CASE Families living in Massachusetts in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 34}
William S Rehoboth, Bristol471853Rhode Island43
Eliza J Rehoboth, Bristol441855Rhode Island
George E Rehoboth, Bristol161883Rhode Island
Dora A Rehoboth, Bristol151885Rhode Island
Frederick J Rehoboth, Bristol121888Rhode Island
Florence M Rehoboth, Bristol81892Rhode Island
Ida G Rehoboth, Bristol51894Rhode Island
Harry E Rehoboth, Bristol11899Massachusetts
{Family 35}
Daniel W Seekonk, Bristol321867Massachusetts69b
Edith D Seekonk, Bristol321867Rhode Island
Ruth E Seekonk, Bristol91890Massachusetts
Rofus O Seekonk, Bristol51894Massachusetts
Willard A Seekonk, Bristol31897Massachusetts
{Family 36}
Edward E Seekonk, Bristol351865Massachusetts69b
Georgianna H Seekonk, Bristol321868Massachusetts
Alton J Seekonk, Bristol81891Massachusetts
Ralph H Seekonk, Bristol6/121899Massachusetts
{Family 37}
Samuel P Seekonk, Bristol681831Massachusetts69b
Julia Seekonk, Bristol571843Rhode Island
{Family 38}
Julia Swansea, Bristol481851Massachusetts96
Ella M Swansea, Bristol171883Massachusetts
{Family 39}
Mary A Swansea, Bristol541846Massachusetts111
{Family 40}
Percival Taunton Ward 4, Bristol111889Massachusetts216b
{Family 41}
William F Westport, Bristol251874Rhode Island166b
Bessie G Westport, Bristol191881Massachusetts
Mildred S Westport, Bristol11899Rhode Island
{Family 42}
William B Boxford, Essex??Massachusetts6
Ruth C Boxford, Essex261874Massachusetts
{Family 43}
Arthur Gloucester Ward 3, Essex24abt 1876Canada263
{Family 44}
John M Hamilton, Essex391860New Hampshire133
Alice Hamilton, Essex461854New York
William E Hamilton, Essex181882Massachusetts
Lottie E Hamilton, Essex141886Massachusetts
{Family 45}
Simeon C Haverhill Ward 4, Essex621838Massachusetts276
Belinda B Haverhill Ward 4, Essex561844Massachusetts
George Haverhill Ward 4, Essex311868Massachusetts
Isabel Haverhill Ward 4, Essex291870Massachusetts
Millard Haverhill Ward 4, Essex201879Massachusetts
Sarah E Haverhill Ward 4, Essex201880Massachusetts
Mary E Haverhill Ward 4, Essex171882Massachusetts
Eva B Haverhill Ward 4, Essex141886Massachusetts
{Family 46}
George A Haverhill Ward 7, Essex311868New York169b
Bertha M Haverhill Ward 7, Essex201880Maine
{Family 47}
Samuel Lawrence Ward 6, Essex311868Ireland202b
{Family 48}
George A Lynn Ward 5, Essex471852Massachusetts109b
Eva F Lynn Ward 5, Essex451854Maine
Albert D Lynn Ward 5, Essex191881Massachusetts
{Family 49}
Moses S Marblehead, Essex301869Rhode Island165
{Family 50}
George E Merrimac, Essex271872Maine241
{Family 51}
Esther C Greenfield, Franklin661833England166b
{Family 52}
Helen L B Northfield, Franklin161884Connecticut93
{Family 53}
Beotes (Bestes?)Blandford, Hampden581842Connecticut36
Olive R Blandford, Hampden501850Massachusetts
Clara B Blandford, Hampden201880Massachusetts
{Family 54}
Emme E (Emmet)Chicopee Ward 5, Hampden241876Connecticut191
Ida Chicopee Ward 5, Hampden171882Germany
{Family 55}
Hellogy (Kellogg)Chicopee Ward 5, Hampden211879Connecticut196b
{Family 56}
Sarah J Chicopee Ward 6, Hampden441856Connecticut212
{Family 57}
Marvin A Granville, Hampden241876Connecticut278
Rubie E Granville, Hampden201880Massachusetts
{Family 58}
B Adaline Springfield Ward 1, Hampden471852Connecticut63b
D Lilly Springfield Ward 1, Hampden441855Massachusetts
W Phillip Springfield Ward 1, Hampden161883Massachusetts
E Helen Springfield Ward 1, Hampden101890Massachusetts
{Family 59}
C Springfield Ward 3, Hampden421858Connecticut240b
{Family 60}
Minnie Springfield Ward 3, Hampden50 (49?)1850(49?)New York254

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