson451855North Carolina127b
AdelineHoppers Creek, Henderson411859North Carolina
MaryHoppers Creek, Henderson161884North Carolina
JamesHoppers Creek, Henderson91890North Carolina
{Family 53}
ReevesHoppers Creek, Henderson311868North Carolina117b
Lon L (Lou)Hoppers Creek, Henderson351864Tennessee
FrankHoppers Creek, Henderson71892Tennessee
SilasHoppers Creek, Henderson51894North Carolina
OliviaHoppers Creek, Henderson31896North Carolina
BertieHoppers Creek, Henderson6/121899North Carolina
{Family 54}
ThomasHoppers Creek, Henderson371862North Carolina128
PermeliaHoppers Creek, Henderson341866North Carolina
AugustusHoppers Creek, Henderson151884North Carolina
CharlieHoppers Creek, Henderson81891North Carolina
LethieHoppers Creek, Henderson61893North Carolina
Jessie BelleHoppers Creek, Henderson41896North Carolina
ConseloHoppers Creek, Henderson11899North Carolina
{Family 55}
WalkerHoppers Creek, Henderson411859North Carolina127b
Cellie A (Cellia?)Hoppers Creek, Henderson321868North Carolina
MimieHoppers Creek, Henderson101889North Carolina
FrederickHoppers Creek, Henderson71893North Carolina
DorcasHoppers Creek, Henderson31896North Carolina
{Family 56}
WilliamHoppers Creek, Henderson281871North Carolina118
EllenHoppers Creek, Henderson311869North Carolina
Minda MHoppers Creek, Henderson61893North Carolina
WalterHoppers Creek, Henderson31896North Carolina
Ida EHoppers Creek, Henderson11/121899North Carolina
{Family 57}
Clyde EMills River, Henderson131887North Carolina138
Louie MMills River, Henderson91891North Carolina
Annie IMills River, Henderson61894North Carolina
{Family 58}
EuniceMills River, Henderson621837North Carolina133b
Julia EMills River, Henderson261874North Carolina
{Family 59}
OlivanMills River, Henderson271872North Carolina132b
{Family 60}
William BMills River, Henderson571843North Carolina140
Nancy SMills River, Henderson551845North Carolina
Docia BMills River, Henderson121888North Carolina

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