CASE Families living in California in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
Edwin ALos Angeles Ward 1, Los Angeles50 1850Pennsylvania215b
Hattie LLos Angeles Ward 1, Los Angeles49 1851New York
GraceLos Angeles Ward 1, Los Angeles22 1877Minnesota
ClaudLos Angeles Ward 1, Los Angeles20 1879Minnesota
PaulineLos Angeles Ward 1, Los Angeles11 1889California
{Family 32}
ElizabethLos Angeles Ward 2, Los Angeles34 1866California334
{Family 33}
Alice LLos Angeles Ward 3, Los Angeles60 1840Missouri44b
{Family 34}
Martha SLos Angeles Ward 3, Los Angeles33 1867Rhode Island50b
Lucie ELos Angeles Ward 3, Los Angeles31 1869Rhode Island
{Family 35}
EmosLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles42 1858Vermont218
JennieLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles29 1871Vermont
EthelLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles11 1889Vermont
{Family 36}
James HLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles49 1851Illinois170
Fannie ELos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles43 1857Tennessee
Roy OLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles15 1885Texas
Samuel RLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles13 1887Tennessee
Mary ALos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles10 1890California
Edna FLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles4 1896California
{Family 37}
Loren BLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles38 1862Vermont218
Nellie MLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles34 1866New Hampshire
Gladys (Glayds)Los Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles10 1890California
ErralLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles6 1894California
KennethLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles4 1896California
{Family 38}
MaryLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles46 1854Canada Eng119
AlbertLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles18 1882Illinois
George BLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles16 1884California
LillianLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles11 1889California
{Family 39}
Philo LLos Angeles Ward 6, Los Angeles61 1838Ohio256
{Family 40}
ZeneshLos Angeles Ward 7, Los Angeles75 1825New York95b
{Family 41}
Flora ULos Angeles Ward 9, Los Angeles46 1853Illinois226b
Arthur JLos Angeles Ward 9, Los Angeles19 1880Minnesota
{Family 42}
William HPacific Branch, Los Angeles55 1845Illinois249
{Family 43}
Calvin LPasadena, Los Angeles35 1865Ohio240b
Hanna EPasadena, Los Angeles31 1869Ohio
Edith MPasadena, Los Angeles2 1898Ohio241
{Family 44}
Mary TPasadena, Los Angeles69 1831Ohio241
{Family 45}
Gedeon S (suspect surname)Pasadena Precinct 2, Los Angeles52 1848Ohio285
CatherinePasadena Precinct 2, Los Angeles31 1869Canada English
Lewis JPasadena Precinct 2, Los Angeles20 1880Michigan
{Family 46}
JamesPasadena Precinct 6, Los Angeles42 1858New York337
{Family 47}
George BRedondo Beach, Los Angeles58 1842Michigan17b
LuluRedondo Beach, Los Angeles32 1868Minnesota
Millie (Willie)Redondo Beach, Los Angeles12 1887Michigan
FrankieRedondo Beach, Los Angeles10 1889Michigan
LaVerneRedondo Beach, Los Angeles5 1895Michigan
{Family 48}
JanitaSan Jose, Los Angeles15 1885Mexico178b
{Family 49}
ClaraSanta Monica, Los Angeles27 1873Arizona260
{Family 50}
Samuel HSanta Monica, Los Angeles55 1845New York278
Hellen M ( reported CASS)Santa Monica, Los Angeles54 1846New York
Lynn H( reported CASS)Santa Monica, Los Angeles23 1877New York
{Family 51}
Fred FSouth Pasadena, Los Angeles31 1869Pennsylvania303
Carrie TSouth Pasadena, Los Angeles26 1874Pennsylvania
{Family 52}
Louise ISouth Pasadena, Los Angeles22 1878Illinois301b
{Family 53}
Ella FWhittier, Los Angeles33 1867New York194
Floyd PWhittier, Los Angeles6 1894New York
{Family 54}
AmandaTownship 4, Madera68 1832Arkansas50
{Family 55}
Charles ESausalito, Marin37 1863Ohio220b
JennieSausalito, Marin34 1846Ohio
{Family 56}
William WTownship 5, Mariposa26 1874California298b
{Family 57}
Drury GLittle Lake, Mendocino35 1865California88b
May FLittle Lake, Mendocino30 1870California
Frank SLittle Lake, Mendocino7 1893California
Harvey CLittle Lake, Mendocino5 1895California
Vernon DLittle Lake, Mendocino3 1897California
{Family 58}
JamesLittle Lake, Mendocino75 1825Kentucky91
Melcena JLittle Lake, Mendocino73 1827Kentucky
James LLittle Lake, Mendocino40 1860California
Matilda MLittle Lake, Mendocino28 1872California
{Family 59}
Edwin GUkiah, Mendocino42 1858California204
Addie LUkiah, Mendocino33 1867Tennessee
Effie BUkiah, Mendocino12 1888California
George CUkiah, Mendocino10 1890California
Marjorie LUkiah, Mendocino7 1893California
{Family 60}
Benjamin BWestport, Mendocino67 1833New York222b
Mary LWestport, Mendocino44 1856California

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