CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 30-5}
Surnames listed Cass
Corcoran, Hennepin 1850OhioHead78
Sarah Corcoran, Hennepin 1858MinnesotaWife
AdlantaCorcoran, Hennepin 1880MinnesotaSon
FrankCorcoran, Hennepin 1881MinnesotaSon
HortonCorcoran, Hennepin 1883MinnesotaSon
Jessie Corcoran, Hennepin 1885MinnesotaSon
LeslieCorcoran, Hennepin 1888MinnesotaSon
HazelCorcoran, Hennepin 1891MinnesotaDaughter
Chester Corcoran, Hennepin 1892MinnesotaSon
{Family 30-75}
Surnames listed Cass
Corcoran, Hennepin 1847OhioHead78
Mary Corcoran, Hennepin 1863CanadaWife
DavidCorcoran, Hennepin 1881MinnesotaSon
RosaCorcoran, Hennepin 1881MinnesotaDaughter
MaryCorcoran, Hennepin 1884MinnesotaDaughter
AlfredCorcoran, Hennepin 1886MinnesotaSon
IdaCorcoran, Hennepin 1886MinnesotaDaughter
GeorgeCorcoran, Hennepin 1888MinnesotaSon
MelvinaCorcoran, Hennepin 1890MinnesotaDaughter
LouisCorcoran, Hennepin 1893MinnesotaSon
Joseph Corcoran, Hennepin 1895MinnesotaSon
DelliaCorcoran, Hennepin 1898MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 31}
Chas LMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin551844Ohio6b
JeannieMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin451854Vermont
EthelMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin231876Minnesota
MildredMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin181882Minnesota
LelandMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin131886Minnesota
{Family 32}
LucyMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin601840New York233
GertrudeMinneapolis Ward 3, Hennepin291870Minnesota
{Family 33}
Charles EMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin691831New York126b
Mona BMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin251874Wisconsin
Earle EMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin351865Indiana
{Family 34}
EdwinMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin331867Minnesota228
{Family 35}
Ernest LMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin321867Minnesota28
MableMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin251875Minnesota
Carlos (Surname listed CARL)Minneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin41896Minnesota
Leslie (Surname listed CARL)Minneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin2/121899 (1900)Minnesota
{Family 36}
CharlesMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin651834New York106b
Julia FMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin531847New York
George PMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin31897Minnesota
Charles MMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin291870Minnesota
{Family 37}
DavidMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin491850New York152
LouiseMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin451855New York
{Family 38}
ElizabethMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin501849New York5b
Geo LMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin331866Wisconsin
{Family 39}
Albert C (surnames listed CARE)Minneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin431856Massachusetts301b
KittieMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin411858Ohio
NellieMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin221878Ohio
{Family 40}
Eliza WMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin761823New York11
{Family 41}
Fannie M (surnames listed CARE)Minneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin461853New York281
CerdliaMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin211878New York
CleonaMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin201879New York
{Family 42}
E G (surnames listed CARE)Minneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin371863Minnesota277b
Elsie EMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin321867Iowa
{Family 43}
ChristopherMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin551845Maine162b
EsterMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin451854Maine
W AlbertMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin221878Maine
J HarryMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin201880Minnesota
{Family 44}
IrwinMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin491850West Virginia70b
RebeccaMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin541846Ohio
DelbertMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin221878Ohio
EstellaMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin191880South Dakota
NellieMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin161884Iowa
{Family 45}
MaudMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin291870Wisconsin66b
{Family 46}
Ida MMinneapolis Ward 10, Hennepin401860Wisconsin38
Myrtle MMinneapolis Ward 10, Hennepin16 (18?)1882 (1884?)Iowa
{Family 47}
LeonardMinneapolis Ward 13, Hennepin681832New York304b
DelightMinneapolis Ward 13, Hennepin621838Canada
{Family 48}
JamesPlymouth, Hennepin311868Wisconsin287b
AntonettePlymouth, Hennepin251875Norway
LauraPlymouth, Hennepin11899Minnesota
Delia MPlymouth, Hennepin3/121900Minnesota
{Family 49}
J FDelafield, Jackson691830New York36
MaryDelafield, Jackson631836Pennsylvania
{Family 50}
Katy H (Surnames listed CARE)Kasota, Le Sueur501850New York62
Mary ManKasota, Le Sueur281871Minnesota
Mollie (Mable?)Kasota, Le Sueur221877Minnesota
George SKasota, Le Sueur181881Minnesota
{Family 51}
Frank LOttawa, Le Sueur241875Minnesota169b
HarriettOttawa, Le Sueur201879Minnesota
BrooksOttawa, Le Sueur9/121899Minnesota
{Family 52}
LeviOttawa, Le Sueur641836New York169b
MargaretOttawa, Le Sueur591840Ohio
BlanchOttawa, Le Sueur191880Minnesota
{Family 53}
EliasWaterville, Le Sueur501850Indiana219
Emma AWaterville, Le Sueur431856Minnesota
Mason NWaterville, Le Sueur191880Minnesota
Alexander TWaterville, Le Sueur121888Minnesota
Abbie AWaterville, Le Sueur91890Minnesota
{Family 54}
SimoneWaterville, Le Sueur741825Ohio219
Elizabeth JWaterville, Le Sueur681831Ohio
PearlWaterville, Le Sueur161883Minnesota
{Family 55}
Christopher FMarshall, Lyon581841Connecticut233
Fanny WMarshall, Lyon421858Illinois
Frank WMarshall, Lyon231876Iowa
Fred HMarshall, Lyon171883Minnesota
DorothyMarshall, Lyon51894Minnesota233b
{Family 56}
Ben THutchinson, McLeod501850Wisconsin151b
Lillie THutchinson, McLeod381861Minnesota
Fay DHutchinson, McLeod101889Minnesota
{Family 57}
Edward THutchinson, McLeod541846Wisconsin153
Isabelle MHutchinson, McLeod501850Vermont
PhilHutchinson, McLeod111888South Dakota
{Family 58}
LauraHutchinson, McLeod581842Michigan135b
NellieHutchinson, McLeod201880Minnesota
{Family 59}
Lucy HHutchinson, McLeod641835Pennsylvania149b
{Family 60}
Ray MCollinwood, Meeker471853Wisconsin38
Catherine HCollinwood, Meeker371862Indiana

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