CASE Families living in Georgia in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
George DMilledgeville, Baldwin45abt 1855Georgia279b
Mary CMilledgeville, Baldwin38abt 1862Georgia
Iverson CMilledgeville, Baldwin16abt 1884Georgia
Sarah EMilledgeville, Baldwin10abt 1890Georgia
{Family 2}
Obelia MMilledgeville, Baldwin38abt 1862Georgia279b
Loueai (Louisi)Milledgeville, Baldwin17abt 1883Georgia
Annie AMilledgeville, Baldwin15abt 1885Georgia
{Family 3}
MaryMacon, Bibb26abt 1874Georgia254
MillerMacon, Bibb3abt 1897Georgia
{Family 4}
Richard RMilitia District 1209, Bulloch44abt 1856Georgia127
Nancy AMilitia District 1209, Bulloch37abt 1863Alabama
EulaMilitia District 1209, Bulloch11abt 1889Georgia
BessieMilitia District 1209, Bulloch9abt 1891Georgia
?Militia District 1209, Bulloch6abt 1894Georgia
?Militia District 1209, Bulloch3abt 1897Georgia
EsterMilitia District 1209, Bulloch8/12abt 1900Georgia
{Family 5}
Frank PChambers, Catoosa36abt 1864Michigan328
EugeniaChambers, Catoosa31abt 1869Georgia
WebsterChambers, Catoosa8abt 1892Georgia
CharlesChambers, Catoosa6abt 1894Georgia
EssieChambers, Catoosa3abt 1897Georgia
{Family 6}
ElisabethMill, Dade60abt 1840Tennessee254
Ida LMill, Dade17abt 1883Georgia
{Family 7}
James AMill, Dade36abt 1864Alabama255b
Martha AMill, Dade30abt 1870Alabama
Sarah MMill, Dade12abt 1888Alabama
Benjamin WMill, Dade10abt 1890Alabama
Lachaton J (Lackston)Mill, Dade9abt 1891Alabama
Calvin AMill, Dade4abt 1896Georgia
Martha EMill, Dade2abt 1898Georgia
{Family 8}
Mary SMill, Dade27abt 1873Georgia254b
Robert CMill, Dade19abt 1881Georgia
Effie AMill, Dade13abt 1887Georgia
Nancy MMill, Dade8abt 1892Georgia
{Family 9}
George WTrenton, Dade26abt 1874Georgia250
Bettie JTrenton, Dade23abt 1877Georgia
George RTrenton, Dade9/12abt 1899Georgia
{Family 10}
JamesTrenton, Dade56abt 1844North Carolina245
Louarya Jr. (Louanya J)Trenton, Dade52abt 1848Tennessee
{Family 11}
LeroyTrenton, Dade42abt 1858Georgia248b
Almeda JTrenton, Dade37abt 1863Alabama
RushTrenton, Dade15abt 1885Georgia
{Family 12}
William JTrenton, Dade23abt 1877Georgia245
OlieTrenton, Dade21abt 1879Tennessee
Marian MTrenton, Dade1abt 1899Tennessee
{Family 13}
William STrenton, Dade41abt 1859Tennessee249
Mattie ETrenton, Dade41abt 1859Georgia
James HTrenton, Dade16abt 1884Georgia
Helen ATrenton, Dade14abt 1886Georgia
DaiseyTrenton, Dade10abt 1890Georgia
DennieTrenton, Dade10abt 1890Georgia
Walter ATrenton, Dade7abt 1893Georgia
Marnie JTrenton, Dade5abt 1895Georgia
Dewey WTrenton, Dade2abt 1898Georgia
{Family 14}
CharlesMilitia District 1012, Dooly22abt 1878Georgia187
Thomas C (Florence)Militia District 1012, Dooly24abt 1876Georgia
{Family 15}
Miss. Lucie EAtlanta Ward 1, Fulton70abt 1830Massachusetts71
{Family 16}
George WAtlanta Ward 6, Fulton48abt 1852Indiana117
{Family 17}
Marvin CAtlanta Ward 6, Fulton30abt 1870Pennsylvania188b
Caroline LAtlanta Ward 6, Fulton26abt 1874New York
Laroline (Caroline)Atlanta Ward 6, Fulton2abt 1898New York
{Family 18}
James LLafayette, Walker45abt 1855Georgia205
WillieLafayette, Walker13abt 1887Tennessee205b

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