CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 181}
LeviWestville, Franklin1832Vermont 774
SarahWestville, Franklin1841New York
NellieWestville, Franklin1869New York
{Family 182}
Amelia Johnstown, Fulton1803New York 169
{Family 183}
Belden Johnstown, Fulton1793New York 193
Maria S Johnstown, Fulton1790 New York
Chester H Johnstown, Fulton1831New York
{Family 184}
Hannah Johnstown, Fulton1807New York 92
{Family 185}
Hoomer Johnstown, Fulton1841New York 186B
Mary Johnstown, Fulton1843New York
{Family 186}
Jas W Johnstown, Fulton1844New York 146
Anna Johnstown, Fulton1844New York
{Family 187}
Joseph W Johnstown, Fulton1827New York 218B
Margaret M Johnstown, Fulton1828New York
Miller L Johnstown, Fulton1861New York
{Family 188}
JuliusJohnstown, Fulton1836New York100
Mary E Johnstown, Fulton1842New York
Charles AJohnstown, Fulton1859New York
Hester V Johnstown, Fulton1863New York
Laurance Johnstown, Fulton1865New York
Mary E Johnstown, Fulton1868New York
Chancey J Johnstown, Fulton1870New York
{Family 189}
Matilda Johnstown, Fulton1824New York 184
{Family 190}
Nancy Johnstown, Fulton1813 New York 154B
{Family 191}
Sherman Johnstown, Fulton1809New York 226B
MaryJohnstown, Fulton1809New York
{Family 192}
Urias (Urial)Johnstown, Fulton1811New York 156B
Lucinda Johnstown, Fulton1813New York
Ella M Johnstown, Fulton1855New York
MaryJohnstown, Fulton1789New York 156B
{Family 193}
Wm Johnstown, Fulton,1806New York 144B
Elizabeth Johnstown, Fulton1814New York
Jane Johnstown, Fulton1832New York
{Family 194}
William Johnstown, Fulton1848New York 124B
Jane Johnstown, Fulton1852New York
James Johnstown, Fulton1870New York 125
{Family 195}
Wm C Johnstown, Fulton, 1840 New York 95
Carrie S Johnstown, Fulton1846New York
Anna C Johnstown, Fulton1869New York
Darrice (Darius) Johnstown, Fulton1838New York
{Family 196}
Jacob Mayfield, Fulton1824New York 242B
Angelica Mayfield, Fulton1820 New York
{Family 197}
Joseph Mayfield, Fulton1840 New York 262
Phebe Mayfield, Fulton1810 New York
{Family 198}
Dolly Batavia, Genesee1802New York 431
{Family 199}
Hellen Elba, Genesee1852New York 576B
{Family 200}
Alvira Pembroke, Genesee1860New York 710B
{Family 201}
Ichaboel J (Ichabod) Pembroke, Genesee820 Vermont 724B
Melinda Pembroke, Genesee1830 New York
Sarah Pembroke, Genesee1855New York
Louis C Pembroke, Genesee1857New York
James P Pembroke, Genesee869New York
{Family 202}
Ira Cairo, Greene1805New York 72
Jane Cairo, Greene1809New York
Emaline Cairo, Greene1848New York
{Family 203}
Hiram Catskill, Greene1820 New York 94B
Abigail Catskill, Greene1829New York
Harriet L Catskill, Greene1850 New York
Josephine L Catskill, Greene1855New York
Nelson M Catskill, Greene1862 New York
{Family 204}
Winslow Coxsackie, Greene1825New York 209
Lucinda Coxsackie, Greene1833 New York 209B
D Ursula Coxsackie, Greene1856 York
Marcy Coxsackie, Greene1862New York
Gleason Coxsackie, Greene1864New York
Lily (Liley)Coxsackie, Greene1867New York
{Family 205}
Allen G Durham, Greene1838New York 237B
Mary E Durham, Greene1835New York
{Family 206}
Charlotte Durham, Greene1856New York 237
{Family 207}
Adaline Greenville, Greene1851 New York 260B
{Family 208}
James New Baltimore, Greene1832New York 358B
Mary New Baltimore, Greene1832New York
Annie New Baltimore, Greene1852New York
Ida New Baltimore, Greene 1860 New York
Willie New Baltimore, Greene1862New York
Charles New Baltimore, Greene1864New York
{Family 209}
Mahala Prattsville, Greene1854New York 380
{Family 210}
Mary Prattsville, Greene1847New York 381

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