CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
Phelps Somerset, Steele1833 Connecticut301B
Catharine Somerset, Steele1835Wales
William Somerset, Steele1856Wisconsin
Adda Somerset, Steele1860 Minnesota
Samuel Somerset, Steele1864Minnesota
Delbert Somerset, Steele1867Minnesota
RileySomerset, Steele1869Minnesota
{Family 62}
Newell Chester, Wabasha1856Minnesota417
{Family 63}
Abby Lake City, Wabasha1790 Connecticut Death record
{Family 64}
Latta Mazeppa, Wabasha1859Minnesota 7
Serepta J Mazeppa, Wabasha1821Ohio
{Family 65}
Douglass Plainview, Wabasha1836Vermont 556B
Mary Plainview, Wabasha1837New York
Eugene Plainview, Wabasha1863Minnesota
CarrolPlainview, Wabasha1868Minnesota
{Family 66}
Charles CPlainview, Wabasha1850 Wisconsin 556B
Ray Plainview, Wabasha1855Wisconsin
Elmira Plainview, Wabasha1812Wisconsin
{Family 67}
Edward Plainview, Wabasha1843Wisconsin 563
Isabella Plainview, Wabasha1852Vermont
Emma Plainview, Wabasha1868Minnesota
{Family 68}
Wm Plainview, Wabasha1847Ohio 561
{Family 69}
Wallace Wabasha, Wabasha1839Wisconsin 601B
Mary Wabasha, Wabasha1845Massachusetts
Annie Wabasha, Wabasha1866Minnesota
Hattie Wabasha, Wabasha1868Minnesota
{Family 70}
William M (W) Fieldon, Watonwan1834New York162
Adelie (Addie)Fieldon, Watonwan1840 Vermont
Judson Fieldon, Watonwan 1862Illinois
{Family 71}
Thomas Pleasant Hill, Winona1846Wisconsin 296
{Family 72}
Zenos L Otsego, Wright1834New York 607
Lydia Otsego, Wright1840 Michigan
Chancey Otsego, Wright1862Michigan

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