CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 211}
ArthurWinchester, Litchfield381862Connecticut258b
BerthaWinchester, Litchfield261874New York
{Family 212}
Benjamin MWinchester, Litchfield401859Connecticut291b
EmileeWinchester, Litchfield351864New York291b
{Family 213}
Dwight SWinchester, Litchfield571843Connecticut286
Ellen MWinchester, Litchfield561844Massachusetts
Harold SWinchester, Litchfield181882Connecticut
Frank DWinchester, Litchfield351865Connecticut
Edna MWinchester, Litchfield221878Connecticut
{Family 214}
EldridgeWinchester, Litchfield591841Connecticut278b
Nellie AWinchester, Litchfield431857Connecticut
{Family 215}
Fred CWinchester, Litchfield471853Connecticut277b
Carrie HWinchester, Litchfield351865Connecticut
{Family 216}
George CWinchester, Litchfield231877Connecticut273b
Sadie AWinchester, Litchfield241876Connecticut
Dorothy LWinchester, Litchfield10/121899Connecticut
{Family 217}
Harriet MWinchester, Litchfield751825Connecticut250
{Family 218}
WalterWinchester, Litchfield341866Connecticut292b
JosephineWinchester, Litchfield381862Canada
GunaWinchester, Litchfield51895Canada
MaryWinchester, Litchfield41896Connecticut
{Family 219}
LeanderEast Haddam, Middlesex491851Connecticut95
ElizabethEast Haddam, Middlesex461854Connecticut
Helen L BEast Haddam, Middlesex261874Connecticut
{Family 220}
ChesterHaddam, Middlesex791821Connecticut145
Susan NHaddam, Middlesex731827Connecticut
{Family 221}
EdwardMiddletown, Middlesex461854Connecticut295
CorneliaMiddletown, Middlesex431857Holland
Albert BMiddletown, Middlesex191881New York
Clara LMiddletown, Middlesex131887New York
Howard BMiddletown, Middlesex71893Connecticut
Mabel BMiddletown, Middlesex41896Connecticut
{Family 222}
IrvingMiddletown, Middlesex521848Connecticut248
{Family 223}
Nettie HMiddletown, Middlesex501850Connecticut247
{Family 224}
Harley MPortland, Middlesex591841Connecticut45b
Samih A (Sarah)Portland, Middlesex431857Massachusetts
Myron NPortland, Middlesex171883Connecticut
{Family 225}
Charles LAnsonia, New Haven521848Connecticut200
Nellie LAnsonia, New Haven561844Massachusetts
{Family 226}
Henry WAnsonia, New Haven371863Connecticut134b
Eletha MAnsonia, New Haven331867Connecticut
Nancy L (Henry W L)Ansonia, New Haven31897Connecticut
{Family 227}
Burton HBranford, New Haven221878New York273
{Family 228}
Charles VDerby, New Haven341866Connecticut360
Fannie FDerby, New Haven351865New York
Lonnie DDerby, New Haven81892Connecticut
Mildred EDerby, New Haven51895Connecticut
{Family 229}
Lizzie LMeriden, New Haven301870Maine209
{Family 230}
Walter EMeriden, New Haven351865North Carolina204
{Family 231}
Burton EMiddlebury, New Haven511849Connecticut74
Electa RMiddlebury, New Haven481852Connecticut
Adaline LMiddlebury, New Haven91891Connecticut
Edith JMiddlebury, New Haven11899Connecticut
{Family 232}
Harriett MNaugatuck, New Haven641836Georgia157b
{Family 233}
Ellen ENew Haven, New Haven561844Connecticut228b
{Family 234}
Frank CNew Haven, New Haven661834New York184
LucieNew Haven, New Haven251875New York
{Family 235}
George FNew Haven, New Haven401860New York298b
Hallie JNew Haven, New Haven341866Connecticut
Louis CNew Haven, New Haven141886Connecticut
{Family 236}
George HNew Haven, New Haven761824Connecticut60b
EmmieNew Haven, New Haven481852Connecticut
{Family 237}
Hermon WNew Haven, New Haven261874Connecticut266b
Mary ANew Haven, New Haven251875Maine
Harold FNew Haven, New Haven31897Connecticut
Gary BNew Haven, New Haven21898Connecticut
Anna GNew Haven, New Haven621838Pennsylvania
{Family 238}
FreemanOrange, New Haven651835Connecticut340b
CarolineOrange, New Haven661834New York
{Family 239}
GeorgeWallingford, New Haven351865Connecticut151b
Frannie E (Francis)Wallingford, New Haven311869Connecticut
Frank GWallingford, New Haven151885Connecticut
May DWallingford, New Haven61894Connecticut152
Ivy EWallingford, New Haven11/121899Connecticut
{Family 240}
Jas RichardWallingford, New Haven311869Connecticut119
Annie SeymourWallingford, New Haven321868New York
{Family 241}
MatherWallingford, New Haven691831Connecticut106
Gertrude LWallingford, New Haven581842Connecticut
Henry MWallingford, New Haven401860Connecticut
Nellie GWallingford, New Haven371863Connecticut
Thomas WWallingford, New Haven351865Connecticut

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