CASE Families living in Kansas in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
N FThomas, Ellsworth191881Indiana279
{Family 32}
Samuel WOttawa Ward 2, Franklin511848Indiana241
AmandaOttawa Ward 2, Franklin541845Indiana
Ida MOttawa Ward 2, Franklin161884Kansas
{Family 33}
JohnBryant, Graham301869Kansas170b
Ada EBryant, Graham441856Kansas
Edith E (listed COSE)Bryant, Graham891891Kansas
Erastus J (listed COSE)Bryant, Graham71892Kansas
Chester F (listed COSE)Bryant, Graham41896Kansas
{Family 34}
James AEureka, Greenwood291871Kansas34b
{Family 35}
Andrew JLane, Greenwood321868Michigan74b
FloraLane, Greenwood291870Indiana
{Family 36}
FloraOtter Creek, Greenwood121887Kansas111b
{Family 37}
ClarenceRock Creek, Jefferson441856Ohio333b
Lulia R Rock Creek, Jefferson331866Kansas
Dessie VRock Creek, Jefferson111888Kansas
Dudley CRock Creek, Jefferson101889Kansas
Rosco LRock Creek, Jefferson91890Kansas
Clarence LRock Creek, Jefferson61893Kansas
Paul PRock Creek, Jefferson41896Kansas
Floyd DRock Creek, Jefferson21897Kansas
{Family 38}
ClarkBuffalo, Jewell531847Indiana38
JennyBuffalo, Jewell491851Ohio
Everet SBuffalo, Jewell201880Kansas
Ezekiel CBuffalo, Jewell221878Kansas
Martha JBuffalo, Jewell171883Kansas
Geo WBuffalo, Jewell151885Kansas
Isaac LBuffalo, Jewell121887Kansas
Sarst E (Sarah)Buffalo, Jewell111889Kansas
{Family 39}
CharlesCalvin, Jewell491850Kentucky35b
ZilphaCalvin, Jewell341865Iowa
MelisieCalvin, Jewell141885Kansas
PearlCalvin, Jewell111889Kansas
WalterCalvin, Jewell81891Kansas
EmmaCalvin, Jewell61893Kansas
WilliamCalvin, Jewell171883Kansas
{Family 40}
George HCenter, Jewell581841Ohio83
Clara DCenter, Jewell521847Ohio
Harriet SCenter, Jewell281872Iowa
Clara ECenter, Jewell251874Iowa
Georgene MCenter, Jewell101889Kansas
{Family 41}
AlfredGrant, Jewell231876?112b
MatieGrant, Jewell281872Illinois
{Family 42}
Mary JGrant, Jewell491851Ohio115b
SylvesterGrant, Jewell201880Wisconsin
EllaGrant, Jewell161883Wisconsin
EdwardGrant, Jewell141886Kansas
{Family 43}
ChasAubry, Johnson641835Kentucky2
AnnaAubry, Johnson641835Kentucky
IgnaAubry, Johnson221877Kentucky
SAubry, Johnson191881Kentucky
{Family 44}
MarenaAubry, Johnson321868Kansas2b
Nola CAubry, Johnson71893Kansas
Marcus MAubry, Johnson7 (2?)1893 (1898?)Kansas
{Family 45}
John LOlathe, Johnson531847Indiana128b
SarahOlathe, Johnson591840Kentucky
{Family 46}
Sheldon EOlathe, Johnson321867Kansas128b
Carrie AOlathe, Johnson321867Illinois
{Family 47}
Harry HOlathe Ward 2, Johnson39391861Kansas95b
Mabel MOlathe Ward 2, Johnson281872Kansas
{Family 48}
Andrew WChetopa, Labette691830New York39
Fronia BChetopa, Labette541845New York
WalterChetopa, Labette281872Kansas39b
{Family 49}
TilghmanFairview, Labette501849Indiana78b
Sarrah EFairview, Labette431856Nebraska
Iva HFairview, Labette181881Kansas
George RFairview, Labette161883Kansas
Maude MFairview, Labette141885Kansas
Ella FFairview, Labette101889Kansas
Anna BFairview, Labette61893Kansas
Gilbert WFairview, Labette121887Kansas
{Family 50}
NelsonOswego, Labette551845Pennsylvania212
GeorgianaOswego, Labette301870Iowa
{Family 51}
Frank MParsons Ward 1, Labette171882Kentucky227
{Family 52}
Hee (Lee)Delaware (Lansing), Leavenworth221877Illinois44
{Family 53}
HiramDelaware (Lansing), Leavenworth551845New York70
{Family 54}
ThomasDelaware (Lansing), Leavenworth751824Pennsylvania68
{Family 55}
John HLeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth611839New Jersey265
Sarah ALeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth561843England
Minnie FLeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth251875Kansas
Lewis SLeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth211879Kansas
{Family 56}
WilliamLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth731827Pennsylvania77
Carline E (Cailurin?)Leavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth621837Pennsylvania
William HLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth361863Kansas
Tillie SLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth351865Kansas
Andrew MLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth331867Kansas
Milton JLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth341865Kansas
Charles ELeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth371863Kansas
James CLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth351865Kansas
Walter KLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth231876Kansas
{Family 57}
Ca? WOrange, Lincoln391860Ohio227
MaryOrange, Lincoln291870Illinois
ClydeOrange, Lincoln101889Kansas
LydiaOrange, Lincoln71893Kansas
PearlOrange, Lincoln41895Kansas
StellaOrange, Lincoln21898Kansas
{Family 58}
W EOrange, Lincoln321867Ohio228
{Family 59}
RansomBlue Mound, Linn701830Pennsylvania3
Deborah ABlue Mound, Linn661834New York
{Family 60}
GeorgeElmerdaro, Lyon631837Canada57
Mary PElmerdaro, Lyon521848Germany
{Family 61}
George WElmerdaro, Lyon451854Wisconsin
Lizzie MElmerdaro, Lyon281871Kansas
WallaceElmerdaro, Lyon21897Kansas
Bessie EElmerdaro, Lyon9/121900Kansas
Mary CElmerdaro, Lyon281871Nebraska

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