CASE Families living in Alabama in 1900.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Mary Deer Head, De Kalb581842Alabama113
Laura Deer Head, De Kalb281872Georgia
Ethel Deer Head, De Kalb181882Alabama
David Deer Head, De Kalb161884Alabama
Nichols Deer Head, De Kalb11899Alabama
{Family 2}
Russel Deer Head, De Kalb211879Alabama112b
Cord Deer Head, De Kalb191881Ohio
Ethel Deer Head, De Kalb9/121899Alabama
{Family 3}
David C Lebanon, De Kalb511849Tennessee48
Josie Lebanon, De Kalb451855Alabama
Joe L Lebanon, De Kalb231877Alabama
Ocar Lebanon, De Kalb161884Alabama
Loradulcie Lebanon, De Kalb121888Alabama
{Family 4}
Wm M Paint Rock, Jackson461854Alabama275b
Susan Paint Rock, Jackson401860Alabama
Maggie E Paint Rock, Jackson201880Alabama
Lucy Paint Rock, Jackson171883Alabama
Mary Paint Rock, Jackson151885Alabama
Cora Paint Rock, Jackson121888Alabama
Millie Paint Rock, Jackson101890Alabama
Henry Paint Rock, Jackson71893Alabama
Hella Paint Rock, Jackson41896Alabama
Sam Paint Rock, Jackson21898Alabama
{Family 5}
John Birmingham Ward 2, Jefferson421858Ohio19
Carrie Birmingham Ward 2, Jefferson541846Virginia
{Family 6}
Thomas D Birmingham Ward 5, Jefferson191881Mississippi140
{Family 7}
Arthur Precinct 29, Jefferson231877Ohio240
Charles Precinct 29, Jefferson301870Ohio
{Family 8}
Will J Precinct 29, Jefferson241876North Carolina274
Millie H Precinct 29, Jefferson251875North Carolina
{Family 9}
Will Poplar Ridge, Madison281872Indiana236b
Harris Poplar Ridge, Madison281872Alabama
Monroe Poplar Ridge, Madison61894Alabama
Mary Rosy Poplar Ridge, Madison8/121900Alabama
Henry Poplar Ridge, Madison41896Alabama
{Family 10}
Derry Demopolis, Marengo591841South Carolina56
Solvannah (Savannah)Demopolis, Marengo501850Alabama
{Family 11}
Simon Linden, Marengo511849Alabama223b
Nossie Linden, Marengo211879Alabama
Alice Linden, Marengo191881Alabama
Tozier Linden, Marengo151885Alabama
John Linden, Marengo131887Alabama
Arthur Linden, Marengo91891Alabama
Lew Linden, Marengo81892Alabama
Willie Linden, Marengo81892Alabama
Jim Linden, Marengo51895Alabama
Tom Linden, Marengo11899Alabama
{Family 12}
Mary Mobile Ward 1, Mobile751825Ireland242b
Patrick Mobile Ward 1, Mobile371863Alabama
{Family 13}
Irene Mobile Ward 2, Mobile201880Alabama278
Eva Mobile Ward 2, Mobile181882Alabama
Bert Mobile Ward 2, Mobile251875Alabama
{Family 14}
Mary E Mobile Ward 6, Mobile511849Alabama74
{Family 15}
Alfred F Mobile Ward 8, Mobile441856England273
Susan T Mobile Ward 8, Mobile421858England
{Family 16}
Arile P Tuscaloosa Ward 2, Tuscaloosa381862Kansas247
Isbella D Tuscaloosa Ward 2, Tuscaloosa361864Scotland
Muriel F Tuscaloosa Ward 2, Tuscaloosa141886Florida
Margret V Tuscaloosa Ward 2, Tuscaloosa61894Alabama
John S P Tuscaloosa Ward 2, Tuscaloosa31897Alabama
Lawrence C Tuscaloosa Ward 2, Tuscaloosa1900Alabama

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