CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
(AC=agriculteral census)
{Family 31}
CharlesMoney Creek, Houston1842New York 1163
{Family 32}
GeoKasota, Le Sueur1842Michigan 369
KatieKasota, Le Sueur1849New York
{Family 33}
Warren Ottawa, Le Sueur1830 New York 511
Lucy Ottawa, Le Sueurtd>1840 New York
Martin Ottawa, Le Sueur1860Minnesota 512
Ada Ottawa, Le Sueur1864Minnesota
Charles Ottawa, Le Sueur1865Minnesota
{Family 34}
Levi Ottawa, Le Sueur1835New York 514
Margaret Ottawa, Le Sueur, M1841Ohio
Nellie M Ottawa, Le Sueur1867Ohio
{Family 35}
R F Hutchinson, McLeod1810 Vermont 2
Almira Hutchinson, McLeod1840 Vermont
Effie Hutchinson, McLeod1848Wisconsin
Roy Hutchinson, McLeod1853Wisconsin
{Family 36}
M B Forest Prairie, Meeker1839New York 2
Chloe Forest Prairie, Meeker1849Wisconsin
Carrie Forest Prairie, Meeker1869Minnesota
Jane Forest Prairie, Meeker1801New York
{Family 37}
Orson Grand Meadow, Mower1823New York 8
Eliza Grand Meadow, Mower1834New York
Mary Grand Meadow, Mower1862Minnesota
Harry Grand Meadow, Mower1863Minnesota
FredGrand Meadow, Mower1865Minnesota
Frank Grand Meadow, Mower1866Minnesota
Eddie Grand Meadow, Mower1869Minnesota
{Family 38}
Thomas Lafayette, Nicolette1820 Austria 4
Elizabeth Lafayette, Nicolette1818Austria
John Lafayette, Nicolette1850 Austria
Mary Lafayette, Nicolette1863Austria
{Family 39}
J L Almira, Olmsted1838Vermont 51
{Family 40}
Jarome Almira, Olmsted1837Ohio 69
{Family 41}
A W Dover, Olmsted 1832New York 25
Francis W Dover, Olmsted1836New York
Flora E Dover, Olmsted1862Minnesota
Charles W Dover, Olmsted1864Minnesota
Clorine E Dover, Olmsted1866Minnesota
George Dover, Olmsted1869 Minnesota
{Family 42}
Albert High Forest, Olmsted1847Vermont 189
{Family 43}
Lyman Orion, Olmsted1842Ohio 279
Addie Orion, Olmsted1849Wisconsin
{Family 44}
Lyman Orion, Olmsted1811Vermont 279
Mary Orion, Olmsted1816Vermont
Eugene N Orion, Olmsted1850 New York
Lolen A Orion, Olmsted1853New York
Fred H Orion, Olmsted1858Minnesota
Emma M Orion, Olmsted1861Minnesota
{Family 45}
C L Orion, Olmsted 1832Vermont 267 & 637AC
Lizzie Orion, Olmsted1839New Jersey
Idella Orion, Olmsted1858Minnesota
Carrie Orion, Olmsted1860 Minnesota
Charlie Orion, Olmsted1866Minnesota
{Family 46}
EnnaSt Paul Ward 5, Ramsey1868Minnesota 1332
WmSt Paul Ward 5, Ramsey1865Minnesota
{Family 47}
Charles B Faribault, Rice1825New York 333
Anna D Faribault, Rice1835Connecticut
Charles B Faribault, Rice1856Mississippi
Carrie L Faribault, Rice1862Florida
Mary C Faribault, Rice1865Florida
{Family 48}
James A Faribault, Rice1823New York 355
Susan Faribault, Rice1824Vermont
{Family 49}
John HFaribault, Rice1832Connecticut 359
{Family 50}
Simon P Wells, Rice1825Ohio 608 & 783AC
Eliza J Wells, Rice1832Ohio
Elias P Wells, Rice1850 Indiana
William Wells, Rice1852Indiana
Mary C Wells, Rice1855Indiana
Martha A Wells, Rice185Minnesota 609
Rosa A Wells, Rice1862Minnesota
Edgar E Wells, Rice1864Minnesota
{Family 51}
Chauncy Louisville, Scott1832New York 1
Parmelia Louisville, Scott18w York
Ira M Louisville, Scott1858Pennsylvania
Nancy Louisville, Scott1860 Pennsylvania
Emma Louisville, Scott1864Minnesota 2
{Family 52}
Harrison Sauk Centre, Stearns1840 New York 96B
Esther Sauk Centre, Stearns1851Wisconsin
William Sauk Centre, Stearn1868Massachusetts
Adelbert Sauk Centre, Stearns1869Minnesota
{Family 53}
Hannibal Sauk Centre, Stearns1798New York97B
Annie Sauk Centre, Stearns1806New Jersey 97B
Charles B Sauk Centre, Stearns1847New York
{Family 54}
George Sauk Centre, Stearns1842New York 97B
Caroline Sauk Centre, Stearns 1850 Maine
Levina Sauk Centre, Stearns1869Minnesota
{Family 55}
Clark Sauk Centre, Stearns1844New York 99B
Hattie Sauk Centre, Stearns1854Wisconsin
{Family 56}
Abbott D (Albert)Clinton Falls, Steele1836Connecticut 209
Julia E Clinton Falls, Steele1841Connecticut
Bertin L (Berton) Clinton Falls, Steele1864Connecticut 209B
{Family 57}
Andrew (Cass & Case - census records)Havana, Steele1822New York223B & 5AC
Francis PHavana, Steele1822New York
Marcus DHavana, Steele1842Wisconsin
Marian LHavana, Steele1849Wisconsin
John LHavana, Steele1851Wisconsin
JulieHavana, Steele1853Wisconsin
Sophia MHavana, Steele1855Wisconsin
WilliamHavana, Steele1857Wisconsin
FannyHavana, Steele1870Minnesota
{Family 58}
HyleMedford, Steele1804Canada 254B
Sarah Medford, Steele1820 New York
GeorgeMedford, Steele1856Wisconsin 255
Susan Medford, Steele1859 Wisconsin
{Family 59}
Simeon Owatonna, Steele1831New York 266
Alvina R Owatonna, Steele1833New York
Amelia A Owatonna, Steele1855New York
Frank J Owatonna, Steele1857Minnesota
Jennie A Owatonna, Steele1866Minnesota
{Family 60}
Floms Owatonna Ward 2, Steele1869Minnesota Death record

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