CASE Families living in California in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 121}
(Surname is CAZE)
Butte, Sierra80abt 1820France212b
{Family 122}
Eliphale (Eliphalet)Butte, Sierra56abt 1844Ohio206b
Lottie BButte, Sierra55abt 1845Ohio
Mary LButte, Sierra13abt 1887California
{Family 123}
CharlesBenecia, Solano31abt 1869Wisconsin115b
{Family 124}
AlphonsoVacaville, Solano60abt 1840New York254
{Family 125}
Pelig SVallejo, Solano70abt 1830Massachusetts275
Frank SVallejo, Solano32abt 1868Massachusetts
Gertrude MVallejo, Solano30abt 1870California
{Family 126}
Fred ASonoma, Sonoma38abt 1862Switzerland22b
Elizy CSonoma, Sonoma37abt 1863California
Chester H MSonoma, Sonoma4abt 1896California
{Family 127}
John JModesto, Stanislaus57abt 1843Missouri119b
Victoria AModesto, Stanislaus57abt 1843Missouri
John EModesto, Stanislaus28abt 1872California
Myrtle RModesto, Stanislaus20abt 1880California
{Family 128}
Calvin AOakdale, Stanislaus55abt 1845Ohio86b
Adaline AOakdale, Stanislaus46abt 1854Michigan
Horace AOakdale, Stanislaus17abt 1883Michigan
Winifred FOakdale, Stanislaus33abt 1867California
{Family 129}
AmandaVernon, Sutter37abt 1863Iowa221b
EdwardVernon, Sutter21abt 1879California
RussellVernon, Sutter18abt 1882California
CoraVernon, Sutter15abt 1885California
CurrieVernon, Sutter15abt 1885California
ChesterVernon, Sutter13abt 1887California
AgustusVernon, Sutter11abt 1889California
LuvinaVernon, Sutter9abt 1891California
ErnestVernon, Sutter7abt 1893California
{Family 130}
LewisVernon, Sutter37abt 1863Iowa214b
BellVernon, Sutter30abt 1870California
{Family 131}
CarrieYuba, Sutter15abt 1885California232
RussellYuba, Sutter18abt 1882California
{Family 132}
HelenCorning, Tehama6abt 1894Wisconsin251
{Family 133}
ArthurRed Bluff, Tehama16abt 1884California279b
{Family 134}
MarionRed Bluff, Tehama45abt 1855California313
Minnie FRed Bluff, Tehama37abt 1863California
Myron WRed Bluff, Tehama10abt 1890California
Lilly RRed Bluff, Tehama22abt 1878California
Arthur MRed Bluff, Tehama17abt 1883California
{Family 135}
ClarenceTownship 5, Tuolumne29abt 1871California98b
{Family 136}
Andrew EWoodland, Yolo35abt 1865Ohio113
Zelma MWoodland, Yolo29abt 1871Nebraska
Pearl PWoodland, Yolo5abt 1895Nebraska
Ester DWoodland, Yolo2abt 1898Virginia

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