CASE Families living in Massachusetts in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Willis L Barnstable, Barnstable491850Massachusetts13b
Mary E Barnstable, Barnstable441855Maine
Maud L Barnstable, Barnstable171883Massachusetts
Lillian P Barnstable, Barnstable141885Massachusetts
{Family 2}
Frederick J Great Barrington, Berkshire311869Massachusetts215
Ida M Great Barrington, Berkshire321868Massachusetts
Wallace F Great Barrington, Berkshire81892Massachusetts
{Family 3}
Elisebeth Lee, Berkshire551845Connecticut313b
{Family 4}
Joseph North Adams Ward 1, Berkshire211878Canada84b
{Family 5}
Reginia North Adams Ward 1, Berkshire301869Canada85
Edward North Adams Ward 1, Berkshire221878Vermont
Edward North Adams Ward 1, Berkshire6/121899Massachusetts
{Family 6}
Emma North Adams Ward 2, Berkshire531846Canada 111
Elsie A North Adams Ward 2, Berkshire201879Vermont
{Family 7}
Lottie North Adams Ward 6, Berkshire241876Vermont244
{Family 8}
Levi D Pittsfield Ward 1, Berkshire371862New York331
Jula S Pittsfield Ward 1, Berkshire371862Massachusetts
Verona E Pittsfield Ward 1, Berkshire121888Massachusetts
Florence L Pittsfield Ward 1, Berkshire51894Massachusetts
David W Pittsfield Ward 1, Berkshire41896Massachusetts
{Family 9}
Egbert Stockbridge, Berkshire501850Connecticut248
{Family 10}
Nathan Berkley, Bristol571842Rhode Island141
Sarah M Berkley, Bristol571843Rhode Island
Nathan G Berkley, Bristol331867Rhode Island
{Family 11}
Abner T Dartmouth, Bristol631836Rhode Island157
Patience Dartmouth, Bristol641835Rhode Island
{Family 12}
Mary Fall River Ward 3, Bristol471852Canada19
{Family 13}
Rescoms (Rescome)Fall River Ward 4, Bristol831817Massachusetts150
Louise R Fall River Ward 4, Bristol591841Massachusetts150b
{Family 14}
Abram Wm A Fall River Ward 7, Bristol491850New Jersey200b
Anna L Fall River Ward 7, Bristol481851New Jersey
Harold T Fall River Ward 7, Bristol131886New York
{Family 15}
Charles E Fall River Ward 7, Bristol731826Massachusetts205b
Rhoda D Fall River Ward 7, Bristol611838Massachusetts
{Family 16}
Walyda A (Zerolyda?)Fall River Ward 7, Bristol371862Massachusetts191b
{Family 17}
George Fall River Ward 8, Bristol501849Canada246
Lena Fall River Ward 8, Bristol471852Canada
George Fall River Ward 8, Bristol251874Canada
Emma Fall River Ward 8, Bristol231877Canada
Anna Fall River Ward 8, Bristol211879Canada
Joseph Fall River Ward 8, Bristol191880Canada
John Fall River Ward 8, Bristol181882Canada
Albert Fall River Ward 8, Bristol161884Canada
Mary Fall River Ward 8, Bristol121888Canada
Leo Fall River Ward 8, Bristol101889Canada
Arthur Fall River Ward 8, Bristol71892Canada
William Fall River Ward 8, Bristol51894Canada
{Family 18}
Eliphal S New Bedford Ward 2, Bristol711828Rhode Island93
{Family 19}
Isaac K New Bedford Ward 2, Bristol551845Massachusetts93
Mary E New Bedford Ward 2, Bristol541845Massachusetts
{Family 20}
Myra New Bedford Ward 2, Bristol781821Massachusetts116
{Family 21}
Annie M New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol521848Massachusetts161b
{Family 22}
Chas A New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol521847Massachusetts138
Nellie M New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol391861Maine
Allen New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol91890Massachusetts
Leonard T New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol41896Massachusetts
{Family 23}
Chas C New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol761823Massachusetts144
Lydia New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol651834Massachusetts
{Family 24}
Geo F New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol611839Massachusetts148
Lauretta New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol531846Massachusetts
{Family 25}
John R New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol481852Massachusetts164
Ida C New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol441856Massachusetts
{Family 26}
Mary C New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol741825Massachusetts161
{Family 27}
Priscilla B New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol761823Rhode Island150
{Family 28}
Walter New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol271872Massachusetts150b
{Family 29}
Zilpha A New Bedford Ward 3, Bristol771823Connecticut183b
{Family 30}
Elvira C New Bedford Ward 4, Bristol681831Massachusetts214b
{Family 31}
George W New Bedford Ward 4, Bristol271873Massachusetts266
Lillian M New Bedford Ward 4, Bristol261874Massachusetts
Doris K New Bedford Ward 4, Bristol11898Massachusetts
{Family 32}
Mattie A New Bedford Ward 5, Bristol281872New Hampshire61
Edith M W New Bedford Ward 5, Bristol31896Massachusetts
{Family 33}
Everett B New Bedford Ward 5, Bristol91891Massachusetts57

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