CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 811}
Cornelius Barre, Orleans1845New York 47B
Emma Barre, Orleans1851New York
{Family 812}
Emily Barre, Orleans1821New York 11
Lucy Barre, Orleans1853New York
O Barre, Orleans1858New York
Orson Barre, Orleans1842New York
Lorah Barre, Orleans1846New York
Emma Barre, Orleans1865 New York
{Family 813}
Mathew Barre, Orleans1811New York 41B
Marah Barre, Orleans1813New York
{Family 814}
John Barre, Orleans1821New Hamps8B
Martha Barre, Orleans1824New York
{Family 815}
Enos Clarendon, Orleans1822New York 142
CarmanaClarendon, Orleans1826New York
Willie Clarendon, Orleans1855New York
{Family 816}
Nathan Kendall, Orleans1825Canada 179
Mary Kendall, Orleans1836Canada
Sylvester Kendall, Orleans1859Canada
Elizabeth Kendall, Orleans1868Canada
{Family 817}
William Ridgeway, Orleans1847Ireland241
{Family 818}
Nile Hannibal, Oswego1842New York 546B
Frances Hannibal, Oswego1846New York
(Thersa or Thensa)
Hannibal, Oswego1869New York
{Family 819}
Ransom Hannibal, Oswego1810 New York 553
Calista Hannibal, Oswego1811New York
Chas Hannibal, Oswego1855New York
{Family 820}
Angeline Mexico, Oswego1834New York 640B
Willie Mexico, Oswego1862New York
{Family 821}
Caroline Oswego, Oswego1825New York 36
Ceylon Oswego, Oswego1849New York
Eveline Oswego, Oswego1852New York
Augusta Oswego, Oswego1854New York
FrancesOswego, Oswego1857New York
Libby Oswego, Oswego1863New York
Perly Oswego, Oswego1865New York
BeatriceOswego, Oswego1868New York
{Family 822}
Amos Oswego Ward 3, Oswego1837New York 179B
Jane EOswego Ward 3, Oswego1841New York
CarolineOswego Ward 3, Oswego1861New York
Bergia Oswego Ward 3, Oswego1864New York
{Family 823}
Charles P Phoenix, Oswego1846New York 491
MaggiePhoenix, Oswego1844New York
Luelen Phoenix, Oswego1869New York
MinervaPhoenix, Oswego1842New York
{Family 824}
Charles, Mrs. Volney, Oswego1830 New York 573B
DoraVolney, Oswego1858New York
Havard (Howard)Volney, Oswego1863New York
Alice Volney, Oswego1865New York
{Family 825}
ChesterVolney, Oswego1822New York 607B
Louisa Volney, Oswego1828New York
Carrie Volney, Oswego1862New York
{Family 826}
CharlesVolney, Oswego1804New York 572B
Mary Volney, Oswego1805New York
CharlesVolney, Oswego1842New York
{Family 827}
David Volney, Oswego1824New York 610
Harriet Volney, Oswego1829New York
Jennie Volney, Oswego1855New York
{Family 828}
GeorgeVolney, Oswego1828New York 574
Vandatia (Vandalia)Volney, Oswego1830 New York
Era (Eva)Volney, Oswego1853New York
Solon Volney, Oswego 1854New York
{Family 829}
HannahVolney, Oswego1821New York 609
EdithVolney, Oswego1852New York
{Family 830}
Henry Volney, Oswego1831New York 574
ElizabethVolney, Oswego1834New York
William Volney, Oswegotd>1855New York
{Family 831}
Henry Volney, Oswego1844Vermont 591B
Lottie Volney, Oswego1854New York
{Family 832}
Mary Volney, Oswego 1836New York 590
{Family 833}
Sarah Volney, Oswego1820 New York 572B
Johnathan Volney, Oswego1846New York
Cora Volney, Oswego1857New York
{Family 834}
Willis Volney, Oswego 1835New York 601B
Dora Volney, Oswego1843New York
{Family 835}
Dasayne Williamstown, Oswego1832New York 691B
Eliza Williamstown, Oswego1832England
Franklin Williamstown, Oswego1856New York
LilliWilliamstown, Oswego1865New York
{Family 836}
Henry Williamstown, Oswego1839New York 676
Hannah Williamstown, Oswego1832New York
Amy Williamstown, Oswego1864New York
Ida Williamstown, Oswego1865New York
LucyWilliamstown, Oswego1867New York
Baby Williamstown, Oswego1869New York
Jonathan Williamstown, Oswego1787New York
Amy Williamstown, Oswego1806New York
{Family 837}
Moses Williamstown, Oswego1800 Vermont 689
Darcass Williamstown, Oswego1814Massachusetts
Jame Williamstown, Oswego1839New York
Myron Williamstown, Oswego1841New York
Anna Williamstown, Oswego 1843New York
{Family 838}
Alice Butternuts, Otsego1854New York 37
{Family 839}
Andrew Butternuts, Otsego1850 New York 35B
{Family 840}
James F Butternuts, Otsego1858New York 23B

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