CASE Families living in Illinois in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 151}
T WEffingham, Effingham381862Illinois172b
MalindaEffingham, Effingham371863Illinois
HenryEffingham, Effingham161884Illinois
MaryEffingham, Effingham131887Illinois
StenceEffingham, Effingham101890Illinois
NancyEffingham, Effingham61894Illinois
JohnEffingham, Effingham41896Illinois
{Family 152}
Mortimer HPatton, Ford501850New York118b
AnnaPatton, Ford421858England119
MaudPatton, Ford171883Illinois(also 121b work)
FrankPatton, Ford151885Illinois
ElmerPatton, Ford131887Illinois
MablePatton, Ford91891Illinois
WalterPatton, Ford71893Illinois
EarlPatton, Ford31897Illinois
FlorencePatton, Ford21898Illinois
{Family 153}
ClarenceIsabel, Fulton131887Illinois140b
{Family 154}
LerenaLewistown, Fulton161884Connecticut183
{Family 155}
Any (?)Union, Fulton451855New York281b
Ann EUnion, Fulton481852New York
Schuyler CUnion, Fulton171883New Jersey
Shelby CUnion, Fulton151885Illinois
{Family 156}
SamUnion, Fulton341866Illinois277b
Maud AnUnion, Fulton331867Illinois
Leila CUnion, Fulton131887Illinois
Edna BUnion, Fulton101890Illinois
Russell FUnion, Fulton81892Illinois
Harrold SUnion, Fulton51895Illinois
Dorothy EUnion, Fulton21898Illinois
{Family 157}
WilliamFelix, Grundy511849England352b
CatharineFelix, Grundy591841Ohio
LillieFelix, Grundy141886Illinois
{Family 158}
ThomasDahlgren, Hamilton361863Illinois239
SarahDahlgren, Hamilton331866Illinois
ChasDahlgren, Hamilton81891Illinois
{Family 159}
OliverWythe, Hancock461854Illinois313b
EmmaWythe, Hancock441856Illinois
Cora MWythe, Hancock151885Iowa
{Family 160}
PriscillaWythe, Hancock741826Illinois313b
{Family 161}
Chas HKewanne, Henry63641836Indiana215b
SarahKewanne, Henry451855Illinois
Clara MKewanne, Henry11898Illinois
{Family 162}
JosephKewanne, Henry251875New Jersey136
MayKewanne, Henry241876Illinois
{Family 163}
MaryConcord, Iroquois671833Ohio127b
{Family 164}
Henry EOnarga, Iroquois701830New York23
SarahOnarga, Iroquois641836Ohio
Gly (Ely)Onarga, Iroquois361864Illinois
GertrudeOnarga, Iroquois111889Illinois
EarnestOnarga, Iroquois91891Illinois
{Family 165}
PhillipPapineau, Iroquois191881Illinois33
MaryPapineau, Iroquois201880Illinois
DavidPapineau, Iroquois241876Illinois
{Family 166}
FredPapineau, Iroquois291871Illinois29b
{Family 167}
C WMount Vernon, Jefferson391861Connecticut154
L MMount Vernon, Jefferson381862Canada
E GMount Vernon, Jefferson141886Wisconsin
C BMount Vernon, Jefferson51895Illinois
{Family 168}
MortonRome, Jefferson351865Indiana238b
Myrtie MRome, Jefferson311869Illinois
Lora PRome, Jefferson91891Illinois
ClaudRome, Jefferson71893Illinois
MaryRome, Jefferson51895Illinois
{Family 169}
FrankWeber, Jefferson191881Illinois286
{Family 170}
Jacob PWeber, Jefferson221878Illinois288
Effie LWeber, Jefferson191881Illinois
JohnWeber, Jefferson0/121900Illinois
{Family 171}
AnnOtterville, Jersey731827Scotland92
{Family 172}
ThomasOtterville, Jersey381861Illinois94
AlbertieOtterville, Jersey331866Illinois
{Family 173}
Edward ONew Burnside, Johnson521848Illinois197
NellieNew Burnside, Johnson171883Illinois
{Family 174}
Auery G (Avery)Aurora Ward 1, Kane501850Illinois327
Grace BAurora Ward 1, Kane451855Illinois
HazelAurora Ward 1, Kane161884Illinois
{Family 175}
WilliamAurora Ward 5, Kane571843Connecticut101
LucyAurora Ward 5, Kane471853England
ClarenceAurora Ward 5, Kane241876Connecticut
ClaraAurora Ward 5, Kane111853Iowa
{Family 176}
Granby SAurora Ward 6, Kane581842New York137b
Lyda EAurora Ward 6, Kane541846Vermont
George SAurora Ward 6, Kane231877Illinois
{Family 177}
SamuelElgin, Kane341866Illinois147
{Family 178}
NathanielElgin Ward 3, Kane671833New York54b
JennieElgin Ward 3, Kane501850Pennsylvania
WalterElgin Ward 3, Kane141885Illinois
{Family 179}
HubertElgin Ward 5, Kane401860Illinois104b
AngellaElgin Ward 5, Kane401860Massachusetts
Laura B (Louisa?)Elgin Ward 5, Kane41896Illinois
{Family 180}
Louis PElgin Ward 5, Kane371863Wisconsin101b
Belle NElgin Ward 5, Kane371863California
Helen DElgin Ward 5, Kane21898Illinois
{Family 181}
Worlin CSt Charles, Kane501850Ohio313
{Family 182}
FrankSt Charles, Kane221878Michigan313
HarrySt Charles, Kane151885Michigan

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