CASE Families living in Ohio in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 121}
Tracy New London, Huron1807New York 377B
Emeline New London, Huron1810 Connecticut
PhelpsNew London, Huron1833Ohio
Mary L New London, Huron1833New York
Cory Ellen New London, Huron1864Michigan
{Family 122}
FrankNorwalk, Huron1835Ohio 454B
Bertha Norwalk, Huron1838Ohio
Bertha Norwalk, Huron1858Ohio
{Family 123}
William Norwalk, Huron1824New York 437
Lucy B Norwalk, Huron1828New York
William H Norwalk, Huron1849Ohio
Charles S Norwalk, Huron1851Ohio
Sarah P Norwalk, Huron1855Ohio
Ida Norwalk, Huron1857Ohio
{Family 124}
Ira Ripley, Huron1836Ohio 552B
Margaret Ripley, Huron1837Ohio
Ora Ripley, Huron1863Ohio
Sarah Ripley, Huron1863Ohio
Clara Ripley, Huron1866Ohio
Della Ripley, Huron1867Ohio
Charles Ripley, Huron1870Ohio
{Family 125}
Isreal Ripley, Huron1828Ohio 553B
Mary Ripley, Huron1832Ohio
Freddie Ripley, Huron1858Ohio
Eva Ripley, Huron1863Ohio
FloraRipley, Huron1865Ohio
Ethan Ripley, Huron1867Ohio
{Family 126}
James Ripley, Huron1816New York 546B
Jane Ripley, Huron1822New York
Sarah Ripley, Huron1846Ohio
MaryRipley, Huron1851Ohio
Emma Ripley, Huron1853Ohio
Ira Ripley, Huron1855Ohio
Ida Ripley, Huron1858Ohio
Dessa Ripley, Huron1862Ohio
Sherman Ripley, Huron18Ohio
{Family 127}
Stephen L Ripley, Huron1842Ohio 552B
Helen A Ripley, Huron1840 New York
Minnie Ripley, Huron1867Ohio
{Family 128}
James Washington, Jackson1804Pennsylvania 264B
Sophia <Washington, Jackson1808Maryland
{Family 129}
James Washington, Jackson1841Pennsylvania 264B
Nancy Washington, Jackson1841Ohio
Charles F Washington, Jackson1862Ohio
Francess S Washington, Jackson1865Indiana
Oscar Washington, Jackson1867Ohio
Reuben Washington, Jackson1869Ohio
{Family 130}
John W Washington, Jackson1812Pennsylvania 264
Emily Washington, Jackson1810 Maryland
Lucinda Washington, Jackson1845Ohio
Harriet Washington, Jackson1848Ohio 264B
Charity Washington, Jackson1852Ohio
{Family 131}
Hannah Steubenville Ward 3, Jefferson1839Ohio 85B
AliceSteubenville Ward 3, Jefferson1865Ohio
{Family 132}
John Milford, Knox1841New Jersey
Amanda Milford, Knox1846Ohio 354
Joseph E Milford, Knox1863Ohio
John G Milford, Knox1867Ohio
James F Milford, Knox1869Ohio
{Family 133}
Lewis Wayne, Knox1844Ohio 519
Warren Wayne, Knox1846Ohio
William Wayne, Knox1853Ohio
Lottie Wayne, Knox1856New York
{Family 134}
Absalom Mentor, Lake1825Ohio 93B
Sabrina Mentor, Lake1825Ohio
Emeroy Mentor, Lake1849Ohio
Merriman Mentor, Lake1850 Ohio
Charles Mentor, Lake1857Ohio
Eugene Mentor, Lake1860 Ohio
{Family 135}
Susan J Painesville, Lake1853Michigan 158
{Family 136}
Jeremy P Perry, Lake1822New York174B
Rachel S Perry, Lake1830 Ohio
Myron F Perry, Lake1854Ohio
Arabel S Perry, Lake1864Ohio
Irwin B Perry, Lake1868Ohio
Elwin B Perry, Lake1868Ohio 175
{Family 137}
William Granville, Licking1814Ohio 92
Alcinda Granville, Licking1820 Virginia
Alice Granville, Licking1848Ohio
George Granville, Licking1851Ohio
Harrison Granville, Licking1854Ohio
{Family 138}
Amarilla Granville, Licking1796Vermont 115B
{Family 139}
Augusta Granville, Licking1794Ohio 109B
{Family 140}
Grove Granville, Licking1800 Connecticut 91
Laura Granville, Licking1798New York
Burton Granville, Licking1851Ohio
Helen Granville, Licking1850 Ohio
{Family 141}
Roderick Granville, Licking1846Ohio 97B
Esther Granville, Licking1848Wales
{Family 142}
Friend Granville, Licking1843Ohio 98
Mary Granville, Licking 1843 Ohio
Laura Granville, Licking1869Ohio
{Family 143}
George Granville, Licking1849Ohio 110B
{Family 144}
Helen Granville, Licking1840 Ohio 90B
Martha E Granville, Licking1861Ohio
{Family 145}
Philo Harrison, Licking1804Massachusetts 140
Marietta Harrison, Licking1809Vermont
Henry C Harrison, Licking1839Ohio
{Family 146}
J G Newark Ward 2, Licking1796Vermont 311
Lucy M Newark Ward 2, Licking1802Vermont
Eliza J Newark Ward 2, Licking1824New York
{Family 147}
Alvin Avon, Lorain1852Ohio 98
{Family 148}
Mana (Maria)Carlisle, Lorain1844Ohio 413
{Family 149}
Jeremia L Columbia, Lorain1823Connecticut 438B
NancyColumbia, Lorain1833Ohio
William Columbia, Lorain1856Ohio
Nettie Columbia, Lorain1862Ohio
Battes Columbia, Lorain1864Ohio
Alva Columbia, Lorain1867Ohio
{Family 150}
Erastus Elyria, Lorain1851Ohio 464

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