CASE Families living in Delaware in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Wm C Milford Hundred, Kent41abt 1859Delaware6410
Anna Milford Hundred, Kent37abt 1863Delaware
Ella Milford Hundred, Kent14abt 1886Delaware
Chas C Milford Hundred, Kent9abt 1891Delaware
{Family 2}
Woodruf Mispillion, Kent20abt 1879Delaware7b
Martie Mispillion, Kent19abt 1881Delaware
Helen Mispillion, Kent11/12abt 1899Delaware
{Family 3}
Edward North Murderkill, Kent39abt 1861Delaware9112
Emma North Murderkill, Kent28abt 1872Ohio
Maud North Murderkill, Kent1abt 1899Delaware
{Family 4}
Laura Smyrna, Kent9abt 1890Delaware4138b
{Family 5}
Charles South Murderkill, Kent64abt 1836Delaware9479
Emily South Murderkill, Kent62abt 1838Delaware
Helena South Murderkill, Kent27abt 1873Delaware
Bertha E South Murderkill, Kent22abt 1878Delaware
{Family 6}
John South Murderkill, Kent36abt 1864Delaware9471b
Ella N South Murderkill, Kent34abt 1866Delaware
Joshua South Murderkill, Kent11abt 1889Delaware
{Family 7}
Joseph South Murderkill, Kent43abt 1857Delaware9371
{Family 8}
Laura D South Murderkill, Kent14abt 1886Delaware9669b
{Family 9}
William South Murderkill, Kent61abt 1839Delaware9414
Helena South Murderkill, Kent56abt 1844New York
{Family 10}
Katie M [Katie]
Surnames listed Cass
South Murderkill, Kent1872DelawareDaughter9904
Watella W [Natalie]South Murderkill, Kent1896DelawareGranddaughter
{Family 11}
Surnames listed Cass
South Murderkill, Kent1844DelawareHead9904
Lydia HSouth Murderkill, Kent1850DelawareWife
John BSouth Murderkill, Kent1874DelawareSon
ThomasSouth Murderkill, Kent1875DelawareSon
VoletiSouth Murderkill, Kent1885DelawareDaughter
SamuelSouth Murderkill, Kent1886DelawareSon
AdellaSouth Murderkill, Kent1889DelawareDaughter
JennieSouth Murderkill, Kent1890DelawareDaughter
RobertSouth Murderkill, Kent1891DelawareSon
ClaranceSouth Murderkill, Kent1893DelawareSon
{Family 12}
Maxwell Newcastle, New Castle20abt 1880Virginia86b
Florence Newcastle, New Castle18abt 1882Virginia
{Family 13}
Henry Wilmington Ward 7, New Castle63abt 1837Denmark8513b

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