CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 242}
GeorgeWaterbury, New Haven261874Connecticut302b
MaryWaterbury, New Haven251875Connecticut
FloydWaterbury, New Haven21898Connecticut
{Family 243}
HeryWaterbury, New Haven451855Michigan272b
Frances L (A)Waterbury, New Haven551845New York
{Family 244}
JennieWaterbury, New Haven211879Pennsylvania209b
{Family 245}
JohnWaterbury, New Haven281872Indiana2b
SusanWaterbury, New Haven331867Kentucky
{Family 246}
Lucy JWaterbury, New Haven661834Connecticut20b
{Family 247}
Marica (Marion)Waterbury, New Haven201879Connecticut316
MaryWaterbury, New Haven201880New York
{Family 248}
ShermanWaterbury, New Haven501850Connecticut339b
Alice RWaterbury, New Haven321868Connecticut
Valerian A (Vivian)Waterbury, New Haven5/121900Connecticut
{Family 249}
Walter EWaterbury, New Haven381862Connecticut195
Fannie EWaterbury, New Haven291871Connecticut
Ernest W (Everett)Waterbury, New Haven91891Connecticut
{Family 250}
William HWaterbury, New Haven421858Connecticut286b
Cora AWaterbury, New Haven401860Connecticut
Albert HWaterbury, New Haven151885Connecticut
{Family 251}
James SColchester, New London411859Connecticut24b
Grace RColchester, New London411859Wisconsin
Amos CColchester, New London181882Connecticut
George MColchester, New London71893Connecticut
James RColchester, New London51895Connecticut
Charles HColchester, New London11899Connecticut
{Family 252}
Minnie EColchester, New London161884Connecticut21
{Family 253}
RhodaColchester, New London581842Connecticut9b
{Family 254}
Sarah JColchester, New London481852Connecticut17
{Family 255}
EdwinLedyard, New London431857Connecticut177
CarolineLedyard, New London431857New Jersey
Sarah CLedyard, New London771823Georgia
{Family 256}
LenNew London, New London251875New York69
{Family 257}
CharlesNorwich, New London551845Connecticut264b
Louisa ENorwich, New London551845Connecticut
Annie RNorwich, New London321868Connecticut
Fannie LNorwich, New London201880Connecticut
Charles ENorwich, New London121888Connecticut
{Family 258}
Charles HNorwich, New London421858Connecticut181b
Alice MNorwich, New London401860New Jersey
Leonard NNorwich, New London191881Connecticut
Loyd ENorwich, New London161884Connecticut
Irma MNorwich, New London51895Connecticut
{Family 259}
Elizabeth RNorwich, New London811819Connecticut186b
JennieNorwich, New London491851Connecticut
Georgia RNorwich, New London451855Connecticut
{Family 260}
Luther RNorwich, New London621838Connecticut9
Sarah CNorwich, New London601840Connecticut
James LNorwich, New London261874Connecticut
{Family 261}
Mary JNorwich, New London611839Connecticut28b
{Family 262}
Samuel BNorwich, New London421857Connecticut28b
Ada WNorwich, New London411859Connecticut
Raymond BNorwich, New London101890Connecticut
Samuel WNorwich, New London91891Connecticut
{Family 263}
Samuel BNorwich, New London801820Connecticut187
Louise MNorwich, New London551845Connecticut
Josephine ENorwich, New London521848Connecticut
{Family 264}
William TNorwich, New London681832Connecticut188
Mary ANorwich, New London691831Connecticut
{Family 265}
William SNorwich, New London451855Connecticut188
Margeret CNorwich, New London441856Connecticut
Frederick CNorwich, New London121888Connecticut
{Family 266}
ZotiqueNorwich, New London471853Canada 160
TharcilleNorwich, New London361864Canada
ZotiqueNorwich, New London121888Connecticut
TheodoreNorwich, New London81892Connecticut
ErsiliaNorwich, New London41896Connecticut
LouisNorwich, New London11899Connecticut
{Family 267}
Fred LBolton, Tolland571843Connecticut9
Kate BBolton, Tolland481852Illinois
Fred SBolton, Tolland261874Connecticut
Christopher CBolton, Tolland241876Connecticut
Alice BBolton, Tolland211879Connecticut
{Family 268}
FrancesCoventry, Tolland751825Massachusetts25b
Eliza CCoventry, Tolland711829Maine
Edwin FCoventry, Tolland451855Massachusetts
{Family 269}
HenryCoventry, Tolland771823Connecticut19b
EmilyCoventry, Tolland721828Connecticut
Maria ACoventry, Tolland681832Connecticut
{Family 270}
Mary SMansfield, Tolland741826Connecticut78

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