CASE Families living in Arizona in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
H HBisbee, Cochise561844Ohio71b
LizzieBisbee, Cochise481852Canada French
Lessie TBisbee, Cochise181882Ohio
CharlesBisbee, Cochise161884Ohio
{Family 2}
CharlesGila River Indian
Reservation, Maricopa
BlanceGila River Indian
Reservation, Maricopa
{Family 3}
CharlesTownship 1, Maricopa391861Illinois343b
MaryTownship 1, Maricopa311869Missouri
Wilma MTownship 1, Maricopa51895Arizona
HarryTownship 1, Maricopa21898Arizona
{Family 4}
R HJerome, Yavapai281872Wisconsin142b
{Family 5}
R MJerome, Yavapai351865Arkansas154
{Family 6}
James MNot Stated, Yavapai121888Kansas27b
{Family 7}
Peter LNot Stated, Yavapai241876New Jersey27
{Family 8}
WilliamNot Stated, Yavapai581842Indiana28
{Family 9}
W HYuma, Yuma231876Indiana175b
{Family 10}
Walter HYuma, Yuma231876Indiana175

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