CASE Families living in Wisconsin in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 91}
Martin Marion, Waushara 1846New York 272
{Family 92}
Curtis Wautoma, Waushara 1830 New York 351B
Emma Wautoma, Waushara 1840 New York
Frank Wautoma, Waushara 1858New York
Edward Wautoma, Waushara 1866New York
{Family 93}
Dewitt Neenah, Winnebago 1834New York 135
Hellen Neenah, Winnebago 1835New York
Lucy Neenah, Winnebago 1860 Wisconsin
Augustus Neenah, Winnebago 1864Wisconsin
MaggieNeenah, Winnebago 1848Deutschland
{Family 94}
CalbertOmro, Winnebago 1787New York 179
Clara Omro, Winnebago 1807Vermont
{Family 95}
Lybile (Lybele)Omro, Winnebago 1786Massachusetts 181
{Family 96}
Marion Omro, Winnebago 1852New York 164
{Family 97}
Walter Omro, Winnebago1845New York 187B
Mary Omro, Winnebago 1850 Wisconsin
Susan Omro, Winnebago 1868Wisconsin
{Family 98}
Anna Oshkosh Ward 1, Winnebago 1856Wisconsin 226B
{Family 99}
Gilbert Oshkosh Ward 2, Winnebago1815New York 244B
HarrietOshkosh Ward 2, Winnebago 1828Canada
Elbert Oshkosh Ward 2, Winnebago 1852Wisconsin
Ernest Oshkosh Ward 2, Winnebago 1854Wisconsin
Eddy Oshkosh Ward 2, Winnebago1857Wisconsin
{Family 100}
Mary Oshkosh Ward 3, Winnebago 1793Nova Scotia 311B
{Family 101}
Caleb Oshkosh Ward 4, Winnebago 1792New York 322
Clara Oshkosh Ward 4, Winnebago 1817New York
Jane Oshkosh Ward 4, Winnebago 1823New York
James Oshkosh Ward 4, Winnebago 1852 Wisconsin
{Family 102}
Andrew Oshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago 1825Canada 353
Sarah A Oshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago 1833Canada
Patience Oshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago 1849Canada
Mary J Oshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago 1851Canada
Rachel Oshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago 1854Canada Frederick Oshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago 1859Wisconsin
JamesOshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago 1861Wisconsin
Frank Oshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago 1863Wisconsin
Amos Oshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago1865Wisconsin
Lucinda Oshkosh Ward 5, Winnebago 1868Wisconsin
{Family 103}
Reed W Poygan, Winnebago 1819New York 371
Mary A Poygan, Winnebago 1823New York
Irvin L Poygan, Winnebago 1850 Wisconsin
Edward B Poygan, Winnebago 1853Wisconsin
{Family 104}
Edward Vinland, Winnebago1826England 424B
Eliza Vinland, Winnebago1826England
Helen J Vinland, Winnebago 1850 England
Mary Vinland, Winnebago1859Wisconsin
Sarah Vinland, Winnebago1860 Wisconsin
Jane Vinland, Winnebago1862Wisconsin 425
William Vinland, Winnebago1864Wisconsin
Eliza A Vinland, Winnebago 1868Wisconsin
{Family 105}
Daniel Grand Rapids Ward 3, Wood 1827New York 515
Elizabeth Grand Rapids Ward 3, Wood 1843Michigan
Adella Grand Rapids Ward 3, Wood 1860 Wisconsin
Edith Grand Rapids Ward 3, Wood 1862Wisconsin
MinnieGrand Rapids Ward 3, Wood 1867Wisconsin

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