CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
Chas LMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin551844Ohio6b
JeannieMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin451854Vermont
EthelMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin231876Minnesota
MildredMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin181882Minnesota
LelandMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin131886Minnesota
{Family 32}
LucyMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin601840New York233
GertrudeMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin291870Minnesota
{Family 33}
Charles EMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin691831New York126b
Mona BMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin251874Wisconsin
Earle EMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin351865Indiana
{Family 34}
EdwinMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin331867Minnesota228
{Family 35}
Ernest LMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin321867Minnesota28
MableMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin251875Minnesota
Carlos (Surname listed CARL)Minneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin41896Minnesota
Leslie (Surname listed CARL)Minneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin2/121899 (1900)Minnesota
{Family 36}
CharlesMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin651834New York106b
Julia FMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin531847New York
George PMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin31897Minnesota
Charles MMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin291870Minnesota
{Family 37}
DavidMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin491850New York152
LouiseMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin451855New York
{Family 38}
ElizabethMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin501849New York5b
Geo LMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin331866Wisconsin
{Family 39}
Albert C (surnames listed CARE)Minneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin431856Massachusetts301b
KittieMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin411858Ohio
NellieMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin221878Ohio
{Family 40}
Eliza WMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin761823New York11
{Family 41}
Fannie M (surnames listed CARE)Minneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin461853New York281
CerdliaMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin211878New York
CleonaMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin201879New York
{Family 42}
E G (surnames listed CARE)Minneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin371863Minnesota277b
Elsie EMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin321867Iowa
{Family 43}
ChristopherMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin551845Maine162b
EsterMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin451854Maine
W AlbertMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin221878Maine
J HarryMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin201880Minnesota
{Family 44}
IrwinMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin491850West Virginia70b
RebeccaMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin541846Ohio
DelbertMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin221878Ohio
EstellaMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin191880South Dakota
NellieMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin161884Iowa
{Family 45}
MaudMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin291870Wisconsin66b
{Family 46}
Ida MMinneapolis Ward 10, Hennepin401860Wisconsin38
Myrtle MMinneapolis Ward 10, Hennepin16 (18?)1882 (1884?)Iowa
{Family 47}
LeonardMinneapolis Ward 13, Hennepin681832New York304b
DelightMinneapolis Ward 13, Hennepin621838Canada
{Family 48}
JamesPlymouth, Hennepin311868Wisconsin287b
AntonettePlymouth, Hennepin251875Norway
LauraPlymouth, Hennepin11899Minnesota
Delia MPlymouth, Hennepin3/121900Minnesota
{Family 49}
J FDelafield, Jackson691830New York36
MaryDelafield, Jackson631836Pennsylvania
{Family 50}
Katy H (Surnames listed CARE)Kasota, Le Sueur501850New York62
Mary ManKasota, Le Sueur281871Minnesota
Mollie (Mable?)Kasota, Le Sueur221877Minnesota
George SKasota, Le Sueur181881Minnesota
{Family 51}
Frank LOttawa, Le Sueur241875Minnesota169b
HarriettOttawa, Le Sueur201879Minnesota
BrooksOttawa, Le Sueur9/121899Minnesota
{Family 52}
LeviOttawa, Le Sueur641836New York169b
MargaretOttawa, Le Sueur591840Ohio
BlanchOttawa, Le Sueur191880Minnesota
{Family 53}
EliasWaterville, Le Sueur501850Indiana219
Emma AWaterville, Le Sueur431856Minnesota
Mason NWaterville, Le Sueur191880Minnesota
Alexander TWaterville, Le Sueur121888Minnesota
Abbie AWaterville, Le Sueur91890Minnesota
{Family 54}
SimoneWaterville, Le Sueur741825Ohio219
Elizabeth JWaterville, Le Sueur681831Ohio
PearlWaterville, Le Sueur161883Minnesota
{Family 55}
Christopher FMarshall, Lyon581841Connecticut233
Fanny WMarshall, Lyon421858Illinois
Frank WMarshall, Lyon231876Iowa
Fred HMarshall, Lyon171883Minnesota
DorothyMarshall, Lyon51894Minnesota233b
{Family 56}
Ben THutchinson, McLeod501850Wisconsin151b
Lillie THutchinson, McLeod381861Minnesota
Fay DHutchinson, McLeod101889Minnesota
{Family 57}
Edward THutchinson, McLeod541846Wisconsin153
Isabelle MHutchinson, McLeod501850Vermont
PhilHutchinson, McLeod111888South Dakota
{Family 58}
LauraHutchinson, McLeod581842Michigan135b
NellieHutchinson, McLeod201880Minnesota
{Family 59}
Lucy HHutchinson, McLeod641835Pennsylvania149b
{Family 60}
Ray MCollinwood, Meeker471853Wisconsin38
Catherine HCollinwood, Meeker371862Indiana

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