CASE Families living in Ohio in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 212}
Lina Eaton, Preble1828Indiana 255B
Kate Eaton, Preble1831Indiana
Hellen D Eaton, Preble1841Indiana
{Family 213}
Rudolph Somers, Preble1835Ohio 204
Violanda Somers, Preble1844Ohio
MonroeSomers, Preble1868Ohio
{Family 214}
Asher Perry, Putnam1822New Jersey 424
Rachel Perry, Putnam1844Ohio
Mary E Perry, Putnam1866Ohio
Amanda Perry, Putnam1868Ohio
{Family 215}
Cathern (Catherin)Bellville, Richland1805Delaware 94B
Susannah Bellville, Richland1835Pennsylvania
Lovana Bellville, Richland1851Ohio
{Family 216}
Hanna Madison, Richland1829Hanover 110B
Henry Madison, Richland 1851Ohio
William Madison, Richland1855Ohio
Amanda Madison, Richland1857Ohio
Emma Madison, Richland1860 Ohio
George Madison, Richland1862Ohio
{Family 217}
Joseph Madison, Richland1812 New Jersey 98B
Mary Madison, Richland1818 New York
Minerva A Madison, Richland1838Ohio
George Madison, Richland 1846 Ohio
John Madison, Richland1849Ohio
Joseph Madison, Richland1854Ohio
Frank Madison, Richland1857Ohio
{Family 218}
Hughes Mansfield Ward 2, Richland1825York 156B
Martha Mansfield Ward 2, Richland1835Pennsylvania
Weldon Mansfield Ward 2, Richland1853Ohio
Flora Mansfield Ward 2, Richland1857Ohio
Harry Mansfield Ward 2, Richland1866 Ohio
{Family 219}
Samuel Mansfield Ward 4, Richland1815New York 203
Susan Mansfield Ward 4, Richland1817Maryland
Annie Mansfield Ward 4, Richland1846Ohio
Robert Mansfield Ward 4, Richland1849Ohio
Mary Mansfield Ward 4, Richland1852Ohio
Kate Mansfield Ward 4, Richland1856Ohio
{Family 220}
Elizah D (Eliza O)Mansfield Ward 4, Richland1830 New York 209B
Ann M Mansfield Ward 4, Richland1822Maryland
George WMansfield Ward 4, Richland? Ohio
JennieMansfield Ward 4, Richland1854Ohio
{Family 221}
EdmundPlymouth Village, Richland1815New York 283
Margaret Plymouth Village, Richland1824Ohio
Ann L Plymouth Village, Richland1843Ohio
Edith F Plymouth Village, Richland1870Ohio
{Family 222}
Laura E Plymouth Village, Richland1859Ohio283
{Family 223}
Catherine Washington, Richland1851Ohio 375B
{Family 224}
Elisha Jefferson, Ross1846Virginia 729
Emma Jefferson, Ross 1846Ohio
William E Jefferson, Ross 1869Ohio 729B
{Family 225}
Samuel Springfield, Ross1846Ohio 823B
Sarina E Springfield, Ross 1848Ohio
{Family 226}
Angeline Bloom, Scioto1857Kentucky 358
George Bloom, Scioto1858Kentucky
{Family 227}
Ephraim Adams, Seneca1816 Pennsylvania 16B
Christina Adams, Seneca1818Pennsylvania
Daniel Adams, Seneca1847Pennsylvania
George Adams, Seneca1852Pennsylvania
Joseph Adams, Seneca1854Ohio
Edward Adams, Seneca1856Ohio
Harriet Adams, Seneca1858Ohio
Eli Adams, Seneca1864Ohio
{Family 228}
Emma Reed, Seneca1853Ohio 231
{Family 229}
Henry Loramie, Shelby1821Ohio 556B
Mary A Loramie, Shelby1821Ohio
David Loramie, Shelby1848Ohio
Willet Loramie, Shelby1856Ohio
Matilda Loramie, Shelby1856Ohio
Hattie Loramie, Shelby1861Ohio
Len Loramie, Shelby1863Ohio
John Loramie, Shelby1867Ohio
{Family 230}
Laura U Mount Union, Stark1845Ohio 330B
{Family 231}
Cora (Leora)Hudson, Summit1812Connecticut 269B
Katrina Hudson, Summit1815Connecticut
EllenHudson, Summit1844Ohio
Wilbert Hudson, Summit1855Ohio
{Family 232}
Henry Hudson, Summit1818Ohio269
Mary Hudson, Summit1828Connecticut
Nelson Hudson, Summit1849Ohio
Eugene Hudson, Summit1850 Ohio
Elija Hudson, Summit1854Ohio
John Hudson, Summit1857Ohio
Edmund Hudson, Summit1859Ohio
Hattie Hudson, Summit1861Ohio
Frederic Hudson, Summit1864Ohio
Mary Hudson, Summit1866Ohio
Clara Hudson, Summit1868 Ohio
{Family 233}
Jerry Hudson, Summit1807Connecticut 270
Sarah Hudson, Summit1810 Connecticut
{Family 234}
Jane Middlebury, Summit1825New York 292
James Middlebury, Summit1845Ohio
{Family 235}
Cicero Bazetta, Trumbull1810 Connecticut 9B
Nancy M Bazetta, Trumbull1821Ohio
Adelbert L Bazetta, Trumbull1853Ohio
Francis E Bazetta, Trumbull1856Ohio
Dwight S Bazetta, Trumbull1859Ohio
{Family 236}
Anna M Bristol, Trumbull1795Connecticut52B
{Family 237}
Delia A Bristol, Trumbull1807New York 43B
{Family 238}
Hiram Bristol, Trumbull1805New York 53B
Luranda Bristol, Trumbull1807 Connecticut
Martha A Bristol, Trumbull1847New York
{Family 239}
Willard Bristol, Trumbull1833New York 53B
Emogene L Bristol, Trumbull1836Vermont
{Family 240}
Selah Champion, Trumbull1809Massachusetts 97

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