CASE Families living in Ohio in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 62}
Lewis Delaware, Delaware1830 Ohio 305B
Mary Ann Delaware, Delaware1835Ohio
Wm H Delaware, Delaware1854Ohio
Charles Delaware, Delaware1855Ohio
Edward Delaware, Delaware1859Ohio
Lewis Delaware, Delaware1865Ohio
Lucinda Delaware, Delaware1790 Virginia
{Family 63}
William Delaware, Delaware1818Ohio 305B
Elizabeth Delaware, Delaware1825Ohio
{Family 64}
Riley Genoa, Delaware1810 Ohio 354B
LucyGenoa, Delaware1814Virginia
William Genoa, Delaware1847Ohio
Jame Genoa, Delaware1856Ohio
{Family 65}
Oscar Genoa, Delaware1843Ohio 354B
Mary J Genoa, Delaware1848Ohio
Fronnie Genoa, Delaware1859Ohio
{Family 66}
Albert Liberty, Delaware 1827Ohio 393B
Amelia Liberty, Delaware 1835Pennsylvania
Henrietta Liberty, Delaware1857Ohio
Geo MLiberty, Delaware1859Ohio
{Family 67}
Norman Liberty, Delaware1825Ohio 393B
Almira Liberty, Delaware1827Connecticut
Alice S Liberty, Delaware1851Ohio
Mary A Liberty, Delaware1852Ohio
Lama P Liberty, Delaware1855Ohio
{Family 68}
Calin D (Calvin )Liberty, Delaware1825Ohio 391B
Mary Liberty, Delaware1831Ohio
Minor Liberty, Delaware1853Kentucky
HalleckLiberty, Delaware1857Kentucky
Calvin Liberty, Delaware >1865Ohio
Helen Liberty, Delaware1867Kentucky
{Family 69}
Mary Liberty, Delaware1850Ohio 391B
{Family 70}
Susana Liberty, Delaware1793Connecticut391B
{Family 71}
Miles Liberty, Delaware1833Ohio 395
Emily J Liberty, Delaware1835Ohio
Elizabeth E Liberty, Delaware1856Ohio
Mary E Liberty, Delaware1858Ohio
Frank Liberty, Delaware1859Ohio
John T Liberty, Delaware1861Ohio 395B
Emma Liberty, Delaware1863Ohio
Ella Liberty, Delaware1865Ohio
Wm P Liberty, Delaware1867Ohio
infantLiberty, Delaware1869Ohio
Cicero Liberty, Delaware1845Ohio
{Family 72}
Cynthia Liberty, Delaware1820 Ohio396
Lendora Liberty, Delaware1851Ohio
Loomis Liberty, Delaware1855Ohio
{Family 73}
Oscar Liberty, Delaware1840 Ohio 396B
Martha S Liberty, Delaware1841Vermont
Ovilla Liberty, Delaware1868Ohio
{Family 74}
Wm Liberty, Delaware1831Ohio 397B
Emily Liberty, Delaware1829Ohio
Mary Liberty, Delaware1834Ohio
{Family 75}
Mary Liberty, Delaware1826Ohio 397B
John S Liberty, Delaware1841Ohio
Sylvia Liberty, Delaware1843Ohio
Thomas W Liberty, Delaware1847Ohio
Emma E E Liberty, Delaware1849Ohio
Sarah E E Liberty, Delaware1852Ohio
Effa A Liberty, Delaware1854Ohio
Mary N Liberty, Delaware1856Ohio
{Family 76}
Joseph H Liberty, Delaware1837Ohio 397B
Jennie A Liberty, Delaware1848Pennsylvania
{Family 77}
Hannah Liberty, Delaware1799New Jersey 395
{Family 78}
Joseph Liberty, Delaware1845Ohio 401B
{Family 79}
Henry Orange, Delaware1815Ohio 431
Ellen E Orange, Delaware1822Ohio
Isaac Orange, Delaware1851Ohio
Abi Orange, Delaware1853Ohio
AllenOrange, Delaware1855Ohio
Charles Orange, Delaware1857Ohio
Ellis Orange, Delaware1860 Ohio
AlphonsoOrange, Delaware1862Ohio
Sherman Orange, Delaware1865Ohio
{Family 80}
Giles W Orange, Delaware1813Ohio 424
Ellen Orange, Delaware1833Virginia
Mary Orange, Delaware 1855Ohio
Alvin Orange, Delaware1858Ohio
Sylvester Orange, Delaware1859Ohio
Millis Orange, Delaware1860 Ohio
Albert Orange, Delaware1866Ohio
Fannie Orange, Delaware1869Ohio
{Family 81}
Almon Orange, Delaware1818Ohio 425B
Julia Orange, Delaware1819New York
Wm Orange, Delaware1848Ohio
Truman Orange, Delaware1850 Ohio
AliceOrange, Delaware1860 Ohio
{Family 82}
C Luther Orange, Delaware1830 Ohio 420B
Hannah Orange, Delaware1834New York
Franklin Orange, Delaware1789Ohio
Belfina Orange, Delaware1854Ohio
Josephine O Orange, Delaware1856Ohio
Byron J Orange, Delaware1858Ohio
Edwin S Orange, Delaware1860 Ohio
Charlie C Orange, Delaware1862Ohio
George Orange, Delaware1864Ohio
{Family 83}
Phebe Orange, Delaware1797Vermont 420B
{Family 84}
Levi Orange, Delaware 1830 Ohio 425
Sylvia Orange, Delaware1832Ohio
Ella Orange, Delaware1855Ohio
Cleora Orange, Delaware1864Ohio
Laura Orange, Delaware 1866Ohio
Joanna Orange, Delaware1869Ohio
{Family 85}
Margaret Orange, Delaware1840 Ohio 421
{Family 86}
Rosena Orange, Delaware1855Ohio 430
{Family 87}
Miller Radnor, Delaware1841Ohio 469
Clara Radnor, Delaware1842Ohio
Millie Radnor, Delaware1860 Ohio
Colwell Radnor, Delaware1866Ohio
{Family 88}
Byron Berlin, Erie1832Ohio 11
Louisa Berlin, Erie1834Virginia
Arther Berlin, Erie1859Ohio
Jessie Berlin, Erie1862Ohio
Willie Berlin, Erie1864Ohio
{Family 89}
Chaney (Chancy)Berlin, Erie1796New York 1
Lena Berlin, Erie1810 New York
Bitha Berlin, Erie1847Ohio
Victor Berlin, Erie1840 Ohio
{Family 90}
Bowen Florence, Erie1807New York 26
Elizabeth Florence, Erie1830 New Brunswick

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