CASE Families living in Illinois in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 183}
FrankAroma, Kankakee301870Illinois8
EttieAroma, Kankakee251875Illinois
MurlAroma, Kankakee21898Illinois
{Family 184}
OscarAroma, Kankakee691831New York8
EvalineAroma, Kankakee611839Pennsylvania
Bert MAroma, Kankakee211879Illinois
Della VAroma, Kankakee81892California
{Family 185}
Olive CAroma, Kankakee811819New York7
{Family 186}
Olive SAroma, Kankakee491851Illinois2b
Clinton NAroma, Kankakee221878Illinois
Arthur JAroma, Kankakee191881Illinois
Ethel GAroma, Kankakee161884Illinois
Olive LAroma, Kankakee131887Illinois
Louis HAroma, Kankakee111889Illinois
{Family 187}
WilliamAroma, Kankakee381862Illinois8
Martha SAroma, Kankakee301870Illinois
BessieAroma, Kankakee161884Illinois
HarryAroma, Kankakee141886Illinois
EdnaAroma, Kankakee121888Illinois
LesterAroma, Kankakee71893Illinois
{Family 188}
ChristopherGaneer, Kankakee471853Illinois78b
MaryGaneer, Kankakee381862Illinois
PearlGaneer, Kankakee171883Illinois
EarlGaneer, Kankakee101890Illinois
ChristopherGaneer, Kankakee71893Illinois
RayGaneer, Kankakee51895Illinois
NellieGaneer, Kankakee11899Illinois
{Family 189}
CortesGaneer, Kankakee591841New York79b
ClarindaGaneer, Kankakee591841Michigan
{Family 190}
EdwardGaneer, Kankakee321868Illinois79b
{Family 191}
RoyKankakee Ward 1, Kankakee131887Illinois94
{Family 192}
EvaKankakee Ward 4, Kankakee261873Indiana148b
{Family 193}
Leo HKankakee Ward 4, Kankakee401860Illinois151
{Family 194}
WilliamNaausay, Kendall341866Michigan93
Julia ENaausay, Kendall241875Michigan
{Family 195}
Henry CGalesburg Ward 3, Knox751825New York227
Sarah AGalesburg Ward 3, Knox741826New York
{Family 196}
RalphGalesburg Ward 3, Knox171883Illinois238
{Family 197}
JosephineKnox, Knox141886Illinois155b
{Family 198}
Milo MTruro, Knox281872Illinois271
Villa ATruro, Knox281872Illinois
Rosetta MarieTruro, Knox31897Illinois
{Family 199}
Emma MDeerfield, Lake541846New Hampshire85b
{Family 200}
PeterEast Deerfield, Lake451855Holland67
{Family 201}
John JWauconda, Lake421858Illinois138b
MariaWauconda, Lake591841England
{Family 202}
M Wm WWaukegan, Lake771823New York345b
{Family 203}
HurleyManlius, LaSalle281872Michigan189b
MaryManlius, LaSalle261874Illinois
Mary JManlius, LaSalle51895Illinois
John JManlius, LaSalle21897Illinois
Carrie LManlius, LaSalle11/121899Illinois
{Family 204}
Ma E(?)Mendota, LaSalle701829Pennsylvania215
{Family 205}
Arman PMeriden, LaSalle261874Illinois264b
MaudMeriden, LaSalle231877Illinois
ChesterMeriden, LaSalle21898Illinois
JohnMeriden, LaSalle11/121899Pennsylvania
{Family 206}
JohnMeriden, LaSalle681831Illinois264b
PheobeMeriden, LaSalle601840New York
Julia AMeriden, LaSalle291871Illinois
{Family 207}
ThomasOttawa Ward 3, LaSalle361864Illinois42b
EmmaOttawa Ward 3, LaSalle351865Ohio
{Family 208}
Grace(?) J Ottawa Ward 7, LaSalle251875Michigan111
MargaretOttawa Ward 7, LaSalle251875Germany
Canred S (Conrad)Ottawa Ward 7, LaSalle41896Iowa
William HOttawa Ward 7, LaSalle11899Illinois
{Family 209}
ElmerLawrence, Lawrence431857Indiana98b
MarthaLawrence, Lawrence341866Illinois
ClarenceLawrence, Lawrence181882Indiana
AlbertLawrence, Lawrence171883Indiana
DoraLawrence, Lawrence131887Indiana
{Family 210}
J CPetty, Lawrence501849Illinois147b
DaisyPetty, Lawrence201880Illinois
DalePetty, Lawrence181881Illinois
MyrtlePetty, Lawrence161884Illinois
FlorencePetty, Lawrence151885Illinois
EarlPetty, Lawrence131887Illinois

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