CASE Families living in Massachusetts in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
Edmond E Springfield Ward 4, Hampden551845Connecticut42
Carra C R (Caera)Springfield Ward 4, Hampden511848Massachusetts
{Family 62}
Waldo N Springfield Ward 4, Hampden501849Connecticut57b
Nellie M Springfield Ward 4, Hampden381862Rhode Island
Howard W Springfield Ward 4, Hampden111889Massachusetts
{Family 63}
Wm P Springfield Ward 5, Hampden381862Iowa90
Laura A Springfield Ward 5, Hampden331866New York
Helen Era Springfield Ward 5, Hampden101890Massachusetts
Angeline B Springfield Ward 5, Hampden701829Massachusetts
{Family 64}
Fred E Springfield Ward 6, Hampden341866Massachusetts195b
Katie L Springfield Ward 6, Hampden341866Connecticut
Harry C Springfield Ward 6, Hampden131886Massachusetts
Glen E Springfield Ward 6, Hampden11898Massachusetts
{Family 65}
William H Springfield Ward 7, Hampden401860New York286b
Milia F Springfield Ward 7, Hampden381861Ohio
H Carlton Springfield Ward 7, Hampden141885Vermont
Beulah M Springfield Ward 7, Hampden81891Vermont287
{Family 66}
Arthur Springfield Ward 8, Hampden441856Connecticut77b
Estella Springfield Ward 8, Hampden401860New York
{Family 67}
Robert A Springfield Ward 8, Hampden311868New Hampshire14b
{Family 68}
Daniel J Westfield, Hampden581842Connecticut151b
Helen E Westfield, Hampden421857New Brunswick
Grace M Westfield, Hampden201880Connecticut
Maud A Westfield, Hampden171882Connecticut
Rena M Westfield, Hampden71892Massachusetts
{Family 69}
Fred W Westfield, Hampden361864Connecticut158b
Carrie Westfield, Hampden251875New York
{Family 70}
Herbert S G Amherst, Hampshire181882Connecticut18b
{Family 71}
John Easthampton, Hampshire221877Connecticut141b
{Family 72}
Augusta Granby, Hampshire671833Connecticut169b
{Family 73}
Susan C Northampton Ward 7, Hampshire261874Connecticut116b
{Family 74}
Fredrich T Cambridge Ward 1, Middlesex231877Iowa79
{Family 75}
Francis C Everett Ward 2, Middlesex191880Massachusetts171b
Mary E Everett Ward 2, Middlesex161884Massachusetts
{Family 76}
George E Everett Ward 2, Middlesex221878Canada171
Jennie Everett Ward 2, Middlesex221878Massachusetts
Gertrude Everett Ward 2, Middlesex4/121900Massachusetts
{Family 77}
Mandel Everett Ward 2, Middlesex471853Canada167
Annie M Everett Ward 2, Middlesex471852Canada
Mary A Everett Ward 2, Middlesex171882Canada
Fred Everett Ward 2, Middlesex141885Massachusetts
Burton Everett Ward 2, Middlesex81891Massachusetts
Wilbur Everett Ward 2, Middlesex51894Massachusetts
{Family 78}
James B Framingham, Middlesex301869New Brunswick147b
Eva Framingham, Middlesex301870Massachusetts
{Family 79}
Andrew J Holliston, Middlesex711828New Hampshire226b
Frank Holliston, Middlesex421857District of Columbia
{Family 80}
Lucy Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex491850Canada306
Mary Emma Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex261874Canada
Edward Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex211878Canada
Joseph Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex181882Canada
Fred Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex171883Canada
Lydia M Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex151885Canada306b
Mary L Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex131887Canada
Alice Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex91891Canada
Matilda Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex61893Massachusetts
Rosanna Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex61893Massachusetts
Ludgas Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex51895Massachusetts
{Family 81}
Ruth D Lowell Ward 8, Middlesex271873Massachusetts250b
{Family 82}
William B Maynard, Middlesex471853Maine318b
Lucy J Maynard, Middlesex451855Massachusetts
Ralph W Maynard, Middlesex181882Massachusetts319
Howard B Maynard, Middlesex171883Massachusetts
{Family 83}
James C Melrose Ward 6, Middlesex401860Massachusetts306b
Ellen Melrose Ward 6, Middlesex461854Massachusetts
James E Melrose Ward 6, Middlesex131886Massachusetts
{Family 84}
Frank W North Reading, Middlesex441855Massachusetts161
Laura E North Reading, Middlesex361863Massachusetts
Albert L North Reading, Middlesex101889Massachusetts
{Family 85}
William E Wakefield, Middlesex421858Massachusetts230b
Alma Wakefield, Middlesex391860Massachusetts
William E JrWakefield, Middlesex191880Massachusetts
Clara F Wakefield, Middlesex211879Massachusetts
{Family 86}
James B Weston, Middlesex731826Rhode Island36b
Laura Weston, Middlesex661833Massachusetts
Lossa W (Loisa) Weston, Middlesex371862Massachusetts
Marion R Weston, Middlesex361863Massachusetts
{Family 87}
Walter W Wolburn Ward 4, Middlesex351864Illinois222b
Helen W Wolburn Ward 4, Middlesex231876Massachusetts
{Family 88}
Albert W Brookline, Norfolk501850Maine205
Mary Brookline, Norfolk371863Maine
Arwin Brookline, Norfolk61894Maine
{Family 89}
Eliza Medfield, Norfolk171883?95
{Family 90}
Brayton C Medway, Norfolk121887Burma129b
James R Medway, Norfolk111889Burma
{Family 91}
M S Wellesley, Norfolk461854Ohio145

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