CASE Families living in
Franklin County, OH 1880

NameCity AgeBirth Yr.Birth StateRelationF. BPM. BPPage #
{Family #140}
James   58<1822>New York SelfNYOH342
Emma   33<1847>OhioWifeOHOH
Harry   14<1866>OhioOtherNYOH
Katie   16<1864>OhioOtherNYOH
Ella   7<1873>OhioOtherNYOH
Charles   5<1875>OhioOtherNYOH
{Family #141}
William  80<1800>Connecticut SelfCTLI230d
{Family #142}
Ervin  43<1837>New YorkSelfEnglandIreland180b
Caroline  23<1857>OhioWifeNJIreland
{Family #143}
Homer  28<1852>OhioSelfOHOH213d
Jennie  23<1857>OhioWifeOHOH
{Family #144}
John M.  37<1843>OhioSelfOHOH205
Hanah M.  35<1845>OhioWifeOHOH
Rosamond  14<1866>OhioDauOHOH
Mc Nary B.  12<1868>OhioSonOHOH
Ethel E.  10<1870>OhioDauOHOH
Henry F.  7<1873>OhioSonOHOH
Mabel  1<1879>OhioOtherOHOH
{Family #145}
Charles  30<1850>OhioSelfOHOH359
Mary  25<1855>OhioWifeOHOH
Edward J. T.  10M<1879>OhioSonOHOH
{Family #146}
George  42<1838> ENG SelfEnglandEngland376b
Margrett  32<1848> ENGWifeEnglandEngland
Rosie  6<1874>OhioDauEnglandEngland
William L.  3<1877>OhioSonEnglandEngland
George E.  11M<1879>OhioSonEnglandEngland
{Family #147}
Philande  54<1826>OhioSelfOHOH425d
Permelia  49<1831>OhioWifeOHOH
Morris  27<1853>OhioSonOHOH
Flora M.  21<1859>OhioDau  426
{Family #148}
Fred  27<1853>OhioSelfPrussiaPrussia510d
Mary J.  30<1850>OhioWifeOHOH
Annie M.  5<1875>OhioDauOHOH
{Family #149}
Malla  8<1872> North CarolinaOtherNCNC106b
{Family #150}
Lomis  24<1856>OhioOtherOHOH133
{Family #151}
Annie  15<1865>OhioServantGermanyGermany171
{Family #152}
Rebecca E.  4<1876>OhioOh Institute for the Deaf & Dumb??217d
{Family #153}
Emeline  70<1810>Connecticut MotherLCTCT281
{Family #154}
Mary  21<1859>Ohio SDauOHOH302
{Family #155}
Giles W.  68<1812>OhioSelfNY 530b
Ellen E.  47<1833> VirginiaWifeWVWV
Miles W.  19<1861>OhioSonOHVA
Albert W.  14<1866>OhioSonOHVA
Fannie  11<1869>OhioDauOHVA
Lillie  9<1871>OhioDauOHVA
{Family #156}
L. A.  32<1848>OhioSonL OHOH442
Maria  29<1851>OhioDau  442
{Family #157}
Maggie  26<1854>OhioServant NJNJ475
{Family #158}
Warner  39<1841>OhioColumbus Asylum
for Insane
{Family #159}
Emma   25<1855>OhioAttendant
insane asylum
Harry   14<1866>OhioInmate of
Imbecile Asylum
Laura   36<1844>OhioInmate of
Imbecile Asylum
Minnie  31?OhioInmate of
Imbecile Asylum
{Family #160}
A. James   37<1843>OhioSelfOHCT172d
Ellen   32<1848>OhioOther  
E. Charles   11<1869>OhioOtherOHOH
Mellie   7<1873>OhioOtherOHOH
Jennie   4<1876>OhioOtherOHOH
Mary Ann   63<1817>Ohio MotherOHOH
{Family #161}
Alvin   63<1817>OhioSelfCTDE167
Mila   63<1817>OhioWifeOHOH
Cora   20<1860>OhioDauOHOH
{Family #162}
George   36<1844>OhioSelfOHNH167
{Family #163}
Marcus   44<1836>OhioSelf  167
Charity   43<1837>OhioWifeVAPA
R. James   21<1859>OhioSonOHOH
M. John   17<1863>OhioSonOHOH
B. Jessey   17<1863>OhioSonOHOH
Thesttie   14<1866>OhioDauOHOH
B. Nora   11<1869>OhioDauOHOH
Nelley   9<1871>OhioDauOHOH
{Family #164}
Eugene   35<1845>OhioOther  171b
E. Mary   35<1845>OhioWifeOHOH
M. Adell   11<1869>OhioDau  
{Family #165}
C. M.   33<1847>OhioSelfVA 
{Family #166}
E. Mary   33<1847>OhioWife  
Forest   11M<1879>OhioSon  
{Family #167}
Charles H.   55<1825>OhioSelfCTDE239b
Sarah A.   53<1827>OhioWifeCTVT
Willard   18<1862>OhioSonOHOH
Ada   17<1863>OhioDauOHOH
Glenna D.   14<1866>OhioDauOHOH
Clara   9<1871>OhioDauOHOH
{Family #168}
Frank   32<1848>OhioSelfOHOH249d
Nettie   20<1860>OhioWifeOHOH
{Family #169}
Isaac N.   70<1810>OhioSelfCTCT247d
Julia   63<1817> New HampshireWifeNHNH
{Family #170}
Fredonia   50<1830>OhioDauCTOH245b
Mary   26<1854>Ohio GDauOHOH
{Family #171}
Helon   29<1851>New York DauNYNY96b
Glenie   5<1875>Ohio GDauOHNY
Lida   3<1877>Ohio GdauOHNY

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