CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 121}
Robert L Plymouth, Chenango1837New York 417B
Cyrene Plymouth, Chenango1842New York
Sarah L Plymouth, Chenango1868New York
{Family 122}
Rubin Sherburne, Chenango1822New York 462
Martha Sherburne, Chenango1826Canada
Marcus Sherburne, Chenango1867New York
Amos Sherburne, Chenango1853New York
{Family 123}
Alice Smyrna, Chenango1856New York 524B
{Family 124}
Wolford Beekmantown, Clinton1849New York 106B
{Family 125}
Thomas JunPeru, Clinton1847New York428
Lucy Peru, Clinton 1847Canada
Benjamin Peru, Clinton1868New York
Myron Peru, Clinton1869New York
{Family 126}
George Plattsburgh, Clinton1833New York 452
Mary Plattsburgh, Clinton1832New York
Ellen Plattsburgh, Clinton1858New York
Emma Plattsburgh, Clinton1863New York
Henry Plattsburgh, Clinton1869New York
{Family 127}
Thomas Plattsburgh, Clinton1803New York 449
Phoebe Plattsburgh, Clinton1810 Vermont
Ellen Plattsburgh, Clinton1852New York
Ruth Plattsburgh, Clinton1856New York
{Family 128}
Leander Saranac, Clinton1838New York 562
Salina Saranac, Clinton1842New York
Mary Saranac, Clinton 1855 New York
Julia Saranac, Clinton 1857New York
Electa Saranac, Clinton1868New York
AlmiraSaranac, Clinton1811New York
Carrie Saranac, Clinton1870New York
{Family 129}
Sanford Saranac, Clinton1820 New York 561B
Matilda Saranac, Clinton1825and
Walter Saranac, Clinton1843New York
Josephine Saranac, Clinton1848New York 562
Sarah Saranac, Clinton1864New York
{Family 130}
LutherSchuyler Falls, Clinton1849New York 604B
{Family 131}
Phoebe Schuyler Falls, Clinton1833New York 618
{Family 132}
William A Chatham, Columbia1791New York 69
Jane Chatham, Columbia1807New York
{Family 133}
Henry Greenport, Columbia1846New York 285B
{Family 134}
Emeline Hudson Ward 3, Columbia1822New York 361B
{Family 135}
Andrew Taghkanic, Columbia1805New York 602B
{Family 136}
Eliza Taghkanic, Columbia1830 New York 602B
{Family 137}
Norah Cortland, Cortland1812New York 664
{Family 138}
William Cortlandville, Cortland1785Massachusetts 689
{Family 139}
Wilson Cuyler, Cortland1839New York 720B
Hellen Cuyler, Cortland1839New York
Adah Cuyler, Cortland1866New York
{Family 140}
Marthy Preble, Cortland1846New York 839B
{Family 141}
David Delhi, Delaware1807New York 147B
Catharine Delhi, Delaware1830 New York
Mortimer Delhi, Delaware1855New York
Silas Delhi, Delaware1857New York
Amanda Delhi, Delaware1860 New York 148
{Family 142}
Pamelia Franklin, Delaware1797Massachusetts 157
{Family 143}
Mary Harpersfield, Delaware1849New York 269B
Hannah Harpersfield, Delaware1861New York
Sarah Harpersfield, Delaware1863New York
Clide Harpersfield, Delaware1862New York
{Family 144}
John Dover, Dutchess1832New York 100B
Rachel Dover, Dutchess1838New York
George H Dover, Dutchess1867New York
{Family 145}
Ephraim Milan, Dutchess1799New York 346B
MaryMilan, Dutchess1802New York
JohnMilan, Dutchess1841New York
{Family 146}
Nathen Milan, Dutchess1810 New York 344B
Anna M Milan, Dutchess1810 New York
HuldahMilan, Dutchess1848New York
Virgel Milan, Dutchess1850 New York
StephenMilan, Dutchess1852New York
{Family 147}
RonselerMilan, Dutchess1811New York 354
Charity Milan, Dutchess1814New York
Maryett Milan, Dutchess1837New York
{Family 148}
Wilbur Milan, Dutchess1833New York 344B
Mary Milan, Dutchess1837New York
Hermance Milan, Dutchess1866New York
{Family 149}
Antionette North East, Dutchess1835New York 387
Estelle North East, Dutchess1858New York
EmmaNorth East, Dutchess1862New York
{Family 150}
George North East, Dutchess1846England 369B

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